Compensation and Benefits Consulting Services

Agency: State Government of Virginia
State: Virginia
Type of Government: State & Local
NAICS Category:
  • 541611 - Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services
  • 541612 - Human Resources Consulting Services
Posted Date: Jul 2, 2020
Due Date: Aug 7, 2020
Solicitation No: RFP 189-20-07-1
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RFP 189-20-07-1
  • Compensation and Benefits Consulting Services
  • Status: Open
  • Time Left:35 days
  • Closing: 8/7/20 11:00 AM
  • Issued: 7/2/20 9:00 AM
  • Last Amended:
  • Buyer:Tonya Thompson
  • 804-474-9372

  • Issued By:Greater Richmond Transit Company
  • Type:Request for Proposals (RFP)
  • Category:Non-Professional Services - Non-Technology
  • Work Location: Various locations.
  • Web
  • Pre-Bid Conference:
  • Open Responses:
  • Description:GRTC is seeking proposals from highly qualified consultants for benefits and compensation analyses services.

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RFP - Compensation and Benefits Consultant - Tonya.pdf (311.33 KB) Request for Proposals 07/02/20 Solicitation

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RFP # 189-20-07
Issue Date:
July 2, 2020
Compensation and Benefits
Consulting Services
Issuing And Using Agency:
GRTC Transit System
Attn: Tonya Thompson
Director of Procurement
301 East Belt Boulevard
Richmond, Virginia 23224
Qualifications for Furnishing the Services Described Herein will be Received Until: 11:00 a.m. local
time on August 7, 2020.
All Inquiries For Information Should Be Directed To: ISSUING AGENCY, address listed above at
phone: (804) 358-3871, extension #372.
In Compliance With This Request for Proposals And To All Conditions Imposed Therein and Hereby
Incorporated By Reference, The Undersigned Offers And Agrees To Furnish The Goods/Services
Described Herein In Accordance With The Attached Signed Proposal Or As Mutually Agreed Upon By
Subsequent Negotiation.
Name and Address of Firm:
Date: ______________________________________
__________________ Zip Code: ______________
Telephone: ( ) __________________________
By: ________________________________________
(Signature in Ink)
Name: _____________________________________
(Please Print)
Title: ______________________________________
E-Mail Address: _________________________
If YES, Certification Number: ___________________________________
If YES, Certification Number: ___________________________________
GRTC is the primary public transportation provider for the Richmond region. The company is a not-
for-profit public service corporation jointly owned by the City of Richmond and Chesterfield County.
Currently, GRTC operates 32 local routes and 9 express routes that provide transit service within the
City of Richmond, Henrico County, and small portion of Chesterfield County a service area that
accounts for nearly 8 million passenger rides yearly. In addition to traditional fixed-route service,
GRTC provides complementary ADA paratransit service, Welfare-to-Work transportation, and
vanpool and carpool development services.
The Pulse offers bus rapid transit service (BRT) from Rockets Landing east of downtown Richmond
to Willow Lawn in Henrico County. The Pulse has improved reliability and transit times for transit
riders and supports economic development throughout the Broad /Street Corridor.
GRTC is seeking proposals from highly qualified consultants for compensation and benefits analyses
Scope of Services
Services shall include but are not limited to the following:
Review and analyze the existing job descriptions, pay philosophy, and other background
information. Make recommendations for any updates and/or changes to existing policies,
practices, forms and other information.
Develop, design and recommend a compensation philosophy supported by stakeholders
which aligns with the Board’s strategic plan, operations, competitive outlook, and
compliments GRTC’s vision to become the leading provider of world class transportation
services and mobility solutions.
Conduct a comprehensive analysis of the current compensation program and make
recommendation for improvement and suggest plans to address issues including but not
limited to: target comparison market, internal equity assessment, competitive salary analysis,
index or standards for cost of living comparison, and strategies for critical skill recruitment
and retention.
Create and recommend a classification structure with recommendations for assignment for all
positions within this structure commensurate with level of complexity, responsibility,
knowledge, skills and abilities and/or other compensable factors. Provide implementation
plan, process outline, and materials/guidance documents for future internal administration.
Identify comparable organizations and competitive labor market comparisons for position
classifications and conduct a full compensation survey, complete with recommendations and
cost implementation.
Analyze existing compensation, identify recommendations for review and propose
implementation methods to address issues/concerns.
Recommend compensation levels, range spread, and range placement for positions based
on market survey and internal analysis.
Provided alternative methods to address internal inequities, pay compression and market
Present rationale for recommendations in written report and present new compensation plan
and implementation plan with key personnel.
Develop employee communications plan to explain the process and implementation of
Work with Human Resources Department and other key personnel in implementing the plan
and strategies maintaining the program in the future.
Serve as a resource for the Human Resource Department for compensation requests (such
as position classification, equity adjustments, and hiring salaries) during the project.
Review key benefit components to provide a total compensation comparison with the
identified target market.
Proposal Submission
The proposer will submit one (1) original proposal, marked original, to include all the required
certifications and affidavits along with three (3) hard copies, marked copies, to include all required
certificates and affidavits. One (1) electric copy of the proposal and one (1) redacted copy of the
proposal on CD or thumb drive either in Microsoft Word or PDF format. Each proposal, complete with
affidavits and certifications, will be bound together with the required RFP Cover Page and Vendor
Checklist (Attachment A) on top. The package containing the proposal must be clearly marked with
the words "Proposal for Compenstion and Benefits Consultantand the time and date proposals are
If no proposal is to be submitted, do not return the solicitation unless otherwise specified. A letter or
postcard should be sent to the GRTC Director of Procurement advising whether future solicitations for
