Custodial Equipment and Support RFP

Agency: Barrow County School District
State: Georgia
Type of Government: State & Local
NAICS Category:
  • 561210 - Facilities Support Services
  • 561720 - Janitorial Services
Posted Date: Dec 22, 2023
Due Date: Jan 12, 2024
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  • Custodial Equipment and Support RFP - Bids due by Noon on Jan. 12
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    December 21, 2023
    Proposals due Friday, January 12, 2024 by 12:00 PM
    Program Information
    Proposal Conditions
    Instructions for Submitting Responses
    Qualifications for Selection and Selection Process
    Owner's Forms:
    o Standard Forms
    Offeror's and Individuals' Affidavit of Non-collusion
    Form of Consent to Release Info1mation
    o Cost Proposal Form for Equipment
    Barrow County Board of Education
    June 2021
    Custodial Program Equipment and Equipment Support
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    This document is a Request for Proposal (RFP) for the provision of custodial equipment and related
    equipment services for Barrow County Schools (BCS). BCS desires to purchase new custodial
    equipment and the associated warranties and repair/maintenance services for said equipment.
    A Custodial Program Committee (CPC) was put together in order to perform the necessary tasks
    and due diligence associated with the purchase of new equipment for the Barrow Bold Cleaning
    Program (BBCP). This new equipment is needed to allow the BBCP to keep pace with the
    evolving changes to BCS Facilities and to improve BBCP efficiencies.
    "Addenda" are written or graphic documents issued by the Owner prior to the opening of
    Proposals, which modify or interpret the Proposal Documents by additions, deletions,
    clarifications, corrections or revisions.
    A "Custodial Equipment Provider" ("CEP") is a person or entity who submits a Proposal
    and may sometimes be referred to as an "Offeror."
    A "Proposal" is a complete and properly executed proposal package to provide
    the CEP services in accordance with the Proposal Documents for the sums and in the times
    stated in the Proposal supported by the data required by the Proposal Documents
    and submitted in accordance with the Proposal Documents.
    "Proposal Documents" means all of the documents included in the Request for Proposals,
    including without limitation such proposed Contract Documents as are included in the
    Request for Proposals, and any Addenda issued prior to the opening of Proposals.
    To be eligible for consideration; Proposals must be made in accordance with the
    following instructions and must be received at Not later than 12:00 PM on Friday,
    January 12th, 2024 or any extension of time therefore made by an Addendum.
    The Owner reserves the right to reject any or all Proposals and to waive
    any technicalities and informalities.
    2. OWNER:
    Barrow County Board of Education
    June 2021
    Custodial Program Equipment and Equipment Support
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    The Owner for whom the custodial program equipment, products, and services
    will be provided to and performed is: Barrow County School System,
    Maintenance Department
    Proposals must be emailed to Allen Henriksen at
    ALLEN.HENRIKSEN@BARROW.K12.GA.US , not later than 12:00 PM on
    January 12th, 2024 or any extension of time therefor made by an Addendum.
    The CEP is fully responsible for timely delivery at the designated location(s).
    Proposals received after the set specified date and time will not be considered by
    the Owner.
    Proposal Documents may be requested and obtained electronically from the Owner
    by e mail request ALLEN.HENRIKSEN@BARROW.K12.GA.US.
    The Proposal Documents are the property of the Owner.
    Any participant submitting a Proposal must procure a set of the Proposal
    Documents from the Owner.
    The CEP shall use complete sets of Proposal Documents in preparing Proposals.
    The Owner will not be responsible for errors or misinterpretations resulting from
    the use of incomplete sets of Proposal Documents.
    In making copies of the Proposal Documents available, the Owner does so only for
    the purpose of obtaining Proposals for the Project and does not confer a license or
    grant permission for any other use of the Proposal Documents.
    The CEP is responsible for the review of the Proposal Documents, including
    without limitation the Owner's Standard Forms.
    5. Specifications
    Specifications for The Equipment to be purchased are located in Exhibit A. All
    listed specifications are the basis of design. “Or Equals” will be considered for
    approval providing they meet the Basis of Design Specifications and all other
    provisions of the RFP and contract can be met.
    6. ADDENDA:
    Addenda, if any, will be emailed electronically or delivered to each CEP that is
    known by the Owner to have received a complete set of Proposal Documents at the
    email address furnished in the request for Proposal Documents. No Addenda will be
    issued later than 72 hours prior to the time for Proposal opening, except for
    Addenda withdrawing the Request for Proposals or Addenda, which include a
    postponement of the date through which Proposals may be submitted.
    The CEP shall ascertain prior to submitting a Proposal that the CEP has received all
    Addenda issued, if any, and the CEP shall acknowledge their receipt in the
    Barrow County Board of Education
    June 2021
    Custodial Program Equipment and Equipment Support
    Page 3 of 11
    Proposal. Failure of a CEP to receive or acknowledge any Addendum shall not
    relieve the CEP of any obligation under the Proposal. All Addenda shall become
    part of the Contract Documents.
