California Environmental Quality Act Compliance for the Solid Waste & Recycling Transfer Station Replacement Project

Agency: City of Berkeley
State: California
Type of Government: State & Local
NAICS Category:
  • 541620 - Environmental Consulting Services
  • 562111 - Solid Waste Collection
Posted Date: May 27, 2020
Due Date: Jul 2, 2020
Solicitation No: 20-11390-C
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20-11390-C California Environmental Quality Act Compliance for the Solid Waste & Recycling Transfer Station Replacement Project 7/2/2020 Greg Apa

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Finance Department
General Services Division
Specification No. 20-11390-C
California Environmental Quality Act compliance for the Solid Waste & Recycling Transfer
Station Replacement Project
Dear Proposer:
The City of Berkeley is soliciting written proposals from qualified firms to conduct the required California
Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) process utilizing the recently completed Solid Waste & Recycling Facility
Feasibility Study for the construction of a new City of Berkeley Solid Waste & Recycling Transfer Station (Project)
located at 1201 2nd Street, Berkeley CA. The CEQA compliance for the Project will advance the City’s Zero Waste
Goal and ensure the Project’s compliance with CEQA requirements. As a Request for Proposal (RFP), it is not an
invitation to bid and although price is very important, other factors will be taken into consideration.
The project scope, content of proposal, and vendor selection process are summarized in the RFP (attached).
Proposals must be received no later than 2:00 pm, on Thursday, July 2, 2020. All responses must be in a
sealed envelope and have “California Environmental Quality Act compliance for the Solid Waste & Recycling
Transfer Station Replacement Project” and “Specification No. 20-11390-C” clearly marked on the outer most
mailing envelope. Please submit one (1) unbound original and four (4) unbound copies of the proposal as follows:
Mail or Hand Deliver To:
City of Berkeley
Finance Department/General Services Division
2180 Milvia Street, 3rd Floor
Berkeley, CA 94704
Proposals will not be accepted after the date and time stated above. Incomplete proposal or proposals that do not
conform to the requirements specified herein will not be considered. Issuance of the RFP does not obligate the City
to award a contract, nor is the City liable for any costs incurred by the proposer in the preparation and submittal of
proposals for the subject work. The City retains the right to award all or parts of this contract to several bidders, to
not select any bidders, and/or to re-solicit proposals. The act of submitting a proposal is a declaration that the
proposer has read the RFP and understands all the requirements and conditions.
A non-mandatory site visit is scheduled for May 11, 2020 through May 15, 2020. If interested, please contact
Project Manager, Greg Apa at (510) 981-6359 for site visit instruction by May 8, 2020.
For questions concerning the anticipated work, or scope of the project, please contact Greg Apa, Solid Waste and
Recycling Manager, via email at no later than May 21, 2020. Answers to questions will
not be provided by telephone or email. Rather, answers to all questions or any addenda will be posted on the City
of Berkeley’s site at It is the vendor’s responsibility
to check this site. For general questions concerning the submittal process, contact purchasing at 510-981-7320.
We look forward to receiving and reviewing your proposal.
2180 Milvia Street, Berkeley, CA 94704 Tel: 510.981.7320 TDD: 510.981.6903 Fax: 510.981.7390
E-mail: Website:
City of Berkeley
CEQA Compliance for
Solid Waste & Recycling Transfer Station
Darryl Sweet
Specification No. 20-11390-C
General Services Manager
Page 2 of 29
Release Date April 28, 2020
City of Berkeley
CEQA Compliance for
Solid Waste & Recycling Transfer Station
Specification No. 20-11390-C
Page 3 of 29
Release Date April 28, 2020
The City purchased the current Transfer Station in 1982 upon closing its landfill. Although it was originally
conceived as a transfer station attached to a waste-to-energy incinerator, the facility began operating, and
continues to operate, as a transfer station only. The entire transfer station and its associated recycling
operational facilities is in need of replacement.
The Transfer Station itself, after more than 37 years of operation, has exceeded its projected service life and
needs replacement. As a separate or combined facility, the solid waste & recycling transfer station needs to
serve as the cornerstone of the City’s efforts to reduce waste, increase recycling diversion, and to eventually
attain the City’s goal of “Zero Waste.” The current layout does not facilitate the efficient diversion and
recycling of many types of incoming materials, and on-site traffic flow is not operationally efficient.
The current overall site (herein called the Facility) is comprised of six (6) separate parcels covering 7.45
acres, with three (3) separate collection or sorting operations. See Exhibit A for Parcel/Aerial Map.
Current Facility Operations
The facility currently accommodates the following operations:
Zero Waste Division (Division) of the Public Works Department.
Public Works Department’s Equipment Maintenance Shop building that services the Division’s
collection and service, fire department, and public works vehicles.
Heavy equipment/large rolling stock maintenance garage, truck wash rack and fueling station (two
(2) underground diesel storage tanks requiring removal/replacement by 2025).
Residential Curbside Recycling collection is currently operated via contract by the Ecology Center
The “Berkeley Recycling” facility includes residential recyclable materials and universal waste
drop-off, California Redemption Value (CRV) Buyback Center and a Material Recovery Facility
(MRF) is currently operated by the Community Conservation Centers (CCC).
The Division currently operates with more than almost 100 employees and 83 vehicles. It operates through
a designated enterprise fund that in FY 2020 is projected to generate approximately $50 million in revenues.
The Division performs all refuse, food and green waste (organics) collection for residential (single family
home) community members; and refuse, organics and recycling (paper and commingled bottles, cans and
containers) collection for the majority of commercial customers (defined as businesses and multi-family
units with ten (10) or more units) in Berkeley.
The Division also directs and oversees a number of subcontractors for program and service delivery that
