Contract for furnishing Personnel Radiation Dosimetry Service

Agency: Arkansas State Highway And Transportation Department
State: Arkansas
Type of Government: State & Local
NAICS Category:
  • 541380 - Testing Laboratories
Posted Date: May 20, 2020
Due Date: Jun 9, 2020
Solicitation No: H-21-205H
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Bid No. Tab Mowing Opening Date Description Buyer Awarded
H-21-205H Jun 9, 2020 Contract for furnishing Personnel Radiation Dosimetry Service HH

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Bid Opening Date:
June 9, 2020 Time: 11:00 a.m.
ARDOT Equipment and
Procurement Division
11302 West Baseline Road
Little Rock, AR 72209
ARDOT Equipment and
Procurement Division
P.O. Box 2261
Little Rock, AR 72203
ARDOT Equipment and
Procurement Division
11302 West Baseline Road
Little Rock, AR 72209
Sealed bids for furnishing the commodities and/or services described below, subject to the Standard Bid Conditions this Bid Invitation will be received at the above-noted mail and
delivery locations until the above-noted bid opening date and time, and then publicly opened at the above-noted bid opening location. Bids must be submitted on this form, with
attachments when appropriate, or bids will be rejected. Late bids and unsigned bids will not be considered.
In compliance with this Bid Invitation and subject to all the Conditions thereof, the undersigned offers and agrees to furnish any and all items upon which prices are quoted, at the price set
opposite each item.
Company Name:
Name (Type or Print):
Federal Tax ID or Social Security No.:
Signature must be original (not photocopied) and in ink. Unsigned bids will be rejected.
Service contract to furnish to the Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department Personnel Radiation
Dosimetry Service as set forth herein from Date of Award thru June 30, 2021 with an option to renew upon mutual
agreement of the parties.
All bidders should complete and return the Eligible Bidder Certification (Attachment A) and Disclosure Form (see
Page 2 of Standard Bid Conditions Item 18) and Restriction of Boycott of Israel Certification issued with this bid. A
current copy of the DFA Illegal Immigrant Contractor Disclosure Certification (see Page 1 of Standard Bid
Conditions Item 17) should also be submitted with bid.
The Bid Invitation, Bid Information and Bid Price Form are part of the contract and by this reference are incorporated
herein as fully and effectively as if set forth in detail.
It shall be understood that by submission of bid that bidder agrees to the conditions herein specified and, if bid is
found acceptable by ARDOT either in whole or in part, shall consider this bid a contract agreement bound under these
conditions. The parties hereto agree that this contract in all things shall be governed by the Laws of the State of
Bids and Specifications are available on-line by going to the ARDOT Web Site and
clicking on “Bids/Contracts”. Tabulations will also be available at this site after award of bid/contract. If you have
any questions, call this office at 501-569-2667.
Rev. 3/1/2018
Page 1 of 2
1. GENERAL: Any special terms and conditions included in the invitation for bid override these standard terms and conditions. The
standard terms and conditions and any special terms and conditions become part of any contract entered into if any or all parts of the
bid are accepted by the Arkansas Department of Transportation (ARDOT).
2. ACCEPTANCE AND REJECTION: ARDOT reserves the right to reject any or all bids, to accept bids in whole or in part (unless
otherwise indicated by bidder), to waive any informalities in bids received, to accept bids on materials or equipment with
variations from specifications where efficiency of operation will not be impaired, and to award bids to best serve the interest of the
3. PRICES: Unless otherwise stated in the Bid Invitation, the following will apply: (1) unit prices shall be bid, (2) prices should be stated in
units of quantity specified (feet, each, lbs., etc.), (3) prices must be F.O.B. destination specified in bid, (4) prices must be firm and not
subject to escalation, (5) bid must be firm for acceptance for 30 days from bid opening date. In case of errors in extension, unit prices
shall govern. Discounts from bid price will not be considered in making awards.
4. BID BONDS AND PERFORMANCE BONDS: If required, a Bid Bond in the form of a cashier’s check, certified check, or surety
bond issued by a surety company, in an amount stated in the Bid Invitation, must accompany bid. Personal and company
checks are not acceptable as Bid Bonds. Failure to submit a Bid Bond as required will cause a bid to be rejected. The Bid
Bond will be forfeited as liquidated damages if the successful bidder fails to provide a required Performance Bond within the period
stipulated by ARDOT or fails to honor their bid. When a bidder claims and can show clear and convincing evidence that a
material mistake was made in the bid and was not the bid intended, the bidder may be permitted to withdraw their bid prior to award
without forfeiture of bid bond. Cashier’s checks and certified checks submitted as Bid Bonds will be returned to unsuccessful bidders;
surety bonds will be retained. The successful bidder will be required to furnish a Performance Bond in an amount stated in the Bid
Invitation and in the form of a cashier’s check, certified check, or surety bond issued by a surety company, unless otherwise stated
in the Bid Invitation, as a guarantee of delivery of goods/services in accordance with the specifications and within the time
established in the bid. Personal and company checks are not acceptable as Performance Bonds. In some cases, a
cashier’s check or certified check submitted as a Bid Bond will be held as the Performance Bond of the successful bidder.
