CHFA-268-RFP for Property Management Services

Agency: Connecticut Housing Finance Authority
State: Connecticut
Type of Government: State & Local
NAICS Category:
  • 531311 - Residential Property Managers
  • 531390 - Other Activities Related to Real Estate
  • 541611 - Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services
Posted Date: Dec 14, 2023
Due Date: Jan 16, 2024
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RFP Post Date Due Date Additional Documents
CHFA-268-RFP for Property Management Services 12/14/23 1/16/24 4:00 p.m.

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Dear Interested Party:
Date: December 14, 2023
The Connecticut Housing Finance Authority (“CHFA”) requests written proposals for property
management services from qualified property management firms for its office building located at
999 West Street, Rocky Hill, Connectiut. CHFA will not reimburse for any expenses incurred in
connection with this Request for Proposals (“RFP”) including, but not limited to, the cost of
preparing the initial response and any additional information requested or travel expenses
relating to any oral presentation. Please be advised that responses will be considered property of
CHFA, are matters of public record, and may be disclosed by CHFA after the awarding of a
CHFA, a body politic and corporate constituting a public instrumentality and political
subdivision of the State of Connecticut, was created in 1969 and operates pursuant to Chapter
134 of the Connecticut General Statutes, as amended. CHFA’s purpose is to help alleviate the
shortage of affordable housing for low-income and moderate-income families and persons in
Connecticut by providing single family mortgages, financing for rental housing, and mortgages
for the purchase, development, and construction of housing.
For additional information about CHFA, please reference CHFA’s website at
CHFA is seeking property management services for its office building at 999 West Street, Rocky
Hill to ensure that CHFA’s property is maintained in an efficient and effective manner
satisfactory to CHFA in its sole discretion. The property was built in 1984 and consists of one
building with office space occupied by approximately 150 employees working a hybrid work
schedule. The property has three floors with approximately 48,566 square feet of gross building
area, 2 hydraulic passenger elevator cars, an asphalt parking lot with approximately 240 spaces,
and approximately 4.28 acres of land.
The responsibilities required by a property management firm may include, but not be limited to:
Performing regular internal and external inspections of property to ensure all areas are
safe and in proper working order.
Performing general maintenance work and repairs as needed, including but not limited to,
minor drywall patching, touch-up-painting, moving furniture and workstations,
replacement of ceiling tiles, and other minor repairs.
Responding to routine employee requests (i.e., temperature adjustments in areas,
changing light bulbs, etc.).
Communicating with and overseeing contracted building vendors, including but not
limited to landscapers, snow/ice maintenance, HVAC maintenance, janitorial services,
elevator maintenance, life safety program maintenance, carpet cleaning, shredding, trash
removal, and pest control to ensure performance complies with contract standards.
Scheduling routine inspections and emergency repairs with contracted vendors.
Assisting with planning for and supervision of all extraordinary repairs, capital
improvements, remodeling, and occupant improvements, if needed.
Being on call and available to respond to property alarm monitoring contractors and
emergencies that arise 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
Assisting with writing, reviewing, and evaluating quotes, Requests for Proposals, and/or
Requests for Quotes for building vendors, as required by CHFA from time to time.
Keeping an accurate record of all maintenance and services performed.
Providing a monthly report detailing the maintenance and administrative operations of
the property.
The firm must be knowledgeable of various facility related energy management systems, facility
related mechanical systems and be able to initiate and set up preventative maintenance programs.
Selected firm may be required to provide all equipment, tools, materials, and other items to
perform the services, tasks, and functions described herein.
CHFA is seeking to have an onsite presence by a general maintainer approximately 25 hours per
week (5 days a week for approximately 5 hours per day) and approximately 10 hours of general
property manager availability weekly.
Interested firms are encouraged to attend a site visit on Wednesday, January 3, 2024, at 10:00
a.m. at 999 West Street, Rocky Hill. Please contact no later than December
31, 2023, to indicate your interest in attending the site visit.
Firms will be evaluated on the basis of their written responses to this RFP, additional written
information as requested by CHFA and oral interviews, if any, including, but not limited to, the
following criteria:
Qualifications of personnel
Experience and approach
Commitment to Affirmative Action and/or Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Connecticut presence
Absence of conflicts or potential conflicts
Location/geographic area
All firms must address the following issues and questions:
1. Provide a brief description of your firm, its history, and main areas of business. Indicate
the total number of staff and the team available to CHFA.
2. Provide a summary of the key strengths and qualifications of your firm to serve as
property manager for CHFA. (Your response to this question should not exceed one
3. Provide copies of any pertinent State of Connecticut licenses for any professionals who
will be available to CHFA.
