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State: Maryland
Type of Government: Federal
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  • C - Architect and Engineering Services - Construction
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  • 541310 - Architectural Services
Posted Date: Sep 19, 2017
Due Date: Oct 17, 2017
Solicitation No: N4008517R5062
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Combined Synopsis/Solicitation
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Added: Sep 14, 2017 9:22 am Modified: Sep 19, 2017 1:24 pm Track Changes


This procurement will result in one IDIQ contract for multi-discipline A-E services in support of planning, design, construction, evaluation of new construction (including additions), and renovation projects located primarily in Indiana and Illinois for NAVFAC MDLANT, but may also include services for NAVFAC worldwide.

These services will be procured in accordance with 40 USC Chapter 11, Selection of Architects and Engineers, as implemented by FAR Subpart 36.6. The IDIQ contract will be for a base period not to exceed (NTE) 60 months. The total fee for the contract term shall not exceed $30,000,000. The guaranteed minimum for the contract term is $5,000 and will be satisfied by simultaneous award of the initial task order with the basic contract. Firm-fixed price task orders will be negotiated for this contract. There will be no dollar limit per task order and no dollar limit per year. The estimated start date is March 2018.

This proposed contract is being solicited on an UNRESTRICTED basis. The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) Code is 541310, Architectural Services, and the Small Business size standard is $7,500,000.

The Government seeks the most highly qualified firm to perform the required services, based on the demonstrated competence and qualifications, in accordance with the selection criteria.

Comprehensive A-E services are required for planning, design, and construction services in support of new construction, repair, replacement, demolition, alteration, and/or improvement of military and other governmental facilities. Projects may involve single or multiple disciplines, including, but not limited to, architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical, civil, landscape design, fire protection, and interior design. Specific types of A-E services that may be required under this contract include:

A) Planning Services, including those associated with the development of project programming document (DD 1391), facility evaluations/site investigations, and cost estimation.

1) Facility planning services, including:

i) Project programming and scope development

ii) Conceptual pricing development

iii) Development of Alternatives including Economic Analysis

2) Interior Space Planning/Design

3) Collateral Equipment Inventories

4) Facility analysis, including:

i) General condition assessment including code compliance

ii) Energy utilization studies

iii) Life safety analysis

iv) Exterior and interior hazardous material surveys and analysis

5) Site investigation services, including:

i) Geotechnical investigation in support of foundation design recommendations

ii) Utility location/identification

iii) Site access studies

iv) Site topographic studies, including flood zones and fetch analysis

v) Environmental soil sampling and analysis

vi) Traffic analysis

B) Design Services, including development of design-build RFP packages or contract documents for design-bid-build full design for new construction and renovations of facilities, including, but not limited to:

1) Multi-unit housing facilities

2) Administrative facilities

3) Training facilities, such as operational, maintenance, or classroom

4) Industrial facilities, such as maintenance shops, manufacturing, public works shops, or warehouses

5) Facilities that require phased construction due to operational requirements

C) Construction Services, including submittal reviews, field consultation, and Operation and Maintenance Support Information (OMSI).

1) Contractor submittal reviews

2) Field consultation and inspections

3) Obtaining permits and regulatory approvals

A-E firms are required to prepare cost estimates utilizing the MCACES MII estimating system, specifications in the SPECSINTACT program, design-build RFPs utilizing NAVFAC Design-Build Masters, and drawings in AutoCAD (2016 or higher) utilizing the National CADD Standards format with NAVFAC specified modifications.

3D and BIM modeling may also be required. Selected firm will be required to provide documents in PDF format. Final documents will require electronic signatures following the NAVFAC signature process and using required software. All projects will require design in the metric system (SI), unless specifically exempt. As defined by paragraph 1-5 of UFC 3-600-01, Fire Protection Engineering for Facilities, this contract will require the services of a licensed fire protection engineer or sub-consultant. A-E firms or others under contract or providing services to NAVFAC may request software installation packages from NAVFAC Atlantic CI Cost. The A-E is to send an email to NAVFAC-CI-Cost@navy.mil with the following in the Subject Section MII License Request.

