Clear Lake Westside Fence

Agency: State Government of Utah
State: Utah
Type of Government: State & Local
NAICS Category:
  • 238990 - All Other Specialty Trade Contractors
Posted Date: May 22, 2020
Due Date: Jun 2, 2020
Solicitation No: AS20-174
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Division of Wildlife Resources. Removal and reconstruction of approximately 5.01 miles of fence on the Clear Lake Waterfowl Management Area in Millard County, Utah
5/22/2020 12:00 PM MDT
6/2/2020 2:00 PM MDT
Jeff Hammer

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Clear Lake Westside Fence
Division of Wildlife Resources. Removal and reconstruction of approximately 5.01 miles of fence on the Clear Lake
Waterfowl Management Area in Millard County, Utah
5/22/2020 12:00 PM MDT
6/2/2020 2:00 PM MDT
Invitation for Bid
US Dollar
Sealed Until 6/2/2020 2:00 PM MDT
Ann Schliep
Jeff Hammer
Commodity Codes
Commodity Code
Fence construction services and rangeland fence and fence installation
22 May 2020
Issuing Procurement Unit
Conducting Procurement Unit
State of Utah Division of Purchasing
State of Utah Division of Wildlife Resources
Clear Lake Westside Fence
This Invitation for Bids "IFB" is issued in accordance with the State of Utah Procurement Code and the Utah Administrative Code. If
any provision of this IFB conflicts with the Utah Procurement Code or the Utah Administrative Code, then the Utah Procurement Code
and then the Utah Administrative Code will take precedence.
Purpose of this Solicitation
The purpose of this IFB is to enter into a contract with the lowest responsive and responsible bidder to provide: removal and
reconstruction of approximately 5.01 miles of fence on the Clear Lake Waterfowl Management Area in Millard County, Utah
Closing date and time
The closing date and time for this sourcing event are 06/02/2020 02:00 PM Mountain Time. If your time is different from that
shown, your profile may be set to a different time zone. Please see the attachment titled "Changing Your Time Zone" in the Buyer
Attachments section for directions on how to update your profile. It is your responsibility to make sure you submit your response by
the date and time indicated above.
Bid Openings
The bid opening for this solicitation will NOT take place in person. “Unofficial Results” will be posted to the solicitation in SciQuest
after the solicitation has closed. The Unofficial Results DO NOT constitute an award for the bid. Unofficial Results are being
uploaded online in order to promote fairness to all vendors, regardless of physical geographic location.
Location and Description: The Clear Lake Waterfowl Management Area is located approximately 18 miles Northwest of Fillmore,
Utah. Elevations range from 4,580 to 4,590 feet within the project site.
Miles: 5.01 (26,460 feet)
Access to the site: Access onto the project site is provided by a combination of paved highways, county dirt surface roads and jeep
trails. Four (4) wheel drive vehicles are recommended in and around the project area. It will be the contractor’s responsibility to get
the equipment to the work site.
Work Limits: Only areas shown on the Project Map will be fenced. A shapefile for GPS and a PDF map of the project area will be
provided prior to work beginning. Fence will be reconstructed on the same line existing fence is currently on. It will be the
contractor’s responsibility to furnish either a GPS unit(s) or smartphone(s) with PDF map application to be utilized in identifying
project boundaries. Contractor(s) will be responsible to download all needed shapefiles/PDFs using their own devices.
Shapefiles/PDFs will be provided in email upon request.
Government staff (Project Inspector) will identify unit boundaries for the work executed under the contract. The Contractor shall
immediately upon entering the project area, begin treatment work, locate treatment boundaries, locate control points, section corners,
and take such action to prevent their destruction.
• New Wood posts, Steel posts, etc. shall be set plumb (vertical), in complete alignment, dirt packed solid and to be sturdy.
• All wood posts and wood braces will be Juniper wood (Cedar Posts) or treated 6 inch wood posts, unless specified otherwise.
• Completed fences shall be in alignment, taut, and solid at all points.
• Wire spacing will be measured perpendicular to the ground.
• All five strands of barbed wire to be 12 ½ gauge, 2 pt.
• Tie wire for braces to be 9 gauge steel.
• Steel walk through gates will be provided by the UDWR, but installed by contract.
• Wood post braces shall be used to support steel panel gates.
• All metal gates, must be hung with a minimum of 8 inches of clearance.
• All barbed wire spacing will be 12 inches, 8 inches, 8 inches, 8 inches, and 10 inches, measuring from the ground up.
• Height of top strand from ground shall be 46 inches.
• Minimum length of 6-foot, quality steel t-posts to be used.
• Steel t-posts shall be pounded into the ground such that the spade is completely buried.
• Minimum length of 8 ft. Cedar or treated wood posts to be used.
• Cedar or treated wood posts shall be buried 3 ft.
• Metal: Wood Post Ratio will be 5:1
• Maximum spacing between each post shall be 16½ feet (one rod).
• Two (2) 32 inches stays placed between each fence post.
• Line Braces every ¼ mile with additional braces where additional stability is required, including tops and bottom of slopes.
• All braces will be Juniper (Cedar) Wood or Treated Wood Posts.
• All corner braces will be constructed from wood “H” style braces.
Fence Removal:
• Existing fence is to be removed entirely by the contractor.
• Wood posts may be disposed of in piles on site. Pile locations must be approved by the Contracting Officer and may not exceed 1
pile per mile of fence for a total of up to 5 piles.
• All wire must be removed from the site and disposed of by the contractor.
Equipment Requirements: The Contractor is required to supply all fence material to be installed and shall furnish all labor, equipment
and materials to complete the work. All material furnished by the contractor shall be new and shall conform to the specifications