Cashier’s checks or certified checks submitted as Performance Bonds will be refunded shortly after payment has been made to
the successful bidder for completion of all terms of the bid; surety bonds will be retained. Surety bonds must be issued by a surety
company that is authorized to do business in the State of Arkansas and that is listed on the current United States Department of the
Treasury Listing of Approved Sureties. Surety bonds must be executed by a resident or non-resident agent who is licensed by the
Arkansas State Insurance Commissioner to represent the surety company executing the bond, and the resident or non-resident agent
shall file with the bond the power of attorney of the agent to act on behalf of the bonding company. Certain bids involving labor will
require Performance Bonds in the form of surety bonds only (no checks of any kind allowed). These bonds shall not only serve to
guarantee the completion of the work, but also to guarantee the excellence of both workmanship and material until the work is finally
accepted and the provisions of the Plans, Specifications, and Special Provisions fulfilled. In such cases, the company issuing the
surety bond must comply with all stipulations herein and must be named in the U. S. Treasury listing of companies holding Certificates
of Authority as acceptable sureties on Federal Bonds and as acceptable reinsuring companies. Any excess between the face
amount of the bond and the underwriting limitation of the bonding company shall be protected by reinsurance provided by an
acceptable reinsuring company. Annual Bid and Performance Bonds on file with E & P Division must have sufficient unencumbered
funds to meet current bonding requirements, or the bid will be rejected, unless the balance is submitted as set forth above, prior to bid
5. TAXES: The ARDOT is not exempt from Arkansas State Sales and Use Taxes, or local option city/county sales taxes, when
applicable, and bidders are responsible to the State Revenue Department for such taxes. These taxes should not be included in bid
prices, but where required by law, will be paid by the ARDOT as an addition thereto, and should be added to the billing to the ARDOT.
The ARDOT is exempt from Federal Excise Taxes on all commodities except motor fuels; and excise taxes should not be included in
bid prices except for motor fuels. Where applicable, tax exemption certificates will be furnished by the ARDOT.
6. “ALL OR NONE” BIDS: Bidders who wish to bid “All or None” on two or more items shall so stipulate on the face of bid sheet;
otherwise, bid may be awarded on an individual item basis.
7. SPECIFICATIONS: Complete specifications should be attached for any substitution or alternate offered, or where amplification is
necessary. Bidder’s name must be placed on all attachments to the bid.
8. EXCEPTIONS TO SPECIFICATIONS: Any exceptions to the bid specifications must be stated in the bid. Any exceptions to
manufacturer’s published literature must be stated in the bid, or it will be assumed that bidder is bidding exactly as stated in the
9. BRAND NAME REFERENCES: All brand name references in bid specifications refer to that commodity or its equivalent, unless
otherwise stated in Bid Invitation. Bidder should state brand or trade name of item being bid, if such name exists.
10. FREIGHT: All freight charges should be included in bid price. Any change in common carrier rates authorized by the Interstate
Commerce Commission will be adjusted if such change occurs after the bid opening date. Receipted common carrier bills that
reflect ICC authorized rate changes must be furnished.
Page 2 of 2
11. SAMPLES, LITERATURE, DEMONSTRATIONS: Samples and technical literature must be provided free of any charge within 14
days of ARDOT request, and free demonstrations within 30 days, unless ARDOT extends time. Failure to provide as requested
within this period may cause bid to be rejected. Samples, literature and demonstrations must be substantially the same as the
item(s) being bid, unless otherwise agreed to by ARDOT. Samples that are not destroyed will be returned upon request at bidders
expense. Samples from successful bidders may be retained for comparison with items actually furnished.
12. GUARANTY: Unless otherwise indicated in Bid Invitation, it is understood and agreed that any item offered or shipped on this bid
shall be newly manufactured, latest model and design, and in first class condition; and that all containers shall be new, suitable
for storage or shipment and in compliance with all applicable laws relating to construction, packaging, labeling and registration.
13. BACKORDERS OR DELAY IN DELIVERY: Backorders or failure to deliver within the time required may constitute default. Vendor
must give written notice to the ARDOT, as soon as possible, of the reason for any delay and the expected delivery date. The ARDOT
has the right to extend delivery if reasons appear valid. If reason or delivery date is not acceptable, vendor is in default.