Software is generally distributed to A-Es free of charge; however, accompanying database licenses must be purchased and licensed as appropriate by the user.

Asbestos and/or lead-based paint assessments may be required on this contract to determine the presence of hazardous material during removals/demolition or at utility points of connections. Work on and around waterfront structures, including under deck and underwater, and work in confined spaces may be required on this contract. A-E firms must be able to accept work that involves asbestos, lead paint, PCBs, and other hazardous materials, work on and under waterfront structures, and in confined spaces.

All engineering and design services shall comply with the most current edition of UFC 1-300-09N Design Procedures, and other requirements as indicated on the Whole Building Design Guide Web Site (www.wbdg.org).

Selected A-E firm is required to have online access to web-based support programs and email via the internet for routine exchange of correspondence/information. A-E firm is required to submit and maintain an A-E Accident Prevention Plan (APP) in accordance with USACE EM 385-1-1 for each project on this contract and Activity Hazard Analysis (AHA) for each in-field action. Key personnel, including sub-consultants, must be U.S. citizens and able to obtain security clearances as required.

All contractors are advised that registration in System for Award Management (SAM) Database is required prior to award of a contract. Failure to register in the SAM Database may render your firm ineligible for award.

For more information, check the SAM Web site: https://www.sam.gov.

In accordance with the FAR 36.601-4(b), the A-E firm must be a registered/licensed architectural and/or engineering firm to be eligible for award. Provide proof that firm is permitted by law to practice the professions of architecture or engineering, (e.g., state registration number, or a brief explanation of the firmas licensing in jurisdictions that do not register firms, etc.). Failure to submit the required proof could result in a firmas elimination from consideration.


A-E firms are advised that the selected firm, its subsidiaries or affiliates, and its sub-consultants which design, prepare, or provide engineering services in support of construction contract documents cannot provide construction services for the same contract.

This includes concept design, preparation of project programming documents (DD Form 1391), facility siting studies, environmental assessments, geotechnical services, engineering studies and services, design-build RFPs, or other activities that result in identification of project scope and cost. The awarded contract will be subject to specific provisions addressing the avoidance of organizational conflicts of interest, including NFAS 5252.209-9300, Organizational Conflicts of Interest. The prime firm for this contract will be required to perform throughout the contract term.

Interviews may be scheduled with firms slated as the most highly qualified. Firms slated for interviews may be asked to clarify information contained in the SF 330 submittal.

Elaborate presentations are not desired.

SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS: A-E firms desiring to be considered for this contract must submit a completed SF 330 package by mail via the carrier of their choice. The SF 330 shall be typed, one sided, at least 11 point Times New Roman or larger. Part I shall not exceed 100 single-sided 8.5 by 11 inch pages (the page limit does not include ISRs, certificates, PPQs, licenses, or the draft subcontracting plan, as required by the Small Business Subcontracting criterion, nor does the page limit include cover sheets or dividers, provided that these do not contain any substantive information submitted in response to the synopsis or intended to demonstrate the qualifications of the firm).

Part I pages shall be numbered sequentially. The organizational chart may be one page single sided 11 by 17 foldout, using 11 point font or larger (font limitations do not apply to graphics, captions or tables). Introductions shall be included in Sections E and F. Please include your DUNS, CAGE, and TIN numbers in Block 30 of the SF 330. If submitting as a Joint Venture, and you do not yet have DUNS, CAGE, and TIN for the Joint Venture, then DUNS, CAGE and TIN should be submitted for each firm. DUNS, CAGE and TIN for the Joint Venture, if selected, would be required prior to the award of any contract. Interested firms shall submit three (3) hard copies of the SF 330 and 1 CD to:

Naval Facilities Engineering Command, Mid-Atlantic

Attn: Amanda Bricker

9324 Virginia Ave

Bldg Z-144, 1st Floor

Norfolk, VA 23511-3095

Responses are due no later than Tuesday, 17 October 2017 at 2:00 pm (EST).

Late responses will be handled in accordance with FAR 52.215-1. The point of contact is Amanda Bricker, Contract Specialist, at amanda.bricker@navy.mil

If an SF 254/SF 255 is submitted for this solicitation, it will not be reviewed or considered. As required above, provide verifiable evidence that your firm is permitted by law to practice the professions of architecture or engineering (e.g., state registration number).

