Classroom Audio/Video Conferencing Equipment & Installation

Agency: New Hampshire Community College System
State: New Hampshire
Type of Government: State & Local
NAICS Category:
  • 238210 - Electrical Contractors and Other Wiring Installation Contractors
  • 334310 - Audio and Video Equipment Manufacturing
Posted Date: Oct 13, 2021
Due Date: Nov 5, 2021
Solicitation No: GBC22-01
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Bid # College Bid Description Addendum Closes on
GBC22-01 Great Bay Community College Classroom Audio/Video Conferencing Equipment & Installation November 5, 2021

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Community College System of NH
26 College Dr
Concord NH 03301
Date: 10/13/2021
Bid No.: GBC22-01
Bid Submission Due: 11/5/2021
Time Bid Submission Due By: 1:00 PM EST
Bid #GBCC22-01
Classroom Audio/Video Conferencing Equipment & Installation
Great Bay Community College
The purpose of this REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL (RFP) is to establish a contract for Great Bay Community College for
Classroom Audio/Video Conferencing Equipment and Installation in 43 classrooms at GBCC’s Portsmouth campus.
The vendor who is awarded the contract must either be duly registered as a vendor authorized to conduct business in
the State of New Hampshire or if not, will need to submit a completed Alternate W-9 form (no fee) with the contract
and must be willing to comply with all terms and conditions of the State of New Hampshire.
A person or persons conducting business under any name other than his/her own legal name must register with the
NH Secretary of State. Businesses are classified as 'Domestic' (in-state) or 'foreign' (out-of-state). See the following
website to find out more about the requirements and filing fees for both classifications:
The substantial completion date for the Scope of Services below and the term end date of any resulting contract shall
be on or before December 17, 2021.
Great Bay Community College shall have the right to terminate the contract at any time by giving the Contractor a
thirty (30) day written notice.
Payment terms: 100% due within 30 days after satisfactory completion of work invoiced, receipt of the invoice,
approval, and acceptance by Great Bay Community College. Partial payments are allowed.
Work within this request for proposal shall include the following:
Scope of work:
Provide and install all necessary equipment and components to outfit 43 classrooms of Great Bay Community
College’s Portsmouth Campus with audio/video conferencing equipment capable of supporting a hybrid (in-person &
online) learning environment and satisfying the below system requirements.
System Requirements:
Equipment package must be capable of supporting meaningful interactivity among students and professors
in classrooms with physical dimensions ranging from 20x22’ to 76’x28’ and occupancies ranging from 24 to
80 students. List of classrooms and their dimensions are listed in Exhibit B
At a minimum, solution for each classroom should include:
o One or more commercial grade flatscreen smart TV monitors to display remote students. Monitors
should be appropriately sized for the dimensions and layout of each classroom
o Video camera array with audience and presenter cameras. Cameras must be Zoom software
o Speaker/microphone array, ceiling mounted
o Presentation control system with the ability to manage new monitors and existing classroom ceiling
o Software with the ability to record audio and video for later viewing
Service and Technical Support:
Winning bidder must be capable of providing service and support for all equipment and software. Contractor shall
make support available Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm. Contractor shall respond by telephone or email to
service and support requests within three (3) business hours. If on-site service is required, contractor shall arrive on-
site within one (1) business day to complete work.
If the Contractor cannot complete repairs or replace part(s) within twenty-four (24) hours, the Contractor shall
contact the primary campus contact and indicate why the repair or replacement of part(s) cannot be completed and
advise when the equipment will be returned to normal use.
If required, the Contractor shall provide only replacement parts that are new and of the same quality and brand name
as those being replaced. Substitutions will be permitted only with prior authorization of Great Bay Community
College primary campus contact.
Contractor must be able to facilitate any software updating as needed.