referred to herein. Fence material installed becomes the property of the UDWR. The steel panel man gates, including hardware will
be furnished by the UDWR to the contractor on site, to be installed.
No Government property shall be furnished on this project.
This contract will result in one purchase order contract award to the lowest cost responsive and responsible bidder.
Length of the Contract
June 1, 2020- June 26, 2020
Issuing Procurement Unit, Conducting Procurement Unit, and Solicitation Number
The State of Utah Division of Purchasing is the issuing procurement unit and the State of Utah Division of Wildlife Resources is the
conducting procurement unit for this IFB (referred to as “the State”). The reference number for this IFB is Solicitation #AS20-174.
This solicitation number must be referred to on all bids, correspondence, and documentation submitted to the State relating to this
Additional Information:
There will be no site visit.
It is strongly recommended that each potential bidder ensure that he/she has a complete understanding of the requirements of this
project. Bidders are urged to inspect the site where services are to be performed and to satisfy themselves regarding all general and
local conditions that may affect the cost of contract performance, to the extent that the information is reasonably obtainable. In no
event shall failure to inspect the site constitute grounds for a claim after contract award.
Maps are attached to this solicitation within the Buyer Attachments. If you need additional versions of maps, please specify in the
Q&A board of the solicitation.
Under no circumstances shall the shape/KML files by considered part of the contractual document. They will be provided for
informational purposes only. Any .pdf files provided in this bid document, and the actual physical site location shall govern any
contractual interpretation or dispute related to this project.
Bidders are prohibited from communications regarding this IFB with the conducting procurement unit staff, evaluation committee
members, or other associated individuals EXCEPT the State of Utah Division of Purchasing procurement officer overseeing this IFB.
Wherever in this IFB an item is defined by using a trade name, brand name, or a manufacturer and/or model number, it is intended that
the words, “or equivalent” apply; and invites the submission of equivalent products by the Bidders.
Bidders may be required to submit product samples to assist the chief procurement officer or head of a procurement unit with
independent procurement authority in evaluating whether a procurement item meets the specifications and other requirements set forth
in the invitation to bid. Product samples must be furnished free of charge unless otherwise stated in the invitation for bids, and if not
destroyed by testing, will upon written request within any deadline stated in the invitation for bids, be returned at the bidder's expense.
Samples must be labeled or otherwise identified as specified in the invitation for bids by the procurement unit.
Evaluation of Bids
Each bid received shall be evaluated for responsiveness in as outlined in the Utah Procurement Code. This IFB shall be evaluated by
the objective criteria described in this IFB. Bids submitted must comply with the prerequisites and questions sections of this IFB. Any
bid that does not comply with the prerequisite and questions sections will be deemed non-responsive and will be rejected.
Multiple or alternate bids will not be accepted, unless otherwise specifically required or allowed in the invitation for bids. If a bidder
submits multiple or alternate bids that are not requested in this IFB, the chief procurement officer or head of a procurement unit with
independent procurement authority will only accept the bidder's primary bid and will not accept any other bids constituting multiple or
alternate bids.
Any exceptions to the content of this IFB, including the prerequisites, must be protested in writing to the Division of Purchasing prior
to the closing date.
To be responsive and responsible Bidders must review and respond to the following sections of this IFB: Prerequisites, Buyer
Attachments, Questions, and Items.
The Prerequisites Section contains the objective criteria that will be used to evaluate the bids, including the mandatory
minimum requirements and general requirements that Bidders must certify that they have read, understand, and agree to in
order to submit a bid.
The Buyer Attachments Section contains the required State of Utah Terms and Conditions of the IFB, which are non-
negotiable, and other documents required for this IFB.
The Questions Section contains the questions that Bidders are required to answer in order to submit a bid.
The Items Section contains the detailed description of the procurement items being sought and allows the Bidders to provide
their bids.
Bidders must review each section of this IFB carefully.
Required to View Event
Required to Enter Bid
Bidders are encouraged to review this IFB prior to the deadline to submit a bid, even if a bid has been
submitted, in case an addendum has been issued by the issuing procurement unit.
2. All questions must be submitted through SciQuest during the Question and Answer period.
3. A Bidder must guarantee its pricing for the period described in this IFB.
Bidders must accept the Standard Terms and Conditions that have been attached to this IFB. See Buyer
Attachments Section.
The proposed Scope of Work has been attached to this IFB - Attachment B. See Buyer Attachments
Any Bidder requesting that part of its bid be protected shall include with the bid a Claim of Business
Confidentiality. See Questions Section for uploading a Claim of Business Confidentiality form.
The mandatory minimum requirements are the objective criteria in which the conducting procurement unit
will evaluate bids.
8. The issuing procurement unit may not accept a bid after the time for submission of a bid has expired.
9. Bids must be submitted electronically, through SciQuest.
10. The cost for this IFB will be evaluated as described in this prerequisite.
11. Bids will be opened in accordance with Utah Code 63G-6a-604.
22 May 2020

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