Electronic (E-mail, facsimile, etc.) submissions are not authorized. Hand carried packages will not be accepted.

Inquiries concerning this procurement should include solicitation number and title and be forwarded via email to amanda.bricker@navy.mil.


SELECTION CRITERIA: Standard Form 330s will be evaluated to determine the most highly-qualified firm based on criterion responses.

Failure to provide requested data or to comply with the instructions in this notice could result in a firm being considered less qualified or eliminated from consideration. The Selection of Architects and Engineers Statute and FAR Part 36.6 selection procedures apply. The A-E must demonstrate the teamas qualifications with respect to the published evaluation criteria. Failure to provide complete submission information defined in the evaluation factors below may affect a firmas qualification ratings. Evaluation criteria (1) through (3) are considered most important and are equal among themselves; criteria (4) through (8) are of slightly less importance and are equal among themselves; criteria (9) is of the least importance and will be used as a tie-breaker among technically equal firms.

Specific evaluation criteria include:

1. Specialized Experience

2. Professional Qualifications and Technical Competence

3. Past Performance

4. Quality Control

5. Program Management and Capacity

6. Firm Location

7. Sustainable Design

8. Commitment to Small Business

9. Volume of Work

Criterion 1 aSpecialized Experience (SF330, Part I, Section F):

Firms will be evaluated on specialized experience and technical competence in performance of services similar to those anticipated under this contract through evaluation of experience in:

1. Design of similar types of facilities as previously described, including necessary architectural and interior design, engineering investigation, calculations, and cost estimating.

2. Design of projects with multi-phased design and construction requirements.

3. Project planning services, including site investigation, facility analysis and programming.

4. Providing construction phase services (shop drawing review, record drawings preparation, construction inspection services, and OMSI).

5. Preparation of design-build RFP packages.

6. Designing to project budget.

Firms may be considered more favorably by demonstrating the following:

1. Experience on a larger variety of facility types previously described.

2. Experience in the delivery of multiple services previously described.

3. Experience specific to Navy facility projects, demonstrating capability of A-E firm and individual design team members (A-E staff, key personnel, sub-consultants) to design projects to Navy and other DoD agency design criteria.

4. Experience specific to Navy facility projects, demonstrating capability of A-E firm and individual design team members (A-E staff, key personnel, sub-consultants) to work within the Navy project planning process including:

a. DD1391 development in the Navyas Electronic Procurement Generator (EPG),

b. DD1391 validation procedures including cost validation.

5. Demonstrated experience using the MII cost estimating software.

6. Demonstrated experience on Navy bases within the geographic area of the contract.

7. Demonstrated understanding of procedures and timely submission of base access documents in adherence with security, safety, environmental, and accident prevention regulations in order to support A-E activities and maintain project schedules.

8. Experience of A-E firm and individual design team members (A-E staff, key personnel, sub-consultants) with Facilities located in historic areas that will require consultation with State Historic Preservation Officer (SHPO) throughout the design process.

Submission requirements:

Provide up to a maximum of eight (8) projects with design/services completed within the past five (5) years immediately preceding the date of issuance of this notice that best demonstrate specialized experience of the proposed team in the areas outlined above.

Sufficient information to determine the date of completion of the project must be included in the project description or the project will not be considered. If the project submitted was a design-bid-build (full design), then the design must be complete. If the project was design-build, the design-build construction contract must be complete. If more than the maximum number of projects is submitted, the Government will not evaluate projects beyond the maximum number specified in the submission requirements and projects will be evaluated in the order in which they are presented within the SF 330.

All projects provided in the SF 330 must be completed by the office/branch/regional office/individual team member actually proposed to manage and perform work under this contract.

Projects not meeting this requirement will be excluded from consideration in the evaluation. To enable verification, firms should include the DUNS number along with each firm name in the SF 330 Part I, Section F, block 25, aFirm Namea? Include a contract number or project identification number in block 21. Include an e-mail address and phone number for the point of contact in block 23(c). In block 24, include in the project description the contract period of performance, award contract value, current contract value, and a summary of the work performed that demonstrates relevance to specialized experience as outlined above. If the contractor served as a subcontractor on a project, indicate the value of the work that firm provided towards the performance of the overall project.