Winning bidder must be able to provide training to the Great Bay Community College IT Department on all equipment
and software. Scope and timeframe of training will be determined after bid award, but at a minimum must include:
General operation of equipment and software
Basic troubleshooting techniques
User manuals and/or training documents to be kept for reference (hard copy or electronic)
Preference will be given to those respondents who meet all Scope of Services requirements by utilizing their own in-
house personnel. If applicable, the Contractor must provide a list of proposed subcontractors that they plan to utilize
with their response. When onsite at CCSNH, Subcontractors must be supervised by the prime contractor at all times.
CCSNH will evaluate bid submissions to this RFP based upon the following:
1. Qualifications, Experience, and Past Performance
2. Project Understanding and Approach
3. Proposed System's Functionality and Ease-of-Use
4. Cost for Services
Site walkthroughs will be held at the dates and times below. Attendance by bidders at one walkthrough is a
mandatory requirement for bid acceptance. Bidders are responsible for having ascertained pertinent local conditions,
such as equipment, conditions, locations, accessibility, general character of the site and knowledge of conditions
affecting the work. The act of submitting a bid is to be considered as full acknowledgment that the bidder inspected
the site and is familiar with the conditions and requirements of these specifications.
Visit Date: Wednesday, October 27th, 2021
Visit Time: 11:00am
Check-In Address: 320 Corporate Drive Portsmouth NH 03801
Contact: Tom Andruskevich
Visit Date: Thursday, October 28th, 2021
Visit Time: 1:00pm
Check-In Address: 320 Corporate Drive Portsmouth NH 03801
Contact: Tom Andruskevich
Great Bay Community College reserves the right to make a written request for additional information from a
Contractor/Vendor to assist in understanding or clarifying a Bid Proposal. The responses are to be provided in writing.
Required Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for material brought on site by the successful bidder must be available
on site at all times.
All local, state and federal regulations are to be followed. Any fines assessed to Great Bay Community College due to
the lack of these regulations being followed will be the responsibility of the successful bidder.
If applicable, vendor is responsible for calling Dig Safe System, Inc., a private locating service. A private locating
service is needed as with the exception of natural gas, all utilities on the campus of Great Bay Community College are
privately owned. Any fines, damages, etc. assessed to Great Bay Community College due to failure to obtain a Dig Safe
permit and to have utilities located by a private company will be the responsibility of the successful bidder.
Face coverings must be worn at all times inside campus buildings, shirts are required to be worn at all times on the
work site, no radios or headsets are allowed, and parking for vehicles and equipment must be cleared through the
Maintenance Department. Use of cell phones and radios are prohibited while vehicles are in motion. Posted speed
limits are to be obeyed. Infractions of rules can result in the offender being asked to leave the campus.
The Contractor who is awarded the contract will need to complete a contract (sample available upon request) and
provide the required Corporate Resolution (corporations/LLC) or Partnership Certificate of Authority or Sole
Proprietor Certification of Authority, whichever applies, to show the individual signing the contract is authorized to do
Workers’ compensation requirements as outlined in the contract (15) and as required by NH law must be followed,
and includes, in part, providing proof by the Contractor of workers’ compensation insurance coverage for all of its
employees on this site. The Contractor awarded the work is also to submit information as required under RSA 21-I:81
B. This law requires, among other things, the Contractor to provide timely information on employee and
subcontractor identity, including all CFOs and principals on a log for this purpose, and for the College to potentially
post this information on a publicly accessible website. (Note: Any exemptions demonstrated by the Contractor can
be noted in the contract.)
After the Award of Bid, the Contractor shall submit a list of all employees, all subcontractor employees, and other
related personnel who will be physically required to work at Great Bay Community College, providing the following
information for each person:
- Name
- Employer’s Company Name
Great Bay Community College reserves the right to request a criminal background check on any employee of
Contractor. Great Bay Community College also in its discretion may decide that anyone with a criminal history, other
than traffic violations that have not been annulled, will not be allowed to work at the project site.
