Constant Current Regulators - RFI

Agency: Department of the Navy
State: New Jersey
Type of Government: Federal
FSC Category:
  • 62 - Lighting Fixtures and Lamps
NAICS Category:
  • 335129 - Other Lighting Equipment Manufacturing
Posted Date: Oct 11, 2017
Due Date: Nov 13, 2017
Solicitation No: N6833518R0009-RFI
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Sources Sought
Synopsis :
Added: Oct 11, 2017 2:03 pm
This Request for Information (RFI) is for information and planning purposes only and does not constitute a Request for Proposal. It shall not be construed as a commitment by the Government to award a contract as a result of this request for information.
The Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR), Naval Air Warfare Center Lakehurst NJ (NAWCADLKE) is requesting information from industry in order to identify airfield lighting manufacturers capable of producing airfield lighting to be integrated into the US Marine Corps Expeditionary Airfield (EAF) Legacy Hardwired Lighting System. The EAF Legacy Hardwired Lighting System has been in service for over 30 years. The legacy Constant Current Regulators (CCR) are nearing a point of technological obsolescence, leading to capability gaps and an inability of continued support. In order to address these issues, while still accomplishing the mission, NAVAIR is considering integrating modern CCRs with the legacy high intensity runway edge and threshold lights to support airfield operations. Broad industry participation is desired but NAVAIR is keenly interested in designs that are currently in production or near production. Material identified as Company Proprietary provided in response to this RFI will be treated as such by the Government.
1. PURPOSE: This notice is part of Government Market Research, a process for obtaining the latest information on the art of the possible' from industry with respect to their current and near-term abilities. All company proprietary information contained in the response shall be separately marked. Any proprietary information contained in response to this request that is properly marked will be properly protected from unauthorized disclosure. The Government will not use proprietary information submitted from any one firm to establish the capability and requirements for any future systems acquisition so as to not inadvertently restrict competition.
2. OBJECTIVES: The objectives of this Request for Information (RFI) are to identify responsible sources and interested parties who have proven solutions that can meet or exceed EAF requirements
3. BACKGROUND: The mission of the NAVAIR EAF program is to equip the US Marine Corps to support Naval Aviation with the flexibility and capability to rapidly deploy and establish survivable, self-sustaining airfields in austere, expeditionary operating environments. The EAF Concept is a shore-based, aviation weapons support system which permits deployment of landing force aircraft within effective range of ground forces. This concept allows for the construction of portable, reusable, forward-deployed airfields that can be assembled in a building block concept for the rapid introduction of air power. The EAF family of systems supports a myriad of airfield configurations, ranging in size and complexity from single-aircraft vertical take-off and landing sites, to short runways for tactical aircraft, to extended runways for heavy cargo lift, through the deployment of airfield surfacing systems, expeditionary arresting gear, airfield terminal guidance systems and airfield lighting and marking systems. The EAF Legacy Hardwired Lighting System has been in service for over 30 years. The approach and strobe light subsystems are nearing a point of technological obsolescence, leading to capability gaps and an inability of continued support.

4. REQUIREMENTS: Legacy EAF CCRs utilize Silicon Controlled Rectifier (SCR) power transformation and are similar to FAA Type L-828 Classes 2 and 1 in performance, except that instead of providing discrete intensity steps, output is infinitely variable between 7.5 and 20 amps (for 15-kilowatt model) or 2.5 and 6.6 amps (for 4-kilowatt model) through use of a potentiometer-based control circuit.
It is desired that future CCRs produce a sinusoidal waveform with amplitude adjustment to control the legacy incandescent lamps via isolation transformers, and also have the capability of transmitting powerline communications, such as Frequency Shift Keying, to allow for independent control of dual-source lighting elements (such as, but not limited to, visible and infrared) in the future. Desired output current of the CCR shall be adjustable to 20 amps. The CCR shall be shall be suitable for operation from 120/208 VAC, 3 -phase, 50/60 Hz electrical sources.

THIS IS A REQUEST FOR INFORMATION ONLY. It is not a Request for Proposal, a Request for Quotation, an Invitation for Bids, a solicitation, or an indication that the PMA251 Program Office or NAVAIR will contract for the items contained in the RFI. NAVAIR will not pay respondents for any information generated for or provided in response to this RFI. The Government will not reimburse the respondent for any costs associated with the information submitted in response to this request, nor will the Government compensate any respondent for any costs incurred in developing the information provided to the Government. The Government will not release any information marked with a Proprietary legend, received in response to this RFI, to any firms, agencies, or individuals outside of the Government without written permission in accordance with the legend. Submit your response in a Microsoft Word or compatible format document in no more than twenty single-sided, single-spaced pages, 12-point, Times New Roman font, using a minimum of one-inch margins.

Contracting Office Address :
Contracts Department
Hwy. 547 Attn:B562-3C
Lakehurst, New Jersey 08733-5083
Primary Point of Contact. :
Rene Brown
Phone: 732-323-2780
Fax: 732-323-2359

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