If a project was performed by a joint venture, and not all joint venture partners are on the team proposed for this contract, the firm/team should specifically address the work performed by the joint venture partner offering/teaming on this contract. Likewise, if the firm/team member worked as a subcontractor on a project, the description should clearly describe the work actually performed by the firm/team member proposed for this contract and the roles and responsibilities of each on the project, rather than the work performed on the project as a whole. If the project description does not clearly delineate the work performed by the entity/entities offering/teaming on this contract, the project could be eliminated from consideration.

NOTE: If the firm is a joint venture, projects performed by the joint venture should be submitted; however, if there are no projects performed by the joint venture, projects must be submitted for each joint venture partner, not to exceed a total of eight projects.

Firms failing to provide projects from all joint venture partners will be considered to have not met the requirements of the criterion.

Projects shall be submitted on the SF 330 at Part I, Section F and shall be completed projects. Projects not completed will be excluded from evaluation consideration. For submittal purposes, a task order on an IDIQ contract is considered a project, as is a stand-alone contract award. Do not submit an IDIQ contract as an example project. Instead, list relevant task orders or stand-alone contract awards that fit within the definition above. The Government will not evaluate information provided for an IDIQ contract. Examples of project work submitted that do not conform to this requirement will not be evaluated.

Failure to provide requested data, accessible points of contact, or valid phone numbers may result in a firm being considered less qualified.

All information for Criterion 1 should be submitted in the SF 330, Part I, Section F. The Government WILL NOT consider information submitted in addition to Part I, Section F in evaluation of Criterion 1.

Criterion 2aProfessional Qualifications and Technical Competence (SF330, Part I, Sections E and G):

Firms will be evaluated on professional qualifications, competence, and experience of the proposed key personnel in providing services to accomplish the tasks required under this contract, including participation in example projects in the SF330, Part I, Section G.

Key personnel are individuals who will have major contract or project management responsibilities and/or will provide unusual or unique expertise. Failure to provide a balanced workforce in the disciplines required to satisfy the requirements of the scope listed above will result in the firm being considered not qualified. Specific disciplines that must be included in key personnel are quality control, task order managers, project managers, and architects. Key personnel, including sub-consultants, must be U. S. citizens and able to obtain security clearances as required.

Firms may be considered more favorably by including professional qualifications, competence, and experience, including participation in example projects, for the following disciplines: civil, structural, mechanical, electrical, fire protection, geotechnical, cost engineering, lighting design, landscape architecture, and interior design.

Submission Requirements:

SF 330, Part I, Section E - Provide resumes for all proposed key personnel that illustrate experience in the work proposed under this contract.

Resumes are limited to one page each and should indicate: professional registration, certification, licensure and/or accreditation in appropriate disciplines; cite recent (within the past 10 years) project-specific experience in work relevant to the services required under this contract; and indicate proposed role in this contract. Indicate participation of key personnel in example projects in the SF 330, Part I, Section G.

Criterion 3aPast Performance (SF 330, Part I, Section H):

Firms will be evaluated on past performance with Government agencies and private industry in terms of work quality, compliance with schedules, cost control, and stakeholder/customer satisfaction. Evaluating past performance and experience will include information provided in Past Performance Questionnaires (PPQs) or CPARS/ACASS for Criterion 1 projects and may include customer inquiries, Government databases, and other information available to the Government including contacts with points of contact in other criteria.

Failure to provide requested data, accessible points of contact, or valid phone numbers could result in a firm being considered less qualified.

Submission Requirements:

SUBMIT A COMPLETED CPARS/ACASS EVALUATION FOR EACH PROJECT UNDER CRITERION 1. IF A COMPLETED CPARS/ACASS EVALUATION IS NOT AVAILABLE, the Past Performance Questionnaire (PPQ) (Attachment (A)) included in this notice is provided for the firm or its team members to submit to the client for each project the firm includes under Criterion 1, Specialized Experience. A FIRM SHALL NOT SUBMIT A PPQ WHEN A COMPLETED CPARS/ACASS IS AVAILABLE.

