Compressors and Air Dryers

Agency: Steuben County
State: New York
Type of Government: State & Local
NAICS Category:
  • 333912 - Air and Gas Compressor Manufacturing
  • 423830 - Industrial Machinery and Equipment Merchant Wholesalers
  • 811310 - Commercial and Industrial Machinery and Equipment (except Automotive and Electronic) Repair and Maintenance
Posted Date: Mar 9, 2023
Due Date: Mar 30, 2023
Solicitation No: GC-23-007-B
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Bid Number: GC-23-007-B
Bid Title: Compressors and Air Dryers
Category: General County Bids
Status: Open

Publication Date/Time:
3/9/2023 12:00 AM
Closing Date/Time:
3/30/2023 1:30 PM
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Attachment Preview

BATH, NEW YORK 14810-1510
(607) 664-2484
The Public Works Committee of the Steuben County Legislature and the Steuben
County Commissioner of Public Works will receive competitive sealed bids per
specifications for Compressors and Air Dryers; document #GC-23-007-B.
Bid documents are available at the Purchasing Department, 3 East Pulteney Square,
Bath, New York. Telephone number: 607-664-2484. These documents are also
available on the Steuben County website at
Interested parties assume all responsibility to acquire bid information and forms.
Bids will be received at the Purchasing Department until 1:30 P.M. local time on the
following date: Thursday, March 30, 2023, at which time and place all bids will be
publicly opened and read.
To be considered, bids must be submitted on Steuben County bid forms and delivered
in a sealed opaque envelope.
Dated: March 8, 2023
Andrew G. Morse
Director of Purchasing
1. Objective:
This bid document is published in order to obtain competitive prices for
Compressors and Air Dryers.
2. Acquisition of Bid Documents:
a) Bid documents are available at the Steuben County Purchasing
Department, 3 East Pulteney Square, Bath, New York. The office is open
Monday Friday, 8:30 A.M. 4:30 P.M., except holidays. Telephone
number is 607-664-2484. These documents are also available on the
internet; Steuben County website at
b) Each contractor bears sole responsibility for acquisition of bid documents.
Request for bid documents to be forwarded is neither a guarantee nor an
incurred obligation on the part of Steuben County to ensure contractor’s
receipt of bid documents; timely or otherwise.
c) Receipt of these bid documents, unsolicited or otherwise, shall not be
construed a pre-determination of contractor’s qualifications to receive a
contract award. Nor shall said receipt of these bid documents be
interpreted an endorsement that the recipient’s equipment, materials,
products, and/or services are in compliance with the bid specifications.
3. Document Number:
a) This document has been assigned the following number: GC-23-007-B.
b) Relevant award(s), contract(s), agreement(s), correspondence, etc. shall
reference the assigned document number.
b) It shall be understood by all interested parties that unless amended by,
and only to the extent amended by, the Director of Purchasing, this
document (as well as all requirements set forth herein) shall become an
integral component of any and all relevant contract(s)/purchase
4. Examination, Interpretation, Correction of Bid Documents:
Each contractor shall examine all bid documents and judge all matters relating to
the adequacy and accuracy of such documents. Any inquiries, suggestions or
requests concerning interpretation, clarification or additional information
pertaining to this bid solicitation shall be in writing and submitted to the
Purchasing Department. The County shall not be responsible for oral
interpretations given by any county employee, representative or others. The
issuance of written addendum/addenda is the only official method whereby
interpretation, clarification or additional information can be given.
5. Requirements:
a) Prevailing Law -
To all interested parties any and all requirements specified herein
notwithstanding, it is Steuben County’s intent that, in all instances and
under any circumstance, the law of the land shall be in force. Steuben
County does not knowingly request nor does it knowingly authorize
action(s) which are contrary to the laws, regulations, mandates and all
such statutes which are in force at any time during the term of any
contract awarded as a result of this bid solicitation. Laws, regulations,
mandates and all such statutes as promulgated by authorized government
entities shall prevail.
b) Requirements
It shall be understood and agreed by all interested parties that, unless
amended (specifications modified and/or waived) by Steuben County, and
only to the extent amended by the County, any and all information
contained in this bid document is to be considered an essential component
of the bid document and subsequent contract(s) and that the bid
document as published or amended represents the requirements
acceptable to Steuben County.
However, any and all requirements specified herein notwithstanding, it
