Crisis System Evaluation

Agency: City of Berkeley
State: California
Type of Government: State & Local
NAICS Category:
  • 541330 - Engineering Services
  • 541618 - Other Management Consulting Services
  • 541990 - All Other Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services
Posted Date: Jan 31, 2020
Due Date: Feb 25, 2020
Solicitation No: 20-11357-C
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20-11357-C Crisis System Evaluation 2/25/2020 Jeff Buell

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City of Berkeley
Crisis System Evaluation
Specification No. 20-11357-C
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Release Date 01/30/2020
The City of Berkeley, Health, Housing and Community Services (HHCS) Department, Berkeley Mental Health
(BMH) Division is seeking to contract with a qualified contractor to evaluate the mental health crisis response
system in Berkeley, perform an environmental scan of other models that provide mental health crisis services,
identify best practices in providing crisis care, lead a stakeholder process to ensure community input into the
process, and make recommendations on possible improvements in the mental health crisis system in Berkeley. The
ideal applicant will be familiar and experienced in working with both Alameda County Health Care Services and
BMH. The total amount of the contract is expected to be valued at $85,000 for one year, or a 12 month timeframe.
The Mental Health Division provides a range of community mental health services for the residents of the city of
Berkeley. Services include assessment, clinical case management, mental health rehabilitation, crisis intervention,
medication management, wellness and recovery supports, and individual and group therapy for individuals and
families of all ages. Services are provided at multiple clinic sites and in the field. Some services are provided
through a variety of community-based agencies and at other entities funded by the Mental Health Division. The
Mental Health Division is part of the Alameda County Behavioral Health Care Plan (ACBHCS) and is one of the
only two (2) municipalities that receive direct California State funding to support provision of mental health
services through the 1991 Realignment (Realignment) and the Mental Health Services Act (MHSA). Realignment
funds are used to provide moderate to high intensity treatment services to adults with serious mental illness, severe
functional impairment, and Medi-Cal or no insurance. The Mental Health Division also operates a Mobile Crisis
Team, which provides mental health crisis services between the hours of 11:30 am and 10 pm, 365 days a year.
The Mobile Crisis Team (MCT) primarily responds to requests from the Berkeley Police Department (BPD) for
mental health support. Community members contact BPD to intervene in a crisis, and BPD dispatches officers to
respond. BPD then has the option of contacting the MCT to support the individual in crisis. The MCT travels to
the location of the individual in crisis, performs an evaluation, and either recommends that the person be placed on
a 5150 hold for further evaluation, or provides supports and referrals to ongoing supportive services and resources.
While this is occurring, the BPD officers secure the scene so that the MCT staff can provide these mental health
In addition to contact through BPD, MCT services can also be accessed through a voicemail on which community
members can leave confidential messages. MCT staff check this voicemail frequently when on shift and respond to
phone messages on a rolling basis. Some messages are left for information purposes, some request service
information and resources, some request consultation on mental health or crisis situations, and others request crisis
intervention (despite the outgoing message explicitly directing immediate crisis calls to BPD). Most messages are
returned by phone call, and crisis calls are referred to BPD for cover and crisis response. BMH has a Transitional
Outreach Team (TOT) that follows up to MCT crisis incidents as appropriate, attempting to link respondents to
appropriate longer term treatment services and resources.
A variety of stakeholder groups (including the Berkeley/Albany Mental Health Commission) have indicated that
many community members would prefer a mental health crisis response that does not so heavily involve law
enforcement. The Mental Health Division is looking for a contractor to clarify if there are safe models of crisis
service that utilize reduced law enforcement involvement, identify the pros and cons of these and the current model,
and provide information that would allow the Mental Health Division to evaluate the costs of alternative models or
a combination of models to provide effective mental health crisis care.
