Boundary Line Survey, Blazing,...

Agency: State Government of New Hampshire
State: New Hampshire
Type of Government: State & Local
NAICS Category:
  • 541370 - Surveying and Mapping (except Geophysical) Services
Posted Date: Jun 15, 2020
Due Date: Jul 17, 2020
Solicitation No: RFP F&G 2020-09
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Boundary Line Survey, Blazing,... RFP F&G 2020-09 7/17/2020 3:00PM Open Pospesil, Eric ENGINEERING SERVICES, PROFESSI...

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RFP Boundary Line Survey, Blazing, Painting & Signing
Section 1 – Overview and Schedule
*Note* be sure to read and comprehend this document prior to submitting a proposal.
A. Executive Summary
MANAGEMENT CONDITION & OBJECTIVES: The State of New Hampshire Fish and Game
Department (NHFG) is seeking bids to survey and establish boundary lines on two separate sections of the
Piscassic Wildlife Management Area located in the towns of Epping, Exeter and Newfields. The areas
include the entire 71+/- acre portion of the Smith & Patterson Tracts of the Piscassic WMA and portions of
the 315 +/- acre parcels known as the Dow and Nichols Tracts. These areas were either not blazed or
painted at the time of acquisition, or are too difficult to identify on the ground. The majority of monuments
exist around the perimeter of these areas as depicted on survey plans. Based on a recent reconnaissance, the
Nichols Tract is missing four out of six corners. NHFG also requests that the remaining exterior boundaries
be brushed, blazed, painted and state boundary line signs placed around all areas as indicated on the Survey
and Boundary Line Maintenance Plan (See Appendix.)
MANAGEMENT SUMMARY: The New Hampshire Fish and Game Department is owner of lands throughout
the state referred to as Wildlife Management Areas (WMA). Initially 315 acres of the Piscassic WMA was
acquired through the efforts of the Great Bay Resource Protection Partnership, with The Nature Conservancy
acting as the Partnership's fiscal agent, and transferred to the NH Fish & Game Department beginning in 2006.
Since then several additional parcels have been added bringing the total land area of the Piscassic WMA to over
1000 acres, encompassing portions of four towns. A recent reconnaissance of the entire WMA utilizing the
recorded plans and a DGPS GNSS handheld receiver has determined that while some of the boundary lines can
be easily identified and there is good physical evidence, i.e. blaze lines, stonewalls, wire fences and monuments,
some areas will require survey to establish or re-establish portions of the boundaries, including the four missing
corner monuments.
Surveys were performed in 2011, for the Smith and Patterson parcels, still evidenced today by cut traverse lines.
During this time missing monuments were set. The Nichols Tract was originally subdivided in 2005 into five
lots, four of the lots being divided between the Nichols family and the fifth lot comprising 24.5 acres, conveyed
to The Nature Conservancy and later to NHFG. In 2009 the Nichols family did a lot line adjustment to
reconfigure their landholdings. Not all of the monuments were set, but those that were are sufficient to recreate
the lines and missing corners of the NHFG portion. The Dow parcel was surveyed in 2005 for The Nature
Conservancy. Monuments were set, but it does not appear to have been re-blazed at that time. Minimal
evidence was recently observed during reconnaissance. There is some blazing and the southwesterly section of
the line is flagged and blazed, but not painted. NH Fish & Game plans to contract to have the entire WMA
boundaries brushed, blazed, painted and state property signs placed approximately every 250 feet and at all
corners. This contract will include sections that require surveying to re-establish missing corners and lines in
addition to the standard line maintenance described above. The Smith-Patterson Tracts total approximately
10,926 ft. – 2.1 mi. of boundary and the Dow-Nichols Tract comprises 22,147 ft. – 4.2 mi. of boundary. Some
sections include Class VI roads, and streams that require just signs be placed.
B. Schedule
The following table provides a Schedule of Events for this RFP through contract finalization and
approval. State Contracts that are less than $10,000 do not require Governor & Executive Council
approval, and as such, shorten this timeframe. The NHFG Department reserves the right to amend this
Schedule at its sole discretion and at any time through a published addendum.
RFP Schedule
RFP posted on Administrative services Website -
RFP Inquiry Period Ends
Final Agency Responses to Proposer Inquiries
Final day to Submit Proposals
Estimated review of proposals and grading
Estimated Notification of Selection
Estimated Governor & Executive Council review for approval
3:00 PM
3:00 PM
3:00 PM
Section 2 - Description of Agency/Program Issuing the Request for Proposals
As the guardian of the state's fish, wildlife and marine resources, the New Hampshire Fish and Game
Department works in partnership with the public to conserve, manage and protect these resources and
their habitats. NHFG’s role is also to inform and educate the public about these resources and provide the
public with opportunities to use and appreciate these resources.