the type of supplies or services covered by this solicitation are desired. Failure of the recipient to
notify GRTC that future solicitations are desired may result in removal of the name of such recipient
from the mailing list for the type of supplies or services covered by this solicitation.
Postponement or Cancellation of Request for Proposals
GRTC reserves the right to cancel the RFP at any time or change the date and time for submitting
proposals by announcing same prior to the date and time established for Proposal submittal.
RFP Signature
Each proposal shall include the RFP Cover Page signed by a person authorized to bind the proposing
firm to the terms of the Contract. Proposals signed by an agent are to be accompanied by evidence
of that person's authority, unless such evidence has been previously furnished to GRTC.
Receipt and review of all Addenda by each Proposer must be acknowledged on the Addendum Page
(Attachment B). All addenda must be signed and returned with each proposers proposal package.
Procurement Schedule
The projected schedule for this procurement is:
Request for Proposals available:
Deadline for requests for clarification/changes to the
RFP and requests for approved equals:
Deadline for addenda and responses to
approved equal requests:
Proposals due by 11:00 a.m. local time:
Review of proposals:
Notice of Award:
Commencement of Services:
July 2, 2020
July 16, 2020
July 22, 2020
August 7, 2020
August 21, 2020
September 1, 2020
Errors and Administrative Corrections
GRTC reserves the right to allow corrections or amendments to be made that are due to minor
administrative errors or irregularities, such as errors in typing, transposition or similar administrative
errors. Erasures or other changes or entries made by the Proposer must be initialed by the person
signing the Proposal.
Approved Equal
In all cases, services and materials must be furnished as specified. Where brand names or specific
items are used in the specifications, consider the term "or approved equal" to follow.
Any unapproved deviations, exceptions, substitutions, alternates or conditional qualifications
contained in a proposal may be cause for its rejection.
If potential proposers believe that their service is equal to the service specified, they must submit a
written request to GRTC on the provided form (Attachment D) and this request will be approved or
rejected by GRTC at least seven (7) calendar days prior to due date of proposals. Requests for
approved equals and clarification of specifications must be received by GRTC in writing a minimum of
fifteen (15) days before the proposal opening to allow analysis of the request.
Any request for an approved equal must be fully supported with catalog information, specifications
and illustrations, or other pertinent information, as evidence that the substitute offered is equal to or
better than the specification. Where an approved equal is requested, the Proposer must demonstrate
the equality of this service to GRTC to determine whether the Proposer's service is or is not equal to
that specified.
Proposal Requirements
A. Cover Letter, providing the following information:
Identification of the proposer(s), including name, address and telephone number of the
appropriate contact person at each firm.
Proposed working relationship among proposing firms, i.e., prime-subcontractor, if
Signature of a person authorized to bind the proposing firm to the terms of the proposal.
B. RFP Cover Page and Attachments A-H
C. Qualifications and Capabilities of the Firm(s)
Provide a brief profile of the Proposer, including its principal line of business, year
founded, form of organization, number and location of offices, and number of employees.
Identify any conditions (bankruptcy, pending merger, pending litigation, planned office
closures) that may impede the Proposer’s ability to complete the project.
Describe qualifications and organizational capabilities that will establish the proposer as a
satisfactory provider of the required work by reason of its strength and stability.
Identify subcontractors, if any, by company name, address, contact person, telephone
number, and project function. Provide the same information for each subcontractor as
requested above.
D. Related Experience and References
This section of the Proposal should establish the ability of the Proposer to satisfactorily
provide the required work by demonstrating competence in the performance of services
to be provided; the nature and relevance of recently completed work; record of
satisfactory performance on similar projects; and supportive client references.
Provide examples of similar projects that Proposer has undertaken (indicating current
status of the project) within the last three years. For each reference cited as related
experience, furnish the name, title, address, and telephone number of the person(s) at
the purchaser’s organization who is the most knowledgeable about the work performed.
For each subcontractor cited in the section above, provide examples of similar contracts
performed by the subcontractor, citing the same client information.
E. Technical Proposal
Proposers must demonstrate their understanding of the project, describe their business
approach, and explain how they will meet GRTC’s goals and objectives. It is important
that the proposal contain all information required for an effective review process.
Provide firm’s knowledge of the transit industry.
Provide names, titles and brief statements of qualifications and specific areas of
experience of all personnel who will work on this project and the relevance of similar
assignments completed by key staff.
Describe your client communication plan.
If applicable, describe how the firm will manage the performance of services provided by
subcontractors and outside consultants.
F. Price Proposal
The Fee Proposal should respond to each requirement in the Statement of Work.
To include the following:
The costs shall be shown as fully-weighted hourly labor rates for all personnel on the project, and
total hours committed to each Phase to include all materials, equipment, overhead and expenses
(Attachment B)
Rejection of Proposals
GRTC reserves the right to reject any or all proposals and waive any minor informalities or
The proposer guarantees that the proposal submitted is not a product of collusion with
any other proposer, and no effort has been made to fix the proposal price of any proposer
or to fix any overhead, profit, or cost element of any proposal price (Attachment G).
Failure to submit the signed affidavit at the time of proposal opening shall be grounds for
disqualification of the proposer's offer.
If GRTC determines that collusion has occurred among Proposers, none of the proposals
from the participants in such collusion shall be considered. GRTC’s determination shall
be final.
Protest Procedures

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