Service Description
The selected contractor will provide the following services:
1. Utilize data within from the City of Berkeley Mental Health Division, the Berkeley Police Department, the
Berkeley Fire Department, and Alameda County to evaluate the strengths and opportunities for improvement
RFP Revised Oct2019
City of Berkeley
Crisis System Evaluation
Specification No. 20-11357-C
Page 3 of 20
Release Date 01/30/2020
within the existing mental health crisis response system. The evaluation will include, at a minimum, the
following elements (to the degree data exists):
a. Timeliness of mental health crisis responses,
b. Percent of mental health crisis responses that involve a mental health practitioner,
c. Percent mental health crisis responses leading to an outcome where the person in crisis emerges from
the crisis situation physically safe,
d. Percent of mental health crisis responses leading to the person in crisis connecting to ongoing mental
health care,
e. Percent of individuals who have more than multiple mental health crisis within a 12 month period,
f. Safety for staff in the current mental health crisis system,
g. Consumer satisfaction with the current mental health crisis system, and
h. Cost of the current system per call response requiring a response.
2. Conduct a stakeholder process involving a variety of constituents to get input from a wide array of
perspectives about the strengths and opportunities for improvement in the current mental health system.
Utilize that stakeholder process to get suggestions of possible alternative mental health crisis response
systems in Berkeley. Inform stakeholders throughout the contract process of progress in completing multiple
elements of the RFP. This stakeholder process must meaningfully engage the Berkeley/Albany Mental
Health Commission, current participants in the mental health crisis response system, and members of the
3. Perform a scan and report on mental health crisis response systems, including those that utilize little or no
law enforcement involvement, and identify best practices in mental health crisis response and care.
4. Make recommendations about possible changes to the current mental health crisis system that would lead to
better outcomes while maintaining safety for both consumers and staff. Recommendations should include
comparisons between varying levels of law enforcement involvement and projected effects on outcomes and
safety. Provide information on the fiscal costs for any proposed changes.
5. Produce a final report that describes the work done and any recommendations.
These services should commence no longer that 30 days after the selected contractor has entered into a contract
with the City of Berkeley, be completed with 12 months, and cost no more than $85,000.
All proposals shall include the following information, organized as separate sections of the proposal. The proposal
should be concise and to the point.
1. Contractor Identification:
Provide the name of the firm, the firm's principal place of business, the name and telephone number of the contact
person and company tax identification number. Provide an overview of the organization/agency including the
types of consultation and evaluation services provided, business structure, and length of time in this field of work.
Describe expertise with doing mental health evaluation, consultation, program design, and with leading
stakeholder processes. Describe any experience providing evaluation, consultation, design and/or leading
stakeholder processes connected to mental health crisis response systems. Describe any experience providing
evaluation, consultation, design and/or leading stakeholder processes connected to the City of Berkeley Mental
Health System and/or Alameda County Behavioral Health Care Services.
2. Client References:
Provide a minimum of three (3) client references. References should not include City of Berkeley employees
and should include, where possible, California Counties, Cities, or non-profit agencies. Provide the designated
person's name, title, organization, address, telephone number, and the project(s) that were completed under that
client’s direction.
RFP Revised Oct2019
City of Berkeley
Crisis System Evaluation
Specification No. 20-11357-C
Page 4 of 20
Release Date 01/30/2020
3. Service Description and Plan:
Provide a detailed description of how you will perform each of the following work areas listed below:
a. data analysis and evaluation;
b. conducting a stakeholder process;
c. scan and report on alternative mental health crisis systems;
d. identify best practices in crisis care;
e. recommendations about changes to the mental health crisis system; and
f. producing a final report.
Describe the vendor staffing model for providing the proposed contract services, including expected FTE
providing contract services, and qualifications of those staff. Provide a timeline for all elements of the proposed
4. Price Proposal:
The proposal shall include pricing for all services. Pricing shall be all inclusive unless indicated otherwise on a
separate pricing sheet. The Proposal shall itemize all services, including hourly rates for all professional,
technical and support personnel, and all other charges related to completion of the work shall be itemized.
5. Contract Terminations:
If your organization has had a contract terminated in the last five (5) years, describe such incident.