Section 3 – Proposed Scope of Work
Work will consist of Establishing New Line, Monumenting Missing Corners, Brushing, Blazing,
Painting & Signage as described below:
a) All survey work under this contract must conform to the State of New Hampshire Laws and
Administrative Rules governing licensing and practice of Land Surveyors, Chapters Lan 100 -500.
b) New Hampshire Fish and Game Department will supply the following materials; paint, aluminum
nails and signs. Upon completion of the project, unused materials are to be returned to New
Hampshire Fish & Game Department.
c) The property line shall be brushed out approximately five feet (5’) horizontally, two and one half (2
½’) feet each side of the line and six feet (6’) vertically removing brush, limbs, saplings, etc. so that
the line is clearly visible.
d) Painting of boundary line blazes shall be generally rectangular in shape, and a minimum of 2” wide x
4” long. Blaze protocol: Blazes fore and aft are online trees, all other trees standing within two feet
(2’) to four feet (4’) to the left or right of the line are given a single side blaze facing the line. Painted
blaze trees should not be further than thirty feet (30’) to forty feet (40’) apart when possible, and in
cases where tree spacing is greater, blazes should remain inter-visible. Trees too small to be blazed
may be stripped with paint in order to maintain visibility. (See Appendix A). If using flagging to
indicate boundary prior to blazing and painting, flagging must be removed once maintenance is
completed. Old existing blazes found outside the allowable four feet (4’) limit of a side blaze should
not be repainted.
e) Orange paint will be used to paint blazes and shall be applied using a 2”- 4” paint brush. The paint
will be applied in a thick consistency (not washy) completely covering the blaze.
f) Witness of Boundary corners: 1-3 separate witness trees will establish each corner. Each tree will
have three painted blazes vertically aligned facing the corner. Boundary lines and corners must be
clearly visible “heading to” and “leaving from” each corner monument. Within approximately (10’)
ten feet either side of boundary intersection/property corner, witness signs are installed facing the
corner and just beyond this distance boundary signs should be placed perpendicular of the boundary
line direction and facing the abutting property. (Appendix A).
g) State Boundary Signs (3” x 9”) will be installed approximately 250’ apart along all boundary lines.
State Corner Signs (3” x 7”) will be installed at each corner. Old boundary and corner signs must be
removed and properly disposed of. Important: 2 ½” or longer nails must be used to post signs on
live trees and shall be driven 2/3rd the length of the nail shaft, leaving 1/3rd shaft and nail head
proud of the face of the tree. This allows space for the sign to move as the tree continues to grow
and retain the boundary signage.
h) CAUTION MUST BE EXERCISED when witnessing boundary lines that cross hiking/snowmobile
trails at the property line. At these intersections, paint will be absent a minimum of fifty feet (50’)
from the trail intersection so users do not confuse the boundary line blazes for a trail witness. Property
signs will be hung at trail intersections facing the abutting property to the WMA property. Signs will
be fixed every 50’ for a total distance of 100’ left and 100’ right of the intersection along the boundary
where blazes and paint are omitted.
i) CAUTION AND APPROPRIATE DISCRETION should be exercised in areas immediately
adjacent to abutting houses and maintained yards. Limited and minimal blazing and painting should
be done in these areas and only line blazes or side blazes on NHFG land. Property signs should still
maintain the standard spacing. No blazing or signing of maintained yard trees should be performed.
j) Boundary lines in areas inundated with water year-round should be marked up to and leaving the area
of inundation. Emergent marshes should also be marked in this same manor. Large areas of semi
treed alder swamps should be blazed where possible or accommodations will be made for the periodic
placement of metal fence posts. This method should also be used in woodland shrub areas. This will
be determined on a case by case basis and communicated between NHFG and the Contractor.
Contract term:
Contract will be in force upon Governor and Council approval through June 4, 2021. Work must
begin and continue on a regular basis no later than one month after the day of approval by
Governor and Council.
*Note*: NH Fish & Game intends for the contractor to initiate the Scope of Work of this contract in a
consistent and timely manner employing individuals with the ability to provide a quality product and
manage the rigors of backcountry fieldwork on a large remote landscape. Also, this contract cannot be
subcontracted in part or completely to another and must be performed by the successful bidding company
or individual recognized as the “Contractor”.
Payment of up to 50% (fifty percent) will be made during the contract period. Payment will be based on
the completion of the brushing and blazing of the entire area as shown on attached plan.
The final payment, remaining 50% (fifty percent) of the contract, will be made contingent upon
completion of the painting, signing and monumenting of the perimeter boundary as depicted.