IF A CPARS/ACASS EVALUATION IS NOT AVAILABLE, ensure correct phone numbers and email addresses are provided for the client point of contact.

Completed PPQs should be submitted with your SF 330. If the firm is unable to obtain a completed PPQ from a client for a project(s) before the response date set forth in this notice, firms should complete and submit with their responses the first page of the PPQ (Attachment (A)), which will provide contract and client information for the respective project(s). Firms may submit a PPQ previously submitted under a different Notice/RFP (legible copies are acceptable) as long as it is on the same form as posted with this Synopsis. Firms should follow up with clients/references to ensure timely submittal of questionnaires. If requested by the client, questionnaires may be submitted directly to the Governments point of contact, Deanna Ward, via email at deanna.ward@navy.mil, prior to the response date.

Firms shall not incorporate by reference into their response PPQs or CPARS previously submitted in response to other A-E services procurements. However, this does not preclude the Government from utilizing previously submitted PPQ information in the past performance evaluation.

Firms may provide any information on problems encountered and the corrective actions taken on projects submitted under Criterion 1 Specialized Experience. Firms may also address any adverse past performance issues. Information shall not exceed two double-sided pages (or four single-sided pages) in total.

Awards, letters of commendation, certificates of appreciation, etc. shall not be submitted and will not be considered in the evaluation.

Criterion 4aQuality Control Program (SF 330, Part I, Section H):

Firms will be evaluated on the strength of the quality control program proposed by the firm to ensure quality products and services under this contract, and means of ensuring quality services from their consultants/subcontractors.

Submission Requirements:

Describe the quality control program that will be utilized for all deliverables of this contract and the management approach for quality control processes and procedures.

The description shall:

1. Explain the quality control program, including an example of how the plan has worked for one of the projects submitted as part of SF330, Section F, or how the plan will work if it has not been used previously. Additionally, discuss any lessons learned that have led to the proposed plan.

2. Provide a quality control process chart showing the inter-relationship of the management and team components.

3. Describe specific quality control processes and procedures proposed for this contract to achieve technical accuracy of and assurance of overall coordination of plans and specifications, and engineering and design services.

4. Identify the quality control manager and any other key personnel responsible for the quality control program and a description of their roles and responsibilities.

5. Describe how the firmas quality control program extends to management of subcontractors.

Criterion 5aProgram Management and Capacity (SF 330, Part I, Section H):

Firms will be evaluated on the firmas ability to plan for and manage work under the contract and the capacity to accomplish the work in the required time.

Submission Requirements:

1. Provide an organizational chart for the team and discuss the management plan for this contract and personnel roles in the organization. Describe the ability of the firm to manage, coordinate and work effectively with team members, both internal staff and consultants. Discuss the history of working relationships with team members, including joint venture partners where applicable. Teams with a demonstrated history of working together may be considered more favorably.

2. Describe the firmas present workload and the availability of the project team (including consultants) for the specified contract performance period. Describe the workload/availability of the key personnel during the anticipated contract performance period and the ability of the firm to provide qualified backup staffing for key personnel to ensure continuity of services.

General statements of availability/capacity may be considered less favorably.

3. Describe the firmas ability to sustain the loss of key personnel while accomplishing work within required time limits, to ensure continuity of services and ability to meet surges in unexpected project demands and ability to adhere to schedules and budgets.

Criterion 6aFirm Location (SF 330, Part I, Section H):

Provided that the application of this criterion leaves an appropriate number of qualified firms, given the nature and size of the contract, firms will be evaluated on the locations of their office or offices that will be performing the work under this contract and demonstrated knowledge of the general geographic areas in which projects could be located.

Evaluation of firms will include consideration of their location within the general geographic area of the anticipated projects primarily in Indiana and Illinois.

Submission Requirements:

1. Provide the location of the office(s) that will be performing the work, including main offices, branch offices, and offices of team members.

2. Provide a narrative describing the teamas knowledge of the primary geographic areas in which projects could be located.

3. Provide a narrative to describe the teamas ability to provide timely response to requests for on-site support. Include both primary and sub-contractor support as required. Teams with a demonstrated history of providing timely support may be considered more favorably.