operate out of the Facility, including:
EC with eight (8) collection trucks and more than twenty (>20) employees that collect residential
recycling materials for properties with up to nine (9) residential units;
CCC which processes and markets recyclable materials collected from the residential and
commercial sectors with approximately 20+ employees; and
Urban Ore, having two (2) to three (3) employees, which operates a salvage and diversion program
for reusable goods delivered to the floor of the Transfer Station that can be reused for their originally
intended purpose or repurposed while in their originally-manufactured form.
RFP Revised Oct2019
City of Berkeley
CEQA Compliance for
Solid Waste & Recycling Transfer Station
Specification No. 20-11390-C
Page 4 of 29
Release Date April 28, 2020
The Division operates the Transfer Station and serves a wide variety of customers, including municipal
agencies, private waste collection companies, construction and demolition companies, roofers, and private
parties. The Transfer Station is open to the public, six (6) days per week, and receives on average 400 or
more customers per day (not including the Division’s vehicles), and is permitted by the State to accept 560
tons per day of materials that include: refuse; green waste or plant debris; food waste; used oil drop-off;
electronics and appliance drop-off; and construction and demolition (C&D). At present, the Division is
revising its CalRecycle and Bay Area Air Quality Management permits to expand operating hours and
increase tonnage from 560 tons per day to 620 tons per day.
The Division’s Transfer Station uses two (2) below-grade loadout tunnels to transport incoming materials
to third-party contractors for: refuse to a permitted landfill, C&D materials for further sorting and recycling,
and organics (green waste and food waste) to a compost facility.
For 2019, the Transfer Station currently accepts and transports approximately 126,800 tons of material per
year: 77,500 tons of refuse to a landfill, 33,000 tons of organics for composting and approximately 15,000
tons of C&D materials for recycling. Additional tons diverted from the landfill are: Urban Ore manually
(900 tons annually) reclaims reusable items from the refuse and a small (approximately 400 tons annually)
amount of metal, tires, mattresses and electronic materials are diverted from landfilling at the Transfer
Station. In addition, CCC accepts and sorts 16,000 tons of paper and commingled bottles, cans and
containers annually.
The Facility, as currently configured (Exhibit A), consists of the following:
1. Parcel No. 1 (parcel number: 060-238200303).
Location of CNG station operated by Trillium CNG, Inc.
Storage for roll-off boxes (6 to 40 cubic yard sizes) and vehicle parking.
A storage shed for refuse and recycling carts (20, 32, 64 and 96 gallon) and miscellaneous
maintenance material.
Community member drop-off for metal appliances roll-off box.
Locked entrance gate used only as needed.
Codornices Creek flows east to west adjacent to the parcel’s northern boundary.
2. Parcel No. 2 (parcel number: 060-238200102).
Transfer Station.
A scale house, two (2) inbound and one (1) outbound scales for customers.
Two (2) below grade loadout tunnels.
Community member electronic equipment drop-off covered trailer.
Heavy equipment and collection, fire and public works vehicle maintenance garage, parts
storage and offices for fleet maintenance staff.
Collection vehicles parking.
Truck and cart/can wash and fuel station.
Primary entrance for City owned vehicles.
3. Parcel No. 3 (parcel number: 060-238200111).
Primary entrance for residential and commercial self-haul to Transfer Station.
Dumpster (roll-off containers, 6 cubic yards and larger) storage, repair and maintenance area.
RFP Revised Oct2019
City of Berkeley
CEQA Compliance for
Solid Waste & Recycling Transfer Station
Specification No. 20-11390-C
Page 5 of 29
Release Date April 28, 2020
4. Parcel No. 4 (parcel number: 060-238200110).
Location of the Division’s storage trailer and cans, collection vehicles parking.
CCC’s two (2) material recycling facility (MRF) buildings located on the eastern border of
the property. The MRF is a dual-stream capable facility that includes:
i. One (1) building for paper/cardboard manual sorting on a conveyor and a single ram
ii. One (1) smaller building for mixed container manual sorting.
5. Parcel No. 5 (parcel number: 060-238200109).
The main office building includes: the administrative offices for the Division; female and
male bathrooms and locker rooms; one (1) dedicated closet for the IT/computer server and
networking equipment; and one (1) large assembly conference room.
A temporary office trailer for Division facility staff.
Covered area and garage for dumpster storage, repair and maintenance.
A building formerly utilized by Public Works Department’s Facilities Maintenance (called
the “AirCo” building) and currently envisioned to be temporarily utilized by the Division
for staff relocation and storage.
EC administrative offices.
6. Parcel No. 6 (parcel number: 060-238200108).
CCC operated California Redemption Value (CRV) and buyback center, CCC
administrative office and staff room, and employee parking.
Community member ingress and egress to the CRV and buyback center.
Transfer Station Ingress & Egress
Gilman Street and 2nd Street provide access for all City-operated and privately-owned vehicles into the
Transfer Station, Material Recovery Facility and Buyback Center. The 2nd Street, Harrison Street, and the
Eastshore Highway corridors provide egress from the facilities onto Gilman Street. All vehicles must exit
the City facilities via the Eastshore Highway and Gilman Street intersection.
Solid Waste & Recycling Station Feasibility Study
These current facilities are not integrated, and operations are not coordinated to provide the facilities’
customers ease of use, access or drop-off of a variety of materials. These facilities do not meet current
seismic requirements and have not been significantly upgraded or improved since constructed. These
buildings and support facilities have exceeded their serviceable life and cannot support the City’s Zero
Waste Goal.
Since the early 2000s and with guidance of City Council approved efforts, ordinances, and new City
collection and diversion programs; community members and businesses have successfully slashed the
tonnage of materials being landfilled by more than a third. However, and even with this significant
reduction of landfilled materials, the facility is handling the same total incoming tonnage today of refuse,
RFP Revised Oct2019

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