CHFA-242-Temporary Employment Agency

Agency: Connecticut Housing Finance Authority
State: Connecticut
Type of Government: State & Local
NAICS Category:
  • 561320 - Temporary Help Services
Posted Date: Oct 21, 2021
Due Date: Nov 23, 2021
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CHFA-242-Temporary Employment Agency 10/21/21 11/23/21 12:00 p.m.

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Dear Interested Party:
Date: October 21, 2021
The Connecticut Housing Finance Authority (“CHFA”) requests written proposals from qualified
Temporary Employment Agencies (hereinafter referred to as Agencies or Agency) with offices
in the State of Connecticut for personnel upon request by CHFA. CHFA will not reimburse for
any expenses incurred in connection with this Request for Proposals (“RFP”) including, but not
limited to, the cost of preparing the initial response and any additional information requested or
travel expenses relating to any oral presentation. Please be advised that responses will be
considered property of CHFA, are matters of public record, and may be disclosed by CHFA after
the awarding of a contract.
CHFA, a body politic and corporate constituting a public instrumentality and political
subdivision of the State of Connecticut, was created in 1969 and operates pursuant to Chapter
134 of the Connecticut General Statutes, as amended. CHFA’s purpose is to help alleviate the
shortage of affordable housing for low-income and moderate-income families and persons in
Connecticut by providing single family mortgages, financing for rental housing, and mortgages
for the purchase, development and construction of housing.
For additional information about CHFA, please reference CHFA’s website at
The scope of services set forth in this RFP represents an outline of the services which CHFA
anticipates the successful Agencies will perform and is presented for the primary purpose of
allowing CHFA to analyze qualifications and proposals. The precise scope of services shall be
negotiated between CHFA and the successful Agencies selected.
CHFA’s primary objective for this RFP is to engage Agencies to provide qualified and
competent temporary employment personnel to CHFA on a timely basis. CHFA anticipates
selecting more than one Agency from which services will be obtained. Each Agency must agree
to the following conditions:
Execution of a contract for up to three (3) years to provide temporary employment agency
services to CHFA.
Provide qualified, competent temporary personnel to CHFA on short notice.
Provide temporary personnel to work standard hours (i.e., 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday
through Friday). Overtime is discouraged, but is at the discretion of the requesting
department/division. If overtime is authorized, overtime compensation will be paid by CHFA
when temporary personnel exceed forty (40) hours worked per week.
Provide temporary personnel who meet at least the minimum qualifications for specified
duties to be provided to CHFA by the Agencies. Agencies will be informed of the specific
duties, length of assignment, and any specific skills or abilities required.
Provide temporary personnel eligible to work in the United States who possess the necessary
documentation from the Immigration and Naturalization Service.
Compensation to the Agency shall consist of an agreed-upon hourly rate paid to the Agency,
including the markup rates for the Agency.
Agencies shall submit weekly invoices and applicable timecards in a format to which both
parties have agreed. Payment shall be made upon receipt of verified timecards and accurate
Payment will be made for ACTUAL HOURS WORKED. Payment for holidays observed by
CHFA, and/or any time as the result of early dismissal by CHFA or the State due to weather
and/or any other situation will not be covered.
Each of the proposals received will be evaluated for compliance with the requirements stated in
the RFP. Failure to meet these requirements may be cause for eliminating the Agency from
further consideration.
All proposals that comply with submittal requirements will be reviewed against the following
Demonstrated understanding of the services requested
Prior experience in performing similar work
Personnel, size of staff, management, training and qualifications
Qualifications of the Agency and assigned individuals
Experience, type of clients (government/commercial),
Ability to work with CHFA staff in its mission of providing qualified temporary
personnel to CHFA departments/divisions.
Costs, including the Agency’s willingness to maintain pricing for the term of the contract
Reference checks conducted of each temporary personnel
Presence in Connecticut
Commitment to Affirmative Action and/or Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
Agencies shall carefully pre-screen all applicants prior to referral to CHFA to assure that they
possess all of the required skills and abilities to perform the assigned tasks. Should CHFA
determine that a temporary individual does not have the required skills and dismisses that person
within the first four (4) hours of employment; the Agency shall not charge CHFA for that
person’s time.
Temporary personnel shall remain the Agency’s employees and shall not receive CHFA benefits.
The Agencies shall be responsible for all payroll withholding requirements and shall provide any
and all benefits required by law to each temporary person as well as conform to the provisions of
the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 by verifying the employment eligibility of each
person referred to CHFA.
The Agencies shall be responsible for communicating benefits, timecards, and safety practices to
its employees and to CHFA. Agency employees performing work for CHFA may be required at
any time to comply with federal, state and/or CHFA executive orders, guidelines and protocols
regarding COVID-19 safeguards.
All Agencies must address the following issues and questions:
1. Provide a brief description of your Agency, its history and main areas of business.
