CEQA for Public Storage

Agency: City of Pleasanton
State: California
Type of Government: State & Local
NAICS Category:
  • 541611 - Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services
  • 541620 - Environmental Consulting Services
  • 541820 - Public Relations Agencies
Posted Date: Aug 8, 2019
Due Date: Aug 30, 2019
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CEQA for Public Storage


The City is seeking a consultant to complete California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) review of a Public Storage project at 3716 Stanley Blvd. as described in the Request for Proposals.

Project Number:
Advertisement Date: August 8, 2019
Bid Date : August 30, 2019 by 2:00pm
Submittal Address :


City Clerk's Office
City of Pleasanton
P.O. Box 520
Pleasanton, CA 94566


City Clerk's Office
City of Pleasanton
123 Main Street
Pleasanton, CA 94566

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Megan Campbell
Associate Planner


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August 8, 2019
Interested Consultants
Megan Campbell, Associate Planner
Request for Proposals for professional services related to preparation
of California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) documentation for
new commercial storage buildings (Public Storage)
City of Pleasanton. Pleasanton is a city of approximately 83,000 residents located at the
intersection of I-580 and I-680 in eastern Alameda County. The City is bordered on the north by
the City of Dublin and on the east by the City of Livermore. Land to the west and south of the
City includes open space, agriculture, and permanently-protected ridge lands. In the Economic
and Fiscal Element of the 2005-2025 General Plan, the City states its intent to retain its strong
economic position while sustaining itself fiscally through programs that enhance the
community’s economic base. In accomplishing this, the City promotes a varied mix of land uses
to ensure a broad revenue base through proactive land use planning and zoning.
Project Site. The project site, 3716 Stanley Boulevard (APN 946-1680-13-4), is situated
between downtown and the eastern boundary of the City. Current access is off of Stanley
Boulevard and the property will have another access point off of Nevada Street (which is
currently being designed and constructed). The property is adjacent to the newly constructed Irby
Ranch Subdivision (87 single-family homes) and under construction Sunflower Hill Project (a 31
unit multi-family residential community for individuals with special needs). Other adjacent uses
include a variety of commercial uses including auto repair and retail.
RFP for CEQA Analysis
The 6.59-acre site is relatively flat and includes an existing Public Storage facility, comprising
multiple single story buildings, and a small office building, totaling 83,904-square-feet. The
subject lot is zoned Commercial Service (C-S) and has a General Plan Land Use designation of
Retail/Highway/Service Commercial Business and Professional Office. The General Plan
indicates the average allowable development density/intensity for the subject land use, expressed
as Floor Area Ratio (FAR) is 35-percent with a maximum FAR of 60-percent.
Program 15.5 of the Land Use Element in the General Plan indicates that, generally, industrial,
retail, and office projects should generally conform to the average density assumed (i.e., 35-
percent FAR). However, projects may be allowed up to the maximum (i.e., 60-percent FAR)
provided that sufficient amenities and mitigations are incorporated into the project to justify the
increased density. Additionally, page 24 of the Land Use Element notes that for certain uses,
such as warehouses, where employee density and traffic generation are minimal, a higher FAR
may be allowed beyond the 60-percent maximum provided the use meets the requirements in the
Zoning Ordinance and other City requirements. The C-S zoning district allows up to 100-percent
FAR. As such, this site could have up to a 100-percent FAR if sufficient amenities and
mitigations are incorporated.
Project Description. The proposed project requires a Conditional Use Permit and Design
Review from the City of Pleasanton Planning Commission. The proposal includes demolishing
seven existing storage buildings and the office building and building a new 900 square-foot one-
story office building, 9,750 square-foot single-story storage building, and 194,377 square-foot
three-story storage building.
Currently, the proposed project is shown at almost the maximum (approximately 98-percent)
FAR with a proposed amenity to contribute funds to build a trail located on the south side of
Nevada Street. Additional amenities may be required including solar installation or LEED
certification beyond that required by Code.
The applicant has provided a number of documents (referenced in Attachment 1) including a
Transportation Impact Analysis prepared by Fehr and Peers.
Scope of Work
The City is inviting qualified consultants to submit proposals to prepare and complete California
Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) review of the proposed project noted above. The selected
consultant is expected to provide the following services:
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RFP for CEQA Analysis
Based on the nature of the project and project site, staff believes that the environmental
document will be an Initial Study/Negative Declaration (IS/ND) or Mitigated Negative
Declaration (MND) and has outlined the scope of work accordingly. If, during the course of
project review, more extensive CEQA documentation, such as an EIR, revisions to the scope of
work and budget would be required.
1. Review Relevant Background Documents
Review the Reference Documents attached as relevant to understand the project
2. Prepare Draft Project Description
Based on the project application materials, the consultant will work with staff and the
applicant to develop a draft project description for inclusion in the environmental
3. Prepare Draft Initial Study/Negative Declaration or Mitigated Negative Declaration
The consultant will prepare an initial study, addressing the various environmental topics