4. Describe your presence in Connecticut, if any, including corporate existence in
Connecticut, whether formed in Connecticut or authorized to do business in the state.
This may include, but not be limited to, information on the number of offices your firm
maintains in Connecticut, the location of such offices, the number of Connecticut
residents employed in those offices, and payroll and corporate taxes paid in Connecticut.
If your firm currently is not registered with the Connecticut Secretary of State, please
indicate whether your firm will register if your firm is awarded this contract.
5. Include any participation by your firm in any civic or other non-profit activities,
including any charitable contributions that your firm made in Connecticut.
6. Provide a summary of the background of any individuals who would be assigned to work
with CHFA. Please indicate their probable areas of responsibility and the percentage of
their time which would be available to service CHFA’s account.
7. Provide the rate or range of rates at which services would be billed. You may quote a
weekly, monthly, or yearly flat fee for all services and/or hourly rate(s) for individual
service. Please provide hourly rates, if additional, for emergencies, nights, weekends,
and/or holidays. Please indicate if you provide reduced rates for quasi-public entities.
8. Provide the rate or range of rates at which any ancillary services would be billed and
describe what is considered an ancillary service.
9. Provide, in tabular form, information on the employee composition of your firm
indicating the total number of employees and the total number and percentages of
minorities and women employed and their titles.
10. Submit specific information regarding your firm’s commitment to Affirmative Action
and/or Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Please include, at a minimum, policies, and
practices, including but not limited to hiring practices, and any information that would
demonstrate your firm’s commitment to expanding diversity in the workplace, including
recruiting initiatives, retention and promotion efforts and ongoing assessment of your
firm’s progress with respect to underrepresented groups (e.g. in terms of ethnicity,
gender, sexual orientation, disability, etc). Please include your firm's most recent EEO-
1 report if required to file.
11. Describe your firm’s commitment to diversity, education, and training of the next
generation of workers in your field. Please include:
a. A brief description of any apprenticeship programs your firm offers and the
applicable percentage of apprentices for the underrepresented groups.
b. A brief description of any scholarships your firm provides to students and the
applicable percentage of the underrepresented recipients.
12. Does your firm have a written policy, program, or initiatives to foster business
relationships with the underrepresented groups? If so, please provide details of the
program and the percentage of business conducted with those groups.
13. If your firm is registered as a small or minority-owned business, please provide a copy of
your certificate.
14. Describe any and all material lawsuits, legal or administrative proceedings or
governmental investigations, criminal actions or law enforcement activities (including
those by federal, state or local authorities, or self-regulatory organizations) or non-routine
inquiries or investigations relating to you, your firm, or any of your affiliates, including
any proceedings to which you, your firm, your affiliates or any of their respective
officers, directors or employees are a named party or of which any of such has been the
focus, that have occurred in the last three (3) years or that are currently threatened,
including whether you, your firm, or any of your affiliates, or their respective officers,
directors or employees have been censured by any regulatory body. Describe any such
circumstances and advise whether these investigations or proceedings will affect you or
your firm’s ability to complete the proposed transaction and perform the services in this
15. Describe whether you foresee any potential conflicts of interest arising from serving as a
property manager. If so, describe how your firm would address potential conflicts of
16. Has your firm ever been removed from an account prior to the expiration of its contract
(i.e., been fired)? If so, please explain. If you wish, list the name of a third party with
whom CHFA could discuss this termination.
17. Describe your firm's knowledge of and past experience with CHFA.
18. Please provide as references a minimum of three clients for whom your firm has
performed similar and substantial services. Please include the name of the person to
contact, his or her phone number and email address. Please include as references any
other State of Connecticut agencies or departments that have engaged your firm to
perform services.
19. Selected persons or firms must comply with CHFA and State Ethics requirements, laws
and regulations. Persons or firms seeking to do business with CHFA are required to
comply with the ethics statement, attached hereto on Exhibit C, and the applicable
provisions of the Code of Ethics and Code of Ethics for Lobbyists incorporated therein by
20. An authorized signatory of any firm submitting proposals is required to execute and
submit with the proposals or contract awarded in accordance herewith all applicable
representations and certifications set forth on Exhibit A, attached hereto and made a part
hereof, regarding:
Whistleblowing; Connecticut General Statutes §4-61dd
Gift and Campaign Contributions; Connecticut General Statutes §4-252, as
amended by Public Act 21-76
Entities Making Investments in Iran; Connecticut General Statutes §4-252a, as
amended by Public Act 21-76

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