Community Area Plan

Agency: American Planning Association
State: Federal
Type of Government: State & Local
Posted Date: May 3, 2021
Due Date: Jun 4, 2021
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Community Area Plan County of Madera Community & Economic Development Department - Planning Division

Madera, CA

The County of Madera has been awarded funds through the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) from the State of California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD), Local Early Action Planning (LEAP) program. The funds are to be used for the purpose of preparation and adoption of planning documents and process improvements that accelerate housing production and facilitate compliance to implement the sixth-cycle Regional Housing Needs Assessment.

The County is interested in negotiating a contract with an eligible service provider capable of serving as Consultant to assist in preparation of the Fairmead Community Area Plan.


Task 1 – Project Implementation

Initial meeting with County Staff to discuss and clarify project goals and objectives.

Task 2 - Research

Review existing Fairmead Colony Area Plan, current development regulations and standards and compile a list of areas of the Area Plan needing to be revised as a whole. This will include, but not be limited to, High Speed Rail land use, development standards, design guidelines, typical conditions of approval for discretionary development projects, administrative provisions, parking and density standards, and other provisions to housing development (i.e., maximum allowable height, setbacks, minimum site area, application requirements and processing procedures). Identify opportunity for changes that could result in increased production of all types of housing.

To include conducting a Vehicles Miles Traveled (VMT) Analysis.

Based on research, prepare detailed outline of recommended updates to the Area Plan, as well as finalize a staff fix-it-list that will serve as the project record for tracking all modifications.

Deliverable: Outline of recommended updates and changes to the current version of the Fairmead Colony Area Plan and completion of fix-it-list.

Task 3 - Stakeholder Interviews

Conduct interviews with residents of Fairmead to gather input on needs and vision of community going forward.

Deliverable: Memorandum of findings and how the findings will be incorporated into new Area Plan.

Task 4 - Joint Study Session #1

Board of Supervisors and Planning Commission Joint Study Session #1: Facilitate a joint study session with the Board of Supervisors and Planning Commission to provide an overview of the current Area Plan and objectives of the work effort, summarize the research and work to date, provide examples of objective design and development standards, and discuss Board and Commission expectations, concerns and ideas. The Joint Study Session will be structured to allow for and encourage community and stakeholder participation. Refine and summarize the results of the Joint Study Session in a memorandum.

Deliverable: Joint Study Session background materials, power point presentation, and summary of study session results.

Task 5 – Preparation

Prepare an Administrative Draft and Public Review Draft of the Fairmead Colony Area Plan using the following structure below (but not limited to). Provide graphic illustrations and photos as appropriate:

District Provisions: update allowable land uses, specifically related to all forms of housing (both stand alone and mixed use). Establish objective design standards which will allow by-right housing projects if they meet the standards.

Development Standards: update general development standards for all residential development by providing more flexible parking, signage and landscape standards.

Provide for consistency with General Plan and Zoning Ordinance.

Deliverable: Administrative and Public Review Draft.

Task 6 - CEQA Preparation

Conduct an Environmental Review of the Area Plan consist with the requirements of the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). Prepare an analysis of the potential environmental impacts of the Area Plan. It is anticipated that a negative Declaration or Mitigated Negative Declaration will be prepared.

Deliverable: Environmental Analysis consistent with CEQA and appropriate documentation.

Task 7 - Joint Study Session #2

Facilitate a joint study session with the Board of Supervisors and Planning Commission to present the Public Review Draft of the Fairmead Colony Area Plan. Based on direction at the joint session, prepare a Revised Fairmead Colony Area Plan. The Joint Study Session will be structured to allow for and encourage community and stakeholder participation. Refine and summarize the results of the Joint Study Session in a memorandum.

Deliverable: Final Fairmead Colony Area Plan document.

Task 8 - Public Review and Adoption

Facilitate one Planning Commission public hearing and one Board of Supervisors Public Hearing to present the Fairmead Colony Area Plan for adoption.

Deliverable: Final Fairmead Colony Area Plan

Project Administration

Manage consultant staff, sub consultants, internal meetings, project administration, coordination with County Staff, invoicing, scheduling, and related activities associated with managing this project.

Deliverable: Project status reports, invoices, deliverables as noted for each task.


Printing, travel, and other related expenses not covered under individual tasks.

Deliverable: Expense reports and applicable invoices.


