Consultant for Replacement of Computer-Aided Dispatch and Public Safety Software

Agency: City of Lynchburg
State: Virginia
Type of Government: State & Local
NAICS Category:
  • 511210 - Software Publishers
  • 541511 - Custom Computer Programming Services
  • 541512 - Computer Systems Design Services
  • 541519 - Other Computer Related Services
Posted Date: Dec 1, 2021
Due Date: Jan 13, 2022
Solicitation No: 2022-031
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1/13/2022 2022-031 Consultant for Replacement of Computer-Aided Dispatch and Public Safety Software SBS

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Include this page as the first page in your proposal response
City of Lynchburg, Virginia
Procurement Division
Proposal Title: Consultant for Replacement of Computer‐Aided Dispatch and Public Safety Software
This is the City of Lynchburg's Request for Proposals No. 2022‐031, issued November 30, 2021 . Direct inquires
for information to: Stephanie Suter; Phone: 434‐455‐3963 or email: Any
questions or requests for clarification must be received by 2:00 p.m., January 5, 2022. All responses to this
solicitation shall be in strict accordance with the requirements set forth in this bid document and the ensuing
contract documents.
Sealed proposals will be publicly accepted prior to 4:00 p.m., January 13, 2022 , however only the names of
vendors responding will be available for announcement. Proposals received after the stated due date and time
shall not be considered. Submit proposals in a sealed, opaque envelope, and put the RFP number, title, due date
and time on the lower left front. Offerors are responsible for having their proposal time stamped by Procurement
Division staff before the deadline indicated above and acknowledge all addenda so issued in the space provided
below. All Offerors are responsible for obtaining issued addenda from the City’s Purchasing Division website:‐solicitations. Any alteration or changes to this Request for Proposals will be made
only by written addendum issued by the City of Lynchburg Procurement Division.
Acknowledge receipt of addenda here: No.
Date: _____
Procurement Division
Third Floor City Hall
900 Church Street
Lynchburg, Virginia 24504
Information the Offeror deems Proprietary is included in the proposal response in section(s):
See Paragraph B on page 2 for guidelines on submitting proprietary information.
In compliance with this Request for Proposals and all the conditions imposed therein, the undersigned offers
and agrees to furnish the services in accordance with the attached proposal or as mutually agreed by subsequent
negotiations. By my signature below, I certify that I am authorized to bind the Offeror in any and all negotiations
and/or contractual matters relating to this Request for Proposals. Sign in ink and type or print requested
Full Legal Name of Offeror:
Phone: ( )
Fax: ( )
Typed or Printed Name, Title
City's Procurement Manager’s Signature
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A. An original (1), so marked, and (7) copies, so marked, for a total of (8) of your proposal document
are required. In addition, submit one (1) copy of proposal in an electronic format must also
accompany your proposal. The City will not assume responsibility for reproduction where an
insufficient number of copies have been supplied. In any such case, the City will notify the Offeror
of the deficiency and request that the appropriate number of copies be delivered within 24 hours.
Failure to comply with this or other requirements of this Request for Proposal shall be grounds for
the City to reject such proposals. Telegraphic or facsimile submission of proposals is not acceptable
and any such proposals will not be considered. Nothing herein is intended to exclude any responsible
Offeror or in any way restrain or restrict competition. All responsible Offerors are encouraged to
submit proposals.
B. Submission of Proprietary Information
Trade secrets or proprietary information submitted by an Offeror in connection with this
procurement transaction shall not be subject to public disclosure under the Virginia Freedom of
Information Act; however, the Offeror must invoke the protection of this section prior to or upon
submission of the data or the materials, and must identify the data or other materials to be
protected and state the reason why protection is necessary (Section 2.2‐4342 F. of the Code of
Virginia). Offerors shall submit, in a separate section of the proposal, any information considered
proprietary and any copyrighted material and clearly identify the information as proprietary
and/or copyrighted information. Offerors may not declare their entire proposal proprietary nor
may they declare proposed pricing to be proprietary. References may be made within the body of
the proposal to proprietary information; however all information contained within the body of the
proposal not in the separate section labeled proprietary shall be considered Public Information.
C. Proposals having any erasures or corrections must be initialed by the Offeror in ink.
D. The City reserves the right to accept or reject any or all proposals, to waive informalities, and to
reissue any request for proposals and to award contracts to multiple Offerors. Any contract resulting
from this Request for Proposal shall not be exclusive to the Successful firm. The City reserves the
right to contract with firms not party to the resultant contract for similar work if it determines this
to be in their best interest. If this is a cooperative procurement, each entity referenced will award a
contract in accordance with its respective independent procurement policies and procedures and as
it deems will best serve its interest.
E. By submitting a proposal response, the Offeror agrees that the proposal response will not be
withdrawn for a period of 90 days following the due date for proposal responses.