14. DEFAULT: All commodities furnished will be subject to inspection and acceptance by ARDOT after delivery. Default in promised
delivery or failure to meet specifications authorizes the ARDOT to cancel award or any portion of same, to reasonably purchase
commodities or services elsewhere and to charge full increase, if any, in cost and handling to defaulting vendor. Applicable bonds may
be forfeited.
15. ETHICS: “It shall be a breach of ethical standards for a person to be retained, or to retain a person, to solicit or secure a State
contract upon an agreement of understanding for a commission, percentage, brokerage, or contingent fee, except for retention of
bona fide employees or bona fide established commercial selling agencies maintained by the contractor for the purpose of securing
business.” (Arkansas Code, Annotated, Section 19-11-708).
16. NOTICE OF NONDISCRIMINATION: The Arkansas State Highway Commission, through ARDOT, complies with all civil rights
provisions of federal statutes and related authorities that prohibit discrimination in programs and activities receiving federal
financial assistance. Therefore, ARDOT does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, color, age, national origin, religion (not
applicable as a protected group under the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Title VI Program), disability, Limited
English Proficiency (LEP), or low-income status in the admission, access to and treatment in the ARDOT’s programs and
activities, as well as the ARDOT’s hiring or employment practices. Complaints of alleged discrimination and inquiries regarding the
ARDOT’s nondiscrimination policies may be directed to Joanna P. McFadden Section Head EEO/DBE (ADA/504/Title VI
Coordinator), P. O. Box 2261, Little Rock, AR 72203, (501)569-2298, (Voice/TTY 711), or the following email address: Free language assistance for Limited English Proficient individuals is available upon request. This
notice is available from the ADA/504/Title VI Coordinator in large print, on audiotape and in Braille.
17. PROHIBITION OF EMPLOYMENT OF ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS: Pursuant to Arkansas Code Annotated 19-11-105, all bidders must
certify prior to award of a contract that they do not employ or contract with any illegal immigrant(s) in its contract with the state.
18. DISCLOSURE: Failure to make any disclosure required by Governor’s Executive Order 98-04, or any violation of any rule,
regulation, or policy adopted pursuant to that order, shall be a material breach of the terms of this contract. Any contractor, whether
an individual or entity, who fails to make the required disclosure or who violates any rule, regulation, or policy shall be subject to all
legal remedies available to the agency.
Bid Opening: June 9, 2020
1. Personnel Radiation Dosimetry Service - to include
but not limited to the cost of badge holder, dosimeter,
monthly reading and reports (one to badge holder and
one with invoicing to Materials Division), and postage
if applicable.
2. Annual Reports (Two {2} copies each report)
3. Other Charges
(a) Initial setup charges
(b) Addition of personnel
(c) Temporary badges
(d) Replacement of lost or destroyed badges
(e) Extra copies of records and reports
(f) Records change
(g) Remote computer access
Charge per month __________ ea.
(ii) Charge per use __________ ea.
1. The Arkansas Department of Transportation (herein after called ARDOT) will enter into a term contract with
the successful bidder to furnish Personnel Radiation Dosimetry Service for the period set forth in the Bid
2. This service is to be provided by an organization approved by the Arkansas Department of Health and
accredited by the National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program.
3. A total number of badges used and reported may vary each quarter, normally between 400 and 500 badges
per quarter.
4. The service is to be provided for thirty-five (35) sites throughout the state on a quarterly basis. The number
of sites may be increased or decreased as ARDOT’s needs dictates. Dosimeters will be shipped to and
received from each site. Invoicing will be made to the individual sites with a copy to the Materials Division
with quarterly total amount shown for each site.
5. The service shall consist of the following:
(a) Furnishing, quarterly, the required number of dosimeters for detection of gamma, beta and neutron
(b) Furnishing the required number of clip-on type badge holders,
(c) Each dosimeter should be identified with the site’s functional name, wearer’s name, wearer’s I.D.
number, and quarter of the year.
(d) Providing quarterly exposures reported for each returned badge for determination of gamma, beta and
neutron exposure,
(e) Quarterly reports of individual exposure should be sent to the Materials Division with copies sent to
each site. Each report shall show current quarter, annual and lifetime exposures for each badge holder,
(f) The exposures reported should have an accuracy as a minimum: 1.0 mrem for gamma, 10.0 mrem for
energetic beta, 20.0 mrem for fast neutron and 10.0 mrem for thermal neutron,
(g) Dosimeter precision within +/- 1.0 mrem,
(h) Dosimeters should be sealed, tamper proof, and environmentally stable,
(i) Dosimeters should be capable of being completely reanalyzed,
(j) Providing an original and two (2) copies of annual exposure reports to each individual badge wearer.
These reports should be sent to the Materials Division for distribution,
(k) For reporting purposes 0.0 mrem shall be assigned to any lost or damaged dosimeter for the reporting
quarter of the year unless otherwise noted by the Materials Division,
(l) Providing two control badges with each shipment, the second for late returns,

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