in the most recent version of CEQA Guidelines Appendix G. Due to the nature of the site,
which has been subject to prior development, a number of the issues listed in the
checklist, such as agricultural resources, mineral resources, and population and housing
are expected to require minimal analysis. The consultant should peer review the
applicant’s submitted Transportation Impact Analysis as part of the review. If any
significant impacts are determined, the consultant will develop mitigation measures, as
needed, to address those impacts.
The consultant will develop an Administrative Draft IS/ND or MND for staff review, and
incorporate any necessary revisions based on staff comments into the Draft IS/ND or
MND for public review.
4. Prepare Draft Notice of Intent
Prior to the start of the public review period, the consultant will prepare a draft Notice of
Intent for circulation in accordance with CEQA Guidelines Section 15072. This scope
assumes that the Consultant will address any required noticing/distribution to the State
Clearinghouse. The City will be responsible for printing and distribution of the NOI to
agencies and other interested parties, as well as posting of the notice to the newspaper if
5. Adoption Hearings/MMRP/Notice of Determination
Following the close of the public review period, the consultant shall provide assistance to
staff as needed to prepare documents for adoption of the IS/ND or MND, (e.g., draft
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RFP for CEQA Analysis
responses to comments received on the Draft IS for inclusion in the staff report). This
shall include, if required, a Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program (MMRP). The
consultant shall also prepare a draft Notice of Determination for filing by City Staff
following project approval.
Attendance at the adoption hearing by the consultant is not expected to be necessary.
However, the cost to attend a hearing, if needed, should be indicated as an optional cost.
6. Perform all required CEQA postings and noticing
The consultant is expected to perform all required postings and noticing as required.
Project Deliverables
1. All CEQA notices including the Notice of Intent and Notice of Determination. This
should be provided to staff electronically.
2. Produce an administrative draft and final copies of the Initial Study. Both the draft and
the final version should be provided:
a. electronically; and
b. in printed form. Please provide ten (10) copies.
3. Produce an administrative draft and final copies of the required environmental document
(e.g., MND) and all appendices. Both the draft and the final version should be provided:
a. electronically; and
b. in printed form. Please provide ten (10) copies. (Note, if appendices are
voluminous, they may be provided on a CD-ROM to be attached to the IS/ND
Where requested in electronic format, the documents should be provided to staff on a CD, flash
drive, FTP site, or other mutually agreed upon alternative. Where requested in printed form, it
should be provided in both Microsoft Word format and searchable PDF format (the PDF
document should be provided as a single document, optimized and compressed).
Submittal Requirements
Please note, proposals should be limited to 20 pages maximum (excluding resumes, table of
contents, and tabbed dividers). Interested consultants should submit qualifications that address
the following:
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RFP for CEQA Analysis
1. Project Description. A brief description of your understanding of the overall project.
2. Approach to Project. Describe the manner and methods you will use to manage and
facilitate the work.
3. Scope of Work. Provide a scope of work that responds to the scope identified above.
4. Consultant Description of Qualifications. For your firm (and any sub-consultants)
provide firm qualifications and résumé(s) of participating individual(s).
5. Cost. Provide a cost proposal for the overall effort. Include the basis and assumptions
made for estimated costs. Include hourly rates for each task and each staff person
assigned to that task, your hourly rates for this project, and total number of hours. Clearly
indicate the subtotaled cost for each task to be performed by your firm and by any sub-
consultants, and total cost for your work effort. The City will be billed for services by
sub-consultants at cost plus an administrative charge. Indicate that administrative charge
on a percentage basis.
6. Schedule. Provide a proposed schedule for the project. Include a full description of the
work elements, coordination, quality control, and key or potential issues you may deem
critical to this project.
7. Conflict of Interest. Identify any recent, present, or proposed work undertaken by the
consultant, any subcontractor or subsidiary, or any other type of business or other
relationship that could represent a potential, real, or perceived conflict of interest with
respect to this project. A conflict of interest could potentially, for instance, include
current work under contract to a landowner or developer within the Pleasanton sphere of
8. References. Please provide a list of at least three references for projects of similar scope
completed by your firm.
9. Professional Services Contract and Insurance Requirements. Attached is a copy of
the City’s standard contract, including insurance requirements. The selected consultant
must provide a certificate of insurance in a form acceptable to the City prior to entering
into the agreement. Please indicate what professional and business insurance you
maintain and whether the standard requirements can be met. Please review the City’s
standard contract and to ensure that your firm would be able to sign this agreement.
10. Business License. The City requires a City of Pleasanton Business License of the
selected consultant before the contract is awarded.
Submittal Deadline. Submit three sets of printed qualifications, along with one
electronic file on a CD or flash drive in searchable PDF format as a single document
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