shall be understood and agreed by all interested parties that the following
shall apply:
Steuben County reserves as its right, the right to amend (modify and/or
waive) specifications where such amendment;
1) does not alter the essential nature and/or performance (the form,
function, and utility) of the equipment, product, or service.
2) encourages the proffer of equivalent equipment, product, or service
from interested contractors and manufacturers.
c) Unless amended (specifications modified and/or waived) by the County,
and only to the extent amended by the County, this document (all
information, terms and conditions, requirements, specifications, and
addendum/addenda) shall prevail. If amended, said document as
amended shall prevail.
1) Award of a bid shall not be construed as approval, by the County,
for the contractor to deviate from this document; regardless of
whether said deviation(s) is stated in the contractor's
attachment(s) to its bid.
2) Further, the County shall not be bound by the contents and
language expressed in the contractor’s bid attachment(s) to its bid;
including any attachment(s) submitted to the contractor by
manufacturers, sub-contractors, suppliers, and other parties.
6. Preparation of Bid Documents:
Bids must be submitted on the forms provided in the bid documents and
prepared in the following manner:
a) All bid forms shall be legibly completed using a permanent medium (e.g.
ink, typewriter, laser printer, etc.).
1) If the submittal of unit price(s) is a requirement, said unit price(s)
shall prevail.
2) All mathematical functions (extensions, additions, etc.) are subject to
3) In the event of a discrepancy between the price in words and that
in figures, the lower price shall be considered the price bid.
4) Each price bid shall be expressed as a numerical dollar value;
indicators such as ditto marks, arrows, etc. are not acceptable.
b) All forms requiring the contractor’s signature shall be signed by the
contractor or the contractor’s authorized representative. Erasures and/or
alterations shall be initialed by the individual whose signature appears on
the bid forms.
c) The contractor shall submit the bid in accordance with the bid documents
and shall not make any changes in the wording of the bid forms or make
any stipulations or qualify the bid in any manner.
d) Unless otherwise specified by Steuben County, all bids are required to be:
FOB Destination, freight allowed. Destination to be designated by the
e) All bids shall be firm for a period of forty-five (45) days from the bid
opening date; during which time the County shall render its decision.
7. Non-Collusive Bidding Clause and Certificate:
a) Clause
By submission of this bid, each contractor and each person signing on
behalf of any contractor certifies, and in the case of a joint bid, each party
thereto certifies as to its own organization, under penalty of perjury, that
to the best of knowledge and belief:
1) The prices in this bid have been arrived at independently without
collusion, consultation, communication or agreement, for the purpose
of restricting competition, as to any matter relating to such prices
with any other contractor or with any competitor;
2) Unless otherwise required by law, the prices which have been quoted
in this bid have not been knowingly disclosed by the contractor and
will not knowingly be disclosed by the contractor prior to opening,
directly or indirectly, to any other bidder or to any competitor; and
3) No attempt has been made or will be made by the contractor to
induce any other person, partnership or corporation to submit or not
to submit a bid for the purpose of restricting competition.
b. The contractor shall submit a signed and dated Non-Collusive Bidding
Certificate with its bid. Said certificate is mandated by Chapter 956 of the
Laws of New York State, pursuant to Section 103-D of the General
form included in this bid document.
8. Hold Harmless Clause and Form:
a) Clause
The contractor agrees that it shall at all times save harmless the County
of Steuben from all claims, damages or judgements or for the defense or
payment thereof, based on any claim, action or cause of action
whatsoever, including any action for libel, slander, or personal injury, or
any affiliated claims, by reason of any act or failure to properly act on the
part of the contractor and in particular as may arise from the performance
under this contract. In the event of an injury by the subcontractor or its
employees, they shall cause notice to be served upon the County within
twenty-four (24) hours of any such injury.
b) The contractor shall submit a signed and dated Hold Harmless Clause
form with its bid. Reference the “HOLD HARMLESS CLAUSE” form included
in this bid document.
9. Iranian Energy Sector Divestment Certification:
Contractor hereby represents that said contractor is in compliance with New York
State General Municipal Law Section 103-g entitled “Iranian Energy Sector

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