In connection with the performance of the Services, the Contractor shall comply with all statutes, laws, regulations,
and orders of federal, state, county or municipal authorities which impose any obligation or duty upon the
Contractor, including, but not limited to, civil rights and equal opportunity laws. In addition, the Contractor shall
comply with all applicable copyright laws. During the term of any contract, the Contractor shall not discriminate
against employees or applicants for employment because of race, color, religion, creed, age, sex, handicap, sexual
orientation, or national origin and will take affirmative action to prevent such discrimination. If the contract is funded
in any part by monies of the United States, the Contractor shall comply with all the provisions of Executive Order No.
11246 (“Equal Employment Opportunity”), as supplemented by the regulations of the United States Department of
Labor (41C.F.R. Part 60), and with any rules, regulations and guidelines as the State of New Hampshire or the United
States shall issue to implement these regulations. The Contractor further agrees to permit the State or United States
access to any of the Contractor’s books, records and accounts for the purpose of ascertaining compliance with all
rules, regulations and orders, and the covenants, terms and conditions of a proposed contract.
Insurance will be more fully addressed at the time a contract is submitted after the bidding process. The Contractor
awarded the contract will need to furnish an insurance certificate which includes the following:
The Contractor shall, at its sole expense, obtain and maintain in force, and shall require any subcontractor or assignee
to obtain and maintain in force, both for the benefit of the State and Great Bay Community College, the following
insurance: Comprehensive general liability insurance against all claims of bodily injury, death or property damage, in
amounts of not less than $250,000 per claim and $2,000,000 per incident, or the current statutory cap on the State’s
liability, and fire and extended coverage insurance covering all property subject to subparagraph 9.2 of these general
provisions, in an amount not less than 80% of the whole replacement value of the property. This insurance is in
addition to the workers’ compensation insurance requirements outlined above in this document.
The policies shall be the standard form employed in the State of New Hampshire, issued by underwriters acceptable
to the State, and authorized to do business in the State of New Hampshire.
The certificates shall contain a clause prohibiting cancellations or modifications of the policy earlier than 10 days after
written notice thereof has been received by the Great Bay Community College.
The certificates are required to name Great Bay Community College as additional insured.
NH RSA 447:16 requires contracts for construction, repair or rebuilding of public buildings or other public works (not
including design work) over $35,000 to include a payment bond or other security in an amount equal to 100% of the
contract price. Other types of contracts may also have bond/security requirements for payment and/or performance.
In such contracts, the bond and power of attorney of the person executing the bond must be included in the contract.
In the event it becomes necessary to add to or revise any part of this RFP prior to the scheduled submittal date, Great
Bay Community College will email addenda to all who have already submitted bids and post any changes to its
website Before your submission, always check for any addenda or
other materials that may have been issued which would affect the RFP by checking this website.
Any change, correction or deviation to this RFP must be addressed in a written addendum. Verbal changes will not be
As applicable:
Great Bay Community College reserves the right to accept or reject any or all of the proposals.
The award will be based on the proposal that best meets the needs of the college. Factors included will be the cost,
completeness of the proposal, quality of the technology provided, and experience of the contractor and installation
Bidders must complete Exhibit C Qualifications and References Questionnaire by answering all questions and
showing recent experience (within the prior three years) with installations of a similar complexity and cost and prior
experience with installations of the materials within the State of New Hampshire.
Bid submissions are due on November 5, 2021, at 1:00 pm. If any Addenda to the RFP are issued, please acknowledge
in your bid. Bids should be emailed to or mailed to Great Bay Community College, Attention
Tom Andruskevich, 320 Corporate Drive Portsmouth NH 03801. Great Bay Community College is not responsible for
proposals not received due to equipment failure, mail delays, etc. To confirm proposal receipt, please call Sean
Fitzpatrick, Procurement Administrator at 781-572-1076.
All bid submissions must include the following:
Competed Exhibit A Bid Form
Itemized list (by classroom number) of all equipment to be installed with unit pricing
Completed Exhibit C - Qualifications and References Form
Specification documents and marketing materials for proposed system, including warranty information

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