2020 Community Survey

Agency: City of Berkeley
State: California
Type of Government: State & Local
NAICS Category:
  • 541370 - Surveying and Mapping (except Geophysical) Services
  • 541611 - Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services
Posted Date: Nov 21, 2019
Due Date: Dec 3, 2019
Solicitation No: 20-11359-C
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20-11359-C 2020 Community Survey 12/3/2019 Matthai Chakko

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City of Berkeley
2020 Community Survey
Specification No. 20-11359-C
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Release Date: November 12, 2019
The City of Berkeley is considering a number of initiatives and/or measures for the November 2020 ballot, some of
which may be revenue generating. In order to best determine which measures to place on the ballot and the wording
of such proposed measures, the City desires to hire an experienced research/survey firm to assess public opinion.
The City also desires to survey voters to assess voter satisfaction with City services.
Based on the ballot-measure development process in previous years, the City anticipates that two (2) surveys may
be necessary. The first survey assesses voter satisfaction with City of Berkeley services in general; general support
for additional investments in specific project areas; and preferences for a financing mechanism (i.e., bond or special
tax). The second survey, if deemed necessary, assesses whether specific ballot measures being considered by the
City Council adequately address the community’s interests.
The scope of services is a general guide to the work that the City expects to be performed and is not a complete
listing of all services that may be required or desired. The selected firm will work closely with the Deputy City
Manager and Assistant to the City Manager to refine the scope of services.
The following work tasks are assumed necessary to provide the minimum level of services requested by the City.
Proposing firms may suggest a modified scope as part of their proposal.
For each survey, the selected firm will work with City staff to develop a survey approach and questions. The firm
will then conduct a pre-test, conduct the survey, prepare a comprehensive report analyzing and interpreting the
results, and present the results to the City Council and public. Both a written report and live presentation will be
required and a question and answer session should be expected. A representative from the selected firm will be
required to attend the City Council work session(s)/meeting(s) outlined in the schedule detailed within this RFP.
A detailed calendar appears below; the first Council meeting on the Community Survey will be in early-February
2020. The City expects primary survey development to be done during February and final Council presentations
and reports to be completed by July 2020.
Background and Research Goals
Over the course of both surveys, the City desires to:
Measure general attitudes of Berkeley voters towards City services.
Determine preferences and priorities for future City services.
Assess support for various initiatives proposed to be placed on the November 2020 ballot.
For revenue measures being considered for the November 2020 ballot:
o Test willingness to pay to maintain and/or enhance City services;
o Determine what service components generate the most support and the most opposition;
o Examine how voters react to different cost levels and structures;
o Assess the impact of voter support if multiple revenue-generating measures appear individually or together as
a single measure.
RFP Revised Oct2019
City of Berkeley
2020 Community Survey
Specification No. 20-11359-C
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Release Date: November 12, 2019
1. Research and Methodology
The selected firm will research prior Berkeley ballot measures, including previous surveys and ballot
measure results, and recommend an appropriate methodology for accurately assessing voter interests and
support. The City will provide necessary historical documents, as well as information relevant to the
current considerations. The RFP response and survey results should demonstrate an understanding of the
above, as well as an understanding of various funding mechanisms.
2. Survey Development
The surveys will be developed in conjunction with City staff and City staff will approve a final version of
the survey prior to the pre-test.
For each survey, the selected firm will provide a top-line report, cross-tabulation tables, a written analysis
and a presentation to the City Council.
3. Top-Line Report
This report will provide the percentages of respondents who answered each question and will otherwise
summarize the survey results.
4. Survey Analysis
The survey analysis should include:
a. Tabulation of each call made during the course of the survey and its outcome on each question;
b. Cross-tab results, providing the ability to see general trends on how question responses differ by
demographics such as gender, age, ethnicity, and income, as well as combinations of some
5. Results Report and Presentation
In order to assist the City Council in its policy-making capacity, the selected firm will provide top-line
results and analysis after each survey. The report and the presentation will be provided to the Council at
Work Sessions or regular Council meetings. A representative of the firm will attend the Council meetings
in order to present the findings and answer questions about methodology, results and analysis. A
PowerPoint presentation to assist in the presentation of results data is expected.
The timeline below has been developed to allow sufficient time for development and consideration of both surveys.
The calendar below includes deadlines for reports and City Council meetings at which a representative of the firm
will be needed. This calendar may be adjusted by the City and in consultation with the selected firm.