F. By submitting a proposal response, the Offeror certifies that it has not combined, conspired or
agreed to intentionally rig, alter or otherwise manipulate, or to cause to be rigged, altered or
otherwise manipulated its proposal response for the purpose of allocating purchases or sales to or
among persons, raising or otherwise fixing the prices of the goods or services, or excluding other
persons from dealing with the City.
G. By submitting a proposal response, the Offeror certifies that its proposal is made without collusion
or fraud and that it has not offered or received any kickbacks or inducements from any other Offeror,
supplier, manufacturer or subcontracting firm in connection with its proposal; and that it has not
conferred on any public employee having official responsibility for this procurement transaction any
payment, loan, subscription, advance, deposit of money, services or anything of more than nominal
value, present or promised.
H. The City will not be responsible for any expense incurred by any Offeror in preparing and submitting
a proposal response. All proposals submitted will become the property of the City.
I. Nothing herein is intended to exclude any responsible Offeror or in any way restrain or restrict
competition. All responsible Offerors are encouraged to submit proposals.
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The City of Lynchburg (City) is soliciting consultant and project management services to oversee and manage
replacement of the existing Computer‐Aided Dispatching (CAD) and Records Management System (RMS)
software solutions in use by public safety departments within the City. Services sought include completion of
an in depth needs assessment and consultation with public safety departments across the city; assistance in
developing the RFP for replacement of the identified services; guidance and services for vendor selection;
assistance negotiating with the selected vendor; and project management services through implementation
and final sign‐off on contract completion with the selected vendor.
Encompassing 50 square miles, Lynchburg is located adjacent to Amherst, Bedford and Campbell Counties, on
the eastern edge of the Blue Ridge Mountains, and is within 14 miles of the geographic center of the
Commonwealth of Virginia. The City’s public safety departments serve the entire City (population
approximately 80,000). The City sees a relatively high population influx as a business and shopping hub on a
daily basis from neighboring counties’ populations (approximately 260,320) in addition to increased traffic
and workload related to colleges and universities in the City and annual tourism traffic. The City’s public safety
departments include Emergency Services, Fire, and Police.
The City’s Department of Emergency Services (DES) is a 24‐hr, 8‐seat Primary Public Safety Answering Point
(PSAP) physically located in the City. DES has been in its current location since 1998. DES is currently authorized
28 full‐time Public Safety Communications Specialist, including 3 working front line supervisors, 6 assistant
supervisors, 1 Personnel & Training Supervisor, 1 Deputy Director, and 3 Network Administrators. The
Network Administrators are responsible for all related technical systems in DES and are the primary technical
contacts for CAD. DES is normally staffed by 4‐5 Communications Specialists filling dual roles of call‐taking and
dispatching. DES primarily dispatches for LFD and LPD. They also monitor units from the Lynchburg Sherriff’s
Office, but they do not provide dispatch services for that department. The PSAP does not dispatch for private
ambulance services.
The Lynchburg Fire Department (LFD) an Internationally Accredited all‐hazards Fire/Emergency Medical
Services agency currently operating in 8 fire stations. The LFD daily staffing includes: 8 ALS Engine Companies,
6 ALS Medic Units, 2 Truck Companies, a Heavy Rescue, 2 Battalion Chiefs, and an EMS Supervisor. The LFD
currently employs approximately 200 personnel. The LFD utilizes iOS tablets to interface with DES CA2D systems
for the functions involved in response to incidents providing necessary data information to process same. These
iOS devices have an included Verizon 4G SIM to provide the data connection for approximately 50 units. The
LFD utilizes external data connections for the majority of their access including DES sending information to
multiple other software interfaces including but not limited to: Pulsepoint, ESO, and is expanding into the use
of First Arriving Dashboards.
The Police Department is located in multiple buildings in downtown Lynchburg and is the primary user of the
RMS system being replaced. The PD employs approximately 210 sworn and non‐sworn employees, including
approximately 20 support staff. The PD utilizes both internal network and external internet‐based services to
access network resources. The LPD utilizes laptop mobile data computers in patrol vehicles to access both CAD
and RMS services in addition to other resources including incident and accident reporting. Connections are
currently managed through Verizon 4G data connections and total mobile units is approximately 80.
The Numbers (FY2021):
Emergency Services
Received 911 calls:
Total received calls:
Generated calls for service:
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Fire Department:
Total reports:
The Fire Department defines the number of cases as the number of calls for service – those that are dispatched
by DES. The total reports are reflective of reporting requirements both from the Virginia Department of Health
– Emergency Medical Services Division and the requirements set‐forth by the National Fire Incident Reporting
System (NFIRS). Emergency Medical Services calls for service are approximately 92% of the total calls for service
and require a NFIRS report and an EMS report.