The cost of all activities shall not exceed the budget constraints stated within the 20-LEAP-15731 Standard Agreement as issued. The anticipated costs are as follows:

Task 1 – Project Initiation: $12,380

Task 2 - Research: $4,630

Task 3 - Stakeholder Interviews: $6,480

Task 4 - Joint Study #1: $8,530

Task 5 - Preparation: $198,420

Task 6 - CEQA Preparation: $20,235

Task 7 - Joint Study Session #2: $4,840

Task 8 - Public Review and Adoption: $14,260

Project Administration $25,160

Expenses $5,065

Total Grant: $300,000

The total activity delivery and construction figures do not include program income availability.


Statement of qualifications shall address all of the following items, in the order set forth:

Company Name

Summary of Firm's Qualifications

Briefly relate history and purpose of firm

Attach resumes and state availability of project staff members

State firm's policy regarding affirmative action. Program Manager will be required to comply with Executive Order 11246 (see Attachment A)

Indicate if firm is a small business and/or minority or woman-owned business or a Section 3 Business concern. (Definition provided in Attachment B).

Describe firm's experience complying with State laws and regulations

Provide three professional references that can verify firm's "integrity, resources, capacity and past performance record." Include the names and contact persons.

Proposed implementation of "Scope of Work"

Describe how the firm will implement and operate the program, responding to the various work tasks identified above in the "Proposed Scope of Work."

Outline the proposed schedule of work to accomplish CDBG expenditure milestones, based on the implementation steps listed in the RFP's "Proposed Scope of Work"

State the costs provider would propose to charge County to implement and administer the programs, if funded, and explain proposed billing and payment terms.

Grant Implementation and Administration Experience

List at least three jurisdictions for which firm has contracted to provide the above services. Include location, name of the agency responsible for awarding the contract and the name and telephone number of a contact person.

Tell the number of years of experience with CDBG and similar programs, number and type of projects administered.

Describe past performance that demonstrates ability to complete the project in a timely and cost-efficient manner. Include examples of projected milestones and actual accomplishments by quarter for three (3) recent projects.

Identify any milestones missed on Standard Grant Agreements and the cause for such delays.

Describe firm's proposed project management and record keeping systems. Include samples of reports.

State specific activities that the firm has undertaken in Madera County and demonstrate that the firm has knowledge of housing needs and conditions in the county. (A consultant lacking experience in Madera County should demonstrate that it has gained an understanding of similar conditions through research, field surveys and housing rehabilitation work performed in similar settings).

State that firm will provide a Certificate of Insurance in an amount of $1,000,000 if selected, to include an indemnification provision, subject to County Counsel approval, for Project Manager's activities, general liability and automotive liability insurance naming the County of Madera, their officers, employees and volunteers as "additional insured" and worker's compensation, disability and unemployment insurance as required by law. It is required that this statement be included in the Certificate of Insurance.

Provide Statement/Acknowledgement that where funds allocated to this project are not made available, withheld or reduced by any federal, state, regional or local government entity, the County of Madera is under no obligation to fund this project, including, but not limited to any agreement that may be negotiated for project management services which is the subject of this RFP.

The description of work effort is not intended to serve as a final scope of work. All proposals must address the categories outlined above. All firms will be expected to prepare a scope of work which reflects their professional judgment and expertise regarding the steps necessary to complete a thorough review of the requirements. The County will evaluate the proposals based on the completeness of the proposal and will select the top five qualifications to request a formal proposal.


a. Insurance coverage for proposed services shall include general liability and automobile insurance in an amount to be determined by Madera County Risk Management. Professional Liability Insurance (E&O) coverage of $1,000,000 is also required.


a. Please provide five (5) copies of proposals.

All documents must be received by the Planning Department on or before 5:00 PM on June 4, 2021. Postmarks will not be accepted. Late submittals will not be considered. Interviews of top candidates will be conducted as deemed necessary.

All correspondences or inquiries should be directed to: COUNTY OF MADERA

Community & Economic Development Planning Division
200 W. Fourth Street, Suite 3100
Madera, California 93637
Robert Mansfield, AICP, Senior Planner
Annette Kephart, Planner II
(559) 675-7821 x 3226

c. All costs for preparation of statement of qualifications shall be borne by the proposer.

d. This request does not constitute an offer of employment or to contract for services.

e. The County reserves the right to retain all statements of qualifications.

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Friday, June 4, 2021
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