    The Owner has provided this RFP to communicate a basis of information by which
    the CEP may develop their proposal in general terms. The CEP will be given an
    opportunity to examine any BCS facility in the field to make any
    determinations necessary to the submission of a complete proposal. It is the
    responsibility of the CEP to make any such requests
    for onsite inspection of facilities in writing to the Owner
    at ALLEN.HENRIKSEN@BARROW.K12.GA.US. The CEP shall at once report to
    the Owner any errors, inconsistencies or ambiguities in the Proposal
    Documents. If a CEP is in doubt as to the meaning of any part of the Proposal
    Documents, or otherwise has questions or requires clarification or interpretation of
    the Proposal Documents, he or she shall request an interpretation from the Owner.
    Requests for such interpretations shall be made in writing addressed to the Owner
    not later than six (6) business days prior to the time for receiving Proposals, and
    failure of the successful CEP to request such interpretation shall not relieve it as
    a CEP of the obligation to execute, the CEP services or custodial
    equipment services and supplies in accordance with a later interpretation by the
    Owner and without additional charge to the Owner. Interpretations, corrections, and
    changes of the Proposal Documents will be made by Addendum. No oral
    interpretations will be made to the CEP as to meaning of the Proposal Documents.
    Any purported interpretations, corrections and changes of the Proposal Document
    made in any manner other than Addendum will not be binding, and the CEP shall
    not rely upon them. Any communication, or attempted communication, by a CEP or
    its agents concerning this Request for Proposals by any means or method other than
    that provided for in this· Request for Proposals shall be inappropriate. In the event
    of such inappropriate communication, or attempted communication, the Owner shall
    have the right to reject such offending CEP's Proposal.
    Unless otherwise indicated in the Proposal Documents, the materials, products and
    equipment service described in the Proposal Documents establish a standard of
    required function, dimension, appearance and quality to be met by any proposed
    No substitution will be considered prior to receipt of Proposals unless written
    request for approval has been received by the Owner at least six (6) days prior to the
    date for receiving Proposals. Such requests shall include the name of the specified
    product, material or equipment, and the specification section or other reference to
    the Proposal Documents as appropriate. The request shall provide a complete
    description of the proposed substitution including drawings, performance and test
    data, and other information necessary for an evaluation. The request for approval
    shall explain fully the difference, if any, between the proposed product and the one
    or more named in the specifications, including difference in cost. A statement
    Barrow County Board of Education
    June 2021
    Custodial Program Equipment and Equipment Support
    Page 4 of 11
    setting forth changes in other materials, equipment, supplies, service, support, or
    training that incorporation of the proposed substitution would require shall be
    included in the request. The burden of proof of the merit of the proposed
    substitution is upon the CEP submitting the substitution, The Owner's decision of
    approval or disapproval of a proposed substitution shall be final.
    If the Owner approves a proposed substitution prior to the date for receipt of
    Proposals, such approval will be set forth in an Addendum. The CEP shall not rely
    upon approvals made in any other manner.
    No substitutions will be considered after the Contract award unless specifically
    provided in the Contract Documents.
    The Owner, at its sole option, may reject Proposals that contain irregularities of any
    kind, or Proposals that do not comply fully with the Proposal Documents.
    Subject to the Owner's right to reject any or all Proposals, it is the intent of the Owner
    to award a contract, at the sole option of the Owner, in due course and after a
    reasonable Proposal evaluation period, within the funds available, to the responsible
    responsive CEP whose Proposal is determined to be the most advantageous to the O
    wner, provided that the Proposal otherwise fulfills the requirements of the Proposal
    Documents. The Owner shall have the right to waive informalities or irregularities in
    a Proposal. CEP Proposals will be evaluated on a combination of factors. These
    factors, and their relative importance, are:
    Warranties (5%);
    Experience with BCS (5%);
    Delivery (15%);
    Serviceability (15%);
    Cost of Equipment (60%)
    The successful CEP shall execute The Owner / CEP Agreement required by the
    Owner. The successful CEP shall deliver to the Owner any Bonds that may be
    necessary on the exact forms provided by the Owner. All required
    forms, bonds, policies or certificates of insurance and other documents must be subm
    itted and approved by the Owner before a Notice to proceed may be issued.
    The Owner, before Contract award, will require CEP to document that they are
    "responsible" to the satisfaction of the Owner. The CEP will be required to show
    that they have the necessary facilities, technical ability, licenses, and financial
    resources to provide the materials
    and execute the services and the work in a satisfactory manner, and within the time
    Barrow County Board of Education
    Custodial Program Equipment and Equipment Support
    June 2021
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