The balance payment, by Fish & Game Dept. to the contractor requires receipt of the final bill and
acceptance of required fieldwork and documentation/documents in Scope of Work. Payment may be
delayed in the event that upon review of completed work it is determined said work is not consistent with
the Scope of Work. Payment to be made only when all contract work is completed in accordance with the
guidelines set forth, as specified in the Scope of Work with approval of the project administrator.
Work will consist of surveying and establishing new lot lines and setting of missing corners as
identified, brushing, blazing and painting of boundary lines and boundary corners as well as
posting boundary signage at property boundary corners and perimeter.
Project administrator (Eric Pospesil, LS) will be responsible for review and acceptance or rejection of
work deemed completed as defined in Scope of Work. In case of disagreement relative to the project work
under the terms of this contract and agreement, the decision of the Executive Director of Fish & Game
shall be final.
Contract will be in force upon Governor and Council approval through June 4, 2021. Work must
begin and continue on a regular basis no later than one month after the day of approval by
Governor and Council.
Section 4 – Process for Submitting a Proposal
A. Proposal Submission, Deadline, and Location Instructions
Proposals submitted in response to this RFP must be received by NHFG no later than 3:00 pm on
7/17/2020 as specified in the Schedule section, herein. Proposals may be submitted via email to the point
of contact Eric Pospesil, LS at or sent via mail (email preferred).
Proposals mailed must be clearly marked as follows:
State of New Hampshire, Fish and Game Department
11 Hazen Drive, Concord, NH 03301
Piscassic WMA RFP - Eric Pospesil, Land Surveyor
Unless waived as a non-material deviation in accordance with Section 6B, late submissions will not be
accepted and will be returned to the proposers unopened. Delivery of the Proposals shall be at the
Proposer’s expense. The time of receipt shall be considered when a Proposal has been officially
documented by NHFG, in accordance with its established policies, as having been received at the location
designated above. NHFG accepts no responsibility for mislabeled mail or mail that is not delivered or
undeliverable for any reason. Any damage that may occur due to shipping shall be the Proposer’s
responsibility. All Proposals submitted by mail in response to this RFP must consist of (1) one original
clearly identified copy of the Bid Proposal, including all required attachments and the separate sealed cost
proposal. If submitting electronically, the sealed bid should be attached as a separate document and
include the words, “sealed bid” within the name of the file.
B. Proposal Inquiries
All inquiries concerning this RFP, including but not limited to, requests for clarifications, questions, and
any changes to the RFP, shall be submitted via email to the following RFP designated Point of Contact:
TO: Eric Pospesil, LS – put Piscassic WMA RFP in the subject line.
Inquiries must be received by NHFG’s RFP Point of Contact no later than 3:00pm, 7/6/2020, the
conclusion of the Proposer Inquiry Period (see Schedule of Events section, herein). Answers to Inquiries
will be shared among all interested parties. Inquiries received later than the conclusion of the Proposer
Inquiry Period shall not be considered properly submitted and may not be considered.
NHFG intends to issue official responses via email to properly submitted inquiries on or before, 3:00pm,
7/7/2020 the date specified in the Schedule section, herein; however, this date is subject to change at
NHFG’s discretion. NHFG may consolidate and/or paraphrase questions for sufficiency and clarity.
NHFG may, at its discretion, amend this RFP on its own initiative or in response to issues raised by
inquiries, as it deems appropriate. Oral statements, representations, clarifications, or modifications
concerning the RFP shall not be binding upon NHFG. Official responses by NHFG will be made only in
writing by the process described above.
C. Restriction of Contact with Agency Employees
From the date of release of this RFP until an award is made and announced regarding the selection of a
Proposer, all communication with personnel employed by or under contract with NHFG regarding this
RFP is forbidden unless first approved by the RFP Point of Contact listed in the Proposal Inquiries
section, herein. NHFG employees have been directed not to hold conferences and/or discussions
concerning this RFP with any potential contractor during the selection process, unless otherwise
authorized by the RFP Point of Contact. Proposers may be disqualified for violating this restriction on
D. Validity of Proposal
Proposals must be valid for ninety (90) days following the deadline for submission of Proposals in
Schedule of Events, or until the Effective Date of any resulting Contract, whichever is later.
Section 5 - Content and Requirements for a Proposal
Proposals shall follow the following format and provide the required information set forth below:
A. Table of Contents
B. Company Profile and Qualifications: Please provide an overview of your company, including
number of years in business, expertise, local presence, etc. The overview should particularly
highlight the company's history and experience performing boundary survey and maintenance.
C. Key Personnel: Please provide a short biography on the most important personnel (i.e., the contact
person), on the proposed project and the availability of said personnel to be on the job during the

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