Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR) services associated with the construction of the new Orange County Detention Center. The detention center will not exceed 144 beds comprised of a potential combination of single and double cells utilizing direct or indirect supervision

Agency: Orange County
State: North Carolina
Type of Government: State & Local
Posted Date: May 8, 2018
Due Date: May 23, 2018
Solicitation No: 5249
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Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR) services associated with the construction of the new Orange County Detention Center. The detention center will not exceed 144 beds comprised of a potential combination of single and double cells utilizing direct or indirect supervision

5-23-2018 @ 4pm rfq in pdf Please send an email to notify us that you have downloaded the bid

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Request for Qualifications (RFQ #5249)
Construction Manager at Risk
Orange County Detention Facility,
Environment & Agriculture Center,& Park Operations
Orange County Government
Orange County Manager’s Office
200 S Cameron Street
PO Box 8181
Hillsborough, NC 27278
May 3, 2018
Table of Contents
I. Project Overview
II. Project Schedule
III. Project Design Team
IV. Scope of Construction Manager at Risk Services
V. Proposal Submission Requirements
VI. Due Date for Submitting Proposals
VII. General Comments or Clarifications
VIII. Selection Process
IX. Confidentiality of Documents
Exhibit A - Certification Form
I. Project Overview
This a re-solicitation of RFQ 5214. We are re-advertising due to the passage of time and revised scope. Within a 21 acre
campus site located along US Highway 70 in the northwest quadrant of Hillsborough (see attached locator map and
conceptual site development plan), Orange County desires the develop the following campus facilities on this site. The
first is a new Detention Facility of up to 144 beds comprised of a potential combination of single and double cells utilizing
direct or indirect supervision. The "core" facilities; i.e. Booking, Food Services, Medical, Administration, and Staff Support
shall be designed to accommodate an eventual population of up to 250 inmates. Other spaces as well as multi- purpose
spaces may need to be added to the facility as well, and will be determined during the initial design process. Second is a
estimated 17,000 square foot Environment & Agriculture administrative services facility (“EAC”) supporting various County
services to include the Department of Environment, Agriculture, Parks & Recreation, USDA Farm Services Administration,
Soil & Water Conservation Services, NC Cooperative Extension Services, and the NC Forestry Services office. The third
is a light maintenance facility, storage facility, and open storage/ operations yard to support County Park Operations,
Orange County envisions the entire site to be developed for these uses; however the County may ask the successful
CMAR candidate to bid as alternates the EAC and Park Operations components.
II. Anticipated Project Schedule
Project Activity
Schematic Design Phase
Design Development Phase
Construction Documents Phase
Bidding of Site package
State and Local Approvals
Construction building Bidding Phase
Project Close-out/Owner Occupancy
Warranty Period
Summer 2018
Fall 2018
Spring, 2019
Spring 2019
Summer, 2019
August 2019
June 2019 Spring 2021
Spring, 2021
12 months
III. Project Design Team
Moseley Architects, PC and HH Architecture were selected by Orange County through a qualifications-based process to
provide A/E for Detention Center and the EAC respectively. The selected CMAR firm will coordinate with the A/E firms
for the duration of the pre-design, design, and construction phases of work.
IV. Scope of Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR) Services The scope of
services below is meant to provide the proposers an outline of the anticipated services required for this project. The
detailed scope of services will be contained in the executed Contract for CMAR Services. The County intends to use the
the attached template contract, with modifications, as the form of agreement.
A. Pre-Construction Services
1. Review current schematic budget and project schedule and identify key project issues.
2. Develop Design Development cost estimate and project schedule; Reconcile from Schematic Phase to Design
Development Phase.
3. Develop Construction Documents cost estimate and schedule; Reconcile from Design Development Phase to
Construction Documents Phase.
4. Research different construction materials and report findings.
5. Regularly attend meetings with the County and Design Team prior to construction and consult with the County
and the Design Team regarding site use, site improvements and selection of building materials, systems and
6. Develop a provisional and final schedule using computer software reporting indicating methods and sequencing of
procurement, permitting, construction and closeout of project. Include time requirements for sequences and
durations, milestones dates for receipt and approval of design documents, receipt of regulatory approvals and
permits, preparation and processing of shop drawings and samples, delivery schedule of materials or equipment
requiring long-lead time procurement, project procurement schedule, and installation and construction completion.
This includes the periodic updates of project schedule for Design Team's review and County approval.
7. Develop and implement procedures for schedule adherence.
8. Perform a “constructability" review of the design documents at each phase of design.