Termination for default is defined as notice to stop performance due to the vendor’s non-performance or poor
performance and the issue of performance was either (a) not litigated due to inaction on the part of the vendor,
or (b) litigated and such litigation determined that the vendor was in default.
Submit full details of the terms for default including the other party’s name, address, and phone number. Present
the vendor’s position on the matter. The City will evaluate the facts and may, at its sole discretion, reject the
proposal on the grounds of the past experience.
If the firm has not experienced any such termination for default or early termination in the past five (5) years, so
The following criteria will be considered, although not exclusively, in determining which firm is hired.
1. Contractor Identification/Expertise and References 35%
2. Costs 15%
3. Service Plan and Description 50%
A selection panel of staff and community stakeholders will be convened for selection purposes. The panel will
evaluate each proposal against the requirements stated herein. The recommendation will be made for the respondent
whose proposal represents the best, overall fit and value to the City.
Invoices: Invoices must be fully itemized, and provide sufficient information for approving payment and audit.
Invoices must be accompanied by receipt for services in order for payment to be processed. Mail invoices to the
Project Manager and reference the contract number.
RFP Revised Oct2019
City of Berkeley
Crisis System Evaluation
Specification No. 20-11357-C
Page 5 of 20
Release Date 01/30/2020
City of Berkeley
Accounts Payable
PO Box 700
Berkeley, CA 94701
Attn: Jeffrey Buell/HHCS
Payments: The City will make payment to the vendor within 30- days of receipt of a correct and complete
A. Non-Discrimination Requirements:
Ordinance No. 5876-N.S. codified in B.M.C. Chapter 13.26 states that, for contracts worth more than $3,000 bids
for supplies or bids or proposals for services shall include a completed Workforce Composition Form. Businesses
with fewer than five employees are exempt from submitting this form. (See B.M.C. 13.26.030)
Under B.M.C. section 13.26.060, the City may require any bidder or vendor it believes may have discriminated
to submit a Non-Discrimination Program. The Contract Compliance Officer will make this determination. This
applies to all contracts and all consultants (contractors). Berkeley Municipal Code section 13.26.070 requires
that all contracts with the City contain a non-discrimination clause, in which the contractor agrees not to
discriminate and allows the City access to records necessary to monitor compliance. This section also applies to
all contracts and all consultants. Bidders must submit the attached Non-Discrimination Disclosure Form
with their proposal
B. Nuclear Free Berkeley Disclosure Form:
Berkeley Municipal Code section 12.90.070 prohibits the City from granting contracts to companies that
knowingly engage in work for nuclear weapons. This contracting prohibition may be waived if the City Council
determines that no reasonable alternative exists to doing business with a company that engages in nuclear
weapons work. If your company engages in work for nuclear weapons, explain on the Disclosure Form the nature
of such work. Bidders must submit the attached Nuclear Free Disclosure Form with their proposal.
C. Oppressive States:
The City of Berkeley prohibits granting of contracts to firms that knowingly provide personal services to specified
Countries. This contracting prohibition may be waived if the City Council determines that no reasonable
alternative exists to doing business with a company that is covered by City Council Resolution No. 59,853-N.S.
If your company or any subsidiary is covered, explain on the Disclosure Form the nature of such work. Bidders
must submit the attached Oppressive States Disclosure Form with their proposal.
D. Sanctuary City Contracting Ordinance:
Chapter 13.105 of the Berkeley Municipal Code prohibits the City from granting and or retaining contracts with
any person or entity that provides Data Broker or Extreme Vetting services to the U.S. Immigration and Customs
Enforcement Division of the United States Department of Homeland Security (“ICE”). Bidders must submit
the attached Sanctuary City Compliance Statement with their proposal.
E. Conflict of Interest:
In the sole judgment of the City, any and all proposals are subject to disqualification on the basis of a conflict of
interest. The City may not contract with a vendor if the vendor or an employee, officer or director of the
proposer's firm, or any immediate family member of the preceding, has served as an elected official, employee,
RFP Revised Oct2019

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