Indicate the total number of staff and the team available to CHFA.
2. Provide a summary of the key strengths and qualifications of your Agency to provide
temporary employment services to CHFA. (Your response to this question should not
exceed one page).
3. Describe your presence in Connecticut, if any, including corporate existence in
Connecticut, whether formed in Connecticut or authorized to do business in the state.
This may include, but not be limited to, information on the number of offices your
Agency maintains in Connecticut, the location of such offices, the number of Connecticut
residents employed in those offices, and payroll and corporate taxes paid in Connecticut.
If your Agency currently is not registered with the Connecticut Secretary of State, please
indicate whether your Agency will so register if your Agency is awarded this contract.
4. Include any participation by your Agency in any civic or other non-profit activities,
including any charitable contributions that your Agency made in Connecticut.
5. Provide a description of the Agency’s temporary personnel screening process.
6. Provide the Agency’s proposed fee schedule for temporary personnel for the following
duties, including but not limited to:
Assistant Accountant
Financial Clerk
IT Developer
IT Software/Application Testing/Quality Assurance Analyst
Loan Processor
Mortgage Underwriter
Program Assistant, including
assistant, office assistant)
7. Provide a description of the Agency’s invoicing policy.
8. Provide a description of the benefits offered to temporary personnel (e.g. vacation,
holiday pay, health insurance, etc.) and when the benefits become effective.
9. Submit specific information regarding your Agency’s commitment to Affirmative Action
and/or Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. Please include, at a minimum, policies and
practices, including but not limited to hiring practices, and any information that would
demonstrate your Agency’s commitment to expanding diversity in the workplace,
including recruiting initiatives, retention and promotion efforts and ongoing assessment
of your Agency’s progress with respect to underrepresented groups (e.g. in terms of
ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, disability, etc). Please include your Agency's most
recent EEO-1 report if required to file.
10. Does your Agency have a written policy, program or initiatives to foster business
relationships with the underrepresented groups? If so, please provide details of the
program and the percentage of business conducted with those groups.
11. Provide current documentation regarding your Agency's general liability, auto, workers’
compensation, umbrella and professional liability insurance in the amounts listed on
Exhibit C.
12. Describe any and all material lawsuits, legal or administrative proceedings or
governmental investigations, criminal actions or law enforcement activities (including
those by federal, state or local authorities, or self-regulatory organizations) or non-routine
inquiries or investigations relating to you, your Agency, or any of your affiliates,
including any proceedings to which you, your Agency, your affiliates or any of their
respective officers, directors or employees are a named party or of which any of such has
been the focus, that have occurred in the last three (3) years or that are currently
threatened, including whether you, your Agency, or any of your affiliates, or their
respective officers, directors or employees have been censured by any regulatory body.
Describe any such circumstances and advise whether these investigations or proceedings
will affect you or your Agency’s ability to complete the proposed transaction and
perform the services in this RFP.
13. Describe whether you foresee any potential conflicts of interest arising from providing
the temporary employment services. If so, describe how your Agency would address
potential conflicts of interest.
14. Has your Agency ever been removed from an account prior to the expiration of its
contract (i.e., been fired)? If so, please explain. If you wish, list the name of a third party
with whom CHFA could discuss this termination.
15. Describe your Agency's knowledge of and past experience with CHFA.
16. Please provide as references, a minimum of three clients for whom your Agency has
performed similar and substantial services. Please include the name of the person to
contact, his or her phone number and email address. Please include as references any
other State of Connecticut agencies or departments that have engaged your Agency to
perform services.
17. Selected Agencies must comply with CHFA and State Ethics requirements, laws and
regulations. Persons or Agencies seeking to do business with CHFA are required to
comply with the ethics statement, attached hereto on Exhibit C, and the applicable
provisions of the Code of Ethics and Code of Ethics for Lobbyists incorporated therein by
18. An authorized signatory of any Agency submitting qualifications or proposals is required
to execute and submit with the proposals, qualifications and with any agreement or
contract awarded in accordance herewith all applicable representations and certifications
set forth on Exhibit A, attached hereto and made a part hereof, regarding:
Whistleblowing; Connecticut General Statutes §4-61dd
Gift and Campaign Contributions; Connecticut General Statutes §4-252, as amended by
Public Act 21-76
Entities Making Investments in Iran; Connecticut General Statutes §4-252a, as amended
by Public Act 21-76
Nondiscrimination; Connecticut General Statutes §4a-60 & Connecticut General
Statutes §4a-60a, as amended by Public Act 21-76
Consulting Agreements; Connecticut General Statutes §4a-81
Campaign Financing Contributions; Connecticut General Statutes §9-612, as
amended by Public Act 21-76
Occupational Safety & Health; Connecticut General Statutes §31-57b
All of the above are attached hereto in full and incorporated herein on Exhibit C.

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