Council Meeting Date
Feb. 4: Council Work Session
Feb. 11: Council Meeting
City Council to discuss possible ballot measures and revenue measures to be
included in the survey
Council gives direction on proposed ballot measure(s), revenue measure(s),
and options for funding mechanisms
Month of March
1st survey development, including meetings with staff, survey to field
March 24: Council Meeting
1st survey results presented;
Council provides direction on second survey
Month of April
2nd survey development, including meetings with staff, survey to field
RFP Revised Oct2019
City of Berkeley
2020 Community Survey
May 12: Council Meeting
Specification No. 20-11359-C
Page 4 of 20
Release Date: November 12, 2019
2nd survey results presented;
Council to provide specific direction on ballot measure and revenue measure
All proposals shall include the following information, organized as separate sections of the proposal. The proposal
should be concise and to the point.
1. Contractor Identification:
Provide the name of the firm, the firm's principal place of business, the name and telephone number of the contact
person and company tax identification number.
2. Client References:
Provide a minimum of three (3) client references. References should be California cities or other large public
sector entities. Provide the designated person's name, title, organization, address, telephone number, and the
project(s) that were completed under that client’s direction.
3. Price Proposal:
The proposal shall include pricing for all services. Pricing shall be all inclusive unless indicated otherwise on a
separate pricing sheet. The Proposal shall itemize all services, including hourly rates for all professional,
technical and support personnel, and all other charges related to completion of the work shall be itemized.
4. Contract Terminations:
If your organization has had a contract terminated in the last five (5) years, describe such incident.
Termination for default is defined as notice to stop performance due to the vendor’s non-performance or poor
performance and the issue of performance was either (a) not litigated due to inaction on the part of the vendor,
or (b) litigated and such litigation determined that the vendor was in default.
Submit full details of the terms for default including the other party’s name, address, and phone number. Present
the vendor’s position on the matter. The City will evaluate the facts and may, at its sole discretion, reject the
proposal on the grounds of the past experience.
If the firm has not experienced any such termination for default or early termination in the past five (5) years, so
The following criteria will be considered, although not exclusively, in determining which firm is hired.
1. References -- 15%
2. Costs -- 20%
3. Qualifications and Experience -- 65%
RFP Revised Oct2019
City of Berkeley
2020 Community Survey
Specification No. 20-11359-C
Page 5 of 20
Release Date: November 12, 2019
A selection panel will be convened to evaluate each proposal against the requirements stated herein, and to select the
respondent whose proposal represents the best overall value and fit to the City, price and other factors considered.
Invoices: Invoices must be fully itemized, and provide sufficient information for approving payment and audit.
Invoices must be accompanied by receipt for services in order for payment to be processed. Mail invoices to the
Project Manager and reference the contract number.
City of Berkeley
Accounts Payable
PO Box 700
Berkeley, CA 94701
Attn: Matthai Chakko/City Manager’s Office
Payments: The City will make payment to the vendor within 30- days of receipt of a correct and complete
A. Non-Discrimination Requirements:
Ordinance No. 5876-N.S. codified in B.M.C. Chapter 13.26 states that, for contracts worth more than $3,000 bids
for supplies or bids or proposals for services shall include a completed Workforce Composition Form. Businesses
with fewer than five employees are exempt from submitting this form. (See B.M.C. 13.26.030)
Under B.M.C. section 13.26.060, the City may require any bidder or vendor it believes may have discriminated
to submit a Non-Discrimination Program. The Contract Compliance Officer will make this determination. This
applies to all contracts and all consultants (contractors). Berkeley Municipal Code section 13.26.070 requires
that all contracts with the City contain a non-discrimination clause, in which the contractor agrees not to
discriminate and allows the City access to records necessary to monitor compliance. This section also applies to
all contracts and all consultants. Bidders must submit the attached Non-Discrimination Disclosure Form
with their proposal
B. Nuclear Free Berkeley Disclosure Form:
Berkeley Municipal Code section 12.90.070 prohibits the City from granting contracts to companies that
knowingly engage in work for nuclear weapons. This contracting prohibition may be waived if the City Council
determines that no reasonable alternative exists to doing business with a company that engages in nuclear
weapons work. If your company engages in work for nuclear weapons, explain on the Disclosure Form the nature
of such work. Bidders must submit the attached Nuclear Free Disclosure Form with their proposal.
C. Oppressive States:
The City of Berkeley prohibits granting of contracts to firms that knowingly provide personal services to specified
Countries. This contracting prohibition may be waived if the City Council determines that no reasonable
alternative exists to doing business with a company that is covered by City Council Resolution No. 59,853-N.S.
If your company or any subsidiary is covered, explain on the Disclosure Form the nature of such work. Bidders
must submit the attached Oppressive States Disclosure Form with their proposal.
D. Sanctuary City Contracting Ordinance:
RFP Revised Oct2019

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