Police Department:
Total reports:
7,598 Incident Reports
1,148 Crash Reports
5,424 Arrest Reports
4,347 Summons
The existing CAD & RMS solution vendor is Central Square Technologies, based in Lake Mary, Florida. The
current CAD was selected as the provider of services in the City of Lynchburg in 1997, and the current
system was deployed in 1998. The system was originally purchased and deployed with RMS. Agencies rely
upon information from the CAD system. Systems redundancy and disaster recovery w i l l b e a priority as
upgrades are performed and systems are replaced.
The current CAD solution supports a Training CAD that is used as a “back up” in the event primary systems are
not accessible and radio dispatching is available off site as may be needed. DES has a physical back up
dispatching location allowing off‐site reception and routing of phone traffic.
The City of Lynchburg partners in providing internal network, internet, hardware and assorted software services
for government entities and currently sources the PC hardware in use for CAD in the dispatch center and a
combination of desktop and laptops for office use. Law enforcement agencies are currently supplying laptop
and tablet hardware for mobile uses. DES is a City Department but they have their own IT staff. City IT installs
software on laptops that have to connect back to the DES system and provide internal connectivity to DES from
City agencies to talk to the CAD system. The City’s IT/GIS division supplies address and centerline data for the
CAD as well as aerial imagery. The IT/Application Services division helps to manage and troubleshoot the LFD’s
ESO connection to CAD. There is also an interface between CAD and Lucity (the City’s work order/asset
management system) for requests that come into DES such as dead animal disposal, street hazards, etc. City
IT/Network Services division manages and troubleshoots the Freedom Mobiles for LFD. DES provides the
connection from CAD to the Freedom Server at City IT but the Freedom mobiles' first point of connection is the
Freedom Server.
The CAD system also used CryWolf to process police and fire alarm billing. This module is available at DES and
the City’s Billings and Collections division. The participating public safety agencies utilize the data from the
CAD system and will need to have readily available access to that information.
The selected consultant is expected to develop a scope of work, along with technical and business
requirements for a new Computer‐Aided Dispatch (CAD), Records Management System (RMS), as well as other
integrated applications to replace the existing systems. The consultant shall perform a complete and
thorough needs assessment and requirements study of existing and other interested public safety partners in
the City of Lynchburg, using the gathered information and data to compose and issue an RFP to solicit
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replacement systems. The consultant is expected to work closely with a local team comprised of
representatives of identified stakeholders throughout the process. The consultant will be expected to organize
and participate in vendor demonstrations and/or interviews as part of the selection process, work with the
stakeholder group to select a vendor or vendors that will meet or exceed the identified systems requirements,
provide support in resolving issues between the City and the selected vendor during contract negotiations,
and work with City representatives to finalize the contract. The consultant will be expected to coordinate
with the selected systems(s) vendor and stakeholder group through implementation of the selected
solution(s), mediate and assist in resolving identified issues with the selected solution(s) vendor, and
ultimately guide implementation through to final completion and project acceptance by the City.
The City anticipates the project will include gathering input from outside public safety‐affiliated groups and
agencies, including community stakeholders and others involved in on‐going public safety data sharing
visioning on a city‐wide basis.
The City is requesting detailed proposals for consultancy and project management services for replacement of
the existing CAD and RMS software systems currently in place.
Proposals should include, at a minimum:
• A description of the proposed processes for completion of a detailed and thorough needs
assessment, including identification and coordination of project stakeholders;
• A detailed description of the proposed processes for completion of an inventory and assessment of
the City’s current hardware, software, systems and workflow processes;
• Respondent’s proposed process for CAD/RMS vendor evaluation, to include review of submitted
proposals, scoring and ranking of received proposals for the review by the City’s project stakeholder
group, and outline of the process for interviews and evaluation of submitted proposals;
• Identification of participation requirements the consultant will have of the City, identified
stakeholders and others in the processes;
• A project summary describing the vendor’s proposed project from award of the consultant contract
to final completion and acceptance of the CAD/RMS systems replacement;
• A proposed project timeline, from award of the consultant contract to final completion and
acceptance of the CAD/RMS systems. The City recognizes the timeline is somewhat dependent upon
the final scope of the project identified through the assessment process;
• A detailed cost proposal, which may include costs for including in the selection process additional
systems add‐ons (modules, interfaces, etc.) identified with the City through the assessment process.
Anticipated project deliverables:
• Development and maintenance of a detailed project document, outlining tasks, project milestones
and timelines, and the ability to provide regular project progress reports to stakeholders;
• Development of a thorough needs assessment process involving identified project stakeholders;
• Development and presentation of an overall project timeline based upon the completed needs
• Identification of the processes to compose and issue an RFP for vendors to supply the CAD and RMS
solutions to the City, complying with City and Commonwealth of Virginia procurement requirements;
• Issuance of an RFP for procurement of replacement CAD and RMS systems;
• Design and management of the process to select a vendor from RFP respondents for the
replacement project;
• Management of the vendor selection process and services to assist in the negotiation of a contract
with the selected vendor including project deliverables;
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