9. Provide detailed construction cost estimates, to achieve the Owner's budget (to be sorted by trade bid packages).
10. Develop value-engineering options
A. Bidding Services
1. Subdivide the Work into bid packages that encourage bids from qualified local and minority contractors.
2. Bid the site package separately so the CMAR can move forward with the clearing, grading, and site infrastructure
installation to meet deadlines.
3. Identify and prequalify contractors for all bid packages in consultation with the County.
4. Develop requirements to assure time, cost and quality control during construction.
5. Provide a provisional construction schedule (CPM) for issuance with bid packages.
6. Schedule and conduct pre-bid conferences in conjunction with the Design Team and County.
7. Advertise and distribute bidding documents.
8. Monitor bidder activity.
9. Publicly open, review and analyze bids, in conjunction with County and Design Team.
10. Update Project schedule.
11. Conduct MWBE outreach program to encourage participation by minority contractors and document.
12. Upon receipt and review of the bids for all bid packages, develop a draft Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP)
document for the Project that includes:
a. The cost of the Work (the sum of bid amounts of the lowest responsible bidder for all bid packages)
b. The Construction Manager's Fee
c. The Construction Manager's General Conditions
d. The Construction Manager's Contingency
13. Reconcile schedule and cost with County against pre-established budget and schedule.
14. Develop Final Guaranteed Maximum Price document for the Project.
C. Construction Services
1. Maintain on-site staff for construction management.
2. Establish and maintain coordinating procedures.
3. Develop and maintain a detailed schedule (CPM) including delivery, approvals, inspection, testing, construction
and occupancy.
4. Conduct and record job meetings.
5. Prepare and submit change order documentation for approval of the Design Team and Owner.
6. Maintain a system for review and approval of shop drawings, samples and product data.
7. Maintain records and submit bi-weekly reports and formal monthly reports to Design Team and Owner.
8. Maintain quality control and ensure conformity to plans.
9. Develop a system and provide cost control through progress payment review and verifications according to the
approved schedule and contract amounts.
10. Develop and maintain as-built drawings for the duration of the Project.
11. Coordinate post-completion activities, including the assembly of guarantees, manuals, closeout documents,
training, regulatory approvals and Owner's final acceptance.
12. Coordinate and monitor the resolution of remaining “punch-list" items to the satisfaction of the Owner.
13. Coordinate Systems Commissioning activities
14. Work closely with Designer and County staff to meet local, state and federal requirements
D. Project Closeout/Warranty
1. Assist Owner with furniture, furnishings and equipment deliveries and installation.
2. Submit record drawings for approval of the Designer and the Owner
3. Assist in transition to occupancy
4. Receive record and address all warranty issues.
5. Resolve all warranty issues to the satisfaction of the Owner
Submittals shall be made on 81/2”' x 11" paper, side bound with Table of Contents and reference tabs for key sections.
The total submittal shall not exceed forty (40) single-sided pages. All pages are to be consecutively numbered. All
materials not clearly labeled "Trade Secret" or "Confidential" shall become property of Orange County and will be
considered public documents (Reference Section XI -Confidentiality). Submittals must include, at a minimum, the
A. Qualifications and Experience
1. Overview identifying all firms proposed for the CMAR Team, including the organizational and contractual
relationship between the Prime CMAR firm(s). The overview should indicate the following:
a. The firm (Prime CMAR) providing the bond for the project.
b. Organizational chart depicting all firms, key staff and their roles proposed for the Project
c. Identify current assignments for each staff member and their availability to work on this project.
d. If CMAR Team consists of more than one firm, provide joint venture agreement and identify percent
controlling interest of each joint venture firm. Joint Venture or associational relationships between two or more
firms are permitted however the Joint Venture or association entity must have past experience together
building local detention facilities, prisons, or county jails. The joint project must be included in the list of
projects under number (5) below.
2. Profile of CMAR firm(s):
a. Provide the following for each Prime and any Associate Firm(s):
(1) Firm name and Address
(2) Phone and Facsimile numbers
(3) e-mail of Key Executive to be assigned to this project
(4) In-house service capabilities
(5) Corporate Licenses (List all licenses by name and license numbers held in the State of North Carolina,
including but not limited to contractor's licenses, business licenses, etc.)
(6) Location of all offices (and number of staff in each office)
(7) Identify corporate office (Headquarters or Home Office)
(8) Corporate history:
Year first organized and current organizational structure
Corporate officers, partners
Years providing construction services
Number of projects completed within past 5 years (by year)
Dollar value of projects completed within past 5 years (by year)
Confirmation of authority to do business in North Carolina
State of Incorporation/formation
Years in Business

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