Criterion 7aSustainable Design (SF330, Part I, Section H)

Firms will be evaluated in terms of their knowledge and demonstrated experience in applying sustainability concepts through an integral design approach and designing in accordance with recognized sustainability rating systems, such as Green Globe, LEED, etc.

Submission Requirements:

Identify examples indicating design team (including consultants) experience and concepts employed, certification awarded, and accredited professionals proposed for this contract.

For projects certified, submit a copy of the certificate (certificates are not included toward the overall page count).

Criterion 8aCommitment to Small Business (SF 330, Part I, Section H):

Firms will be evaluated in terms of the extent to which they have identified and committed to Small Business (SB), Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB), Women-Owned Small Business (WOSB), Historically Underutilized Business Zone Small Business (HUBZone), Veteran-Owned Small Business (VOSB), Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), and if applicable, Historically Black Colleges or Universities and Minority Institutions (HBCU/MI) in performance of this contract, whether as a joint venture, teaming arrangement, or subcontractor.

The Government will evaluate proposals based on: (A) Past performance in utilization of small business concerns, and (B) Participation of small business concerns for this requirement. In support of (A), all firms shall provide historical data on utilization of SB, SDB, WOSB, HUBZone, VOSB, SDVOSB and HBCU/MI. Large businesses shall submit three afinala? or amost recenta? Individual Subcontracting Reports (ISRs) for similar contracts of relative size which show compliance with utilizing the various types of small business firms noted above. If ISRs are not FINAL or MOST RECENT, they will not be considered. If subcontracting goals were not met, provide an explanation. If ISRs were not applicable to the similar contracts noted, large businesses shall submit other documentation which shows their utilization of the various types of small business firms for the contracts.

Small Businesses shall also submit documentation which shows their utilization of the various types of small business firms for similar contracts of relative size. In support of (B), large businesses shall submit a draft Small Business Subcontracting Plan, in which they will be evaluated on the extent to which they identify and commit to the published Small Business Subcontracting Program. The Secretary of the Navy has assigned the Naval Facilities Engineering Command goals for FY2017 in terms of percentages of total planned subcontracting dollars for utilization of small businesses. Demonstrate the plan to meet these goals:

SB 65%

SDB 15%

WOSB 15%

HubZone 6%


If a large business firm is selected for award, a Small Business Subcontracting Plan, in accordance with FAR 19.7 and DFAR 219.7, will be required and incorporated into the contract award.

A draft Small Business Subcontracting Plan is not required from small businesses; however, small businesses shall submit similar information on the extent to which they identify and commit to subcontracting to large business (LB), SB, SDB, WOSB, HUBZone, VOSB, SDVOSB, and HBCU/MI if applicable in the performance of this contract.

The NAICS Code is 541310, Architectural Services, and the Small Business size standard is $7,500,000.

The attached Small Business Subcontracting Plan template (Attachment (B)) shall be used by large businesses to complete the draft subcontracting plan. Firms shall submit their adrafta? Small Business Subcontracting Plans utilizing this template, and ONLY this template.

Criterion 9aVolume of Work (SF 330, Part 1, Section H)

Firms will be evaluated in accordance with DoD Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS) Procedures, Guidance and Information (PGI) 236.602-1, from data extracted from the Federal Procurement Data System (FPDS).

Firms will be evaluated in terms of work previously awarded to the firm by DoD within the past twelve (12) months with the objective of effecting an equitable distribution of contracts among qualified A-E firms including small, disadvantaged business firms, and firms that have not had prior DoD A-E contracts.

Submission Requirements:

Firms do not submit data for this factor.
Please consult the list of document viewers if you cannot open a file.
Solicitation 1
Posted Date:
September 14, 2017
Description: See Solicitation
Amendment 1
Posted Date:
September 19, 2017
Description: See Solicitation
Contracting Office Address :
N40085 NAVFAC Mid-Atlantic Naval Facilities Engineering Command, Mid-Atlantic Code AQ, 9742 Maryland Avenue Norfolk, VA
Point of Contact(s) :
Amanda Bricker 757-341-1979

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