Bond Road Mural

Agency: City of Elk Grove
State: California
Type of Government: State & Local
Posted Date: May 8, 2023
Due Date: Jul 28, 2023
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Type Name Due Date Notice Details Posted
RFP Bond Road Mural 07/28/2023 by 4:00 PM PT View 05/08/2023

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Request for Proposals
Bond Road Mural
City Clerk’s Office
City of Elk Grove
8401 Laguna Palms Way
Elk Grove, CA 95758
Proposals Due by Friday, July 28, 2023 4:00 PM
The City of Elk Grove (City) is accepting proposals from qualified Artists for the Bond Road Mural
Project in accordance with the included specifications, terms, and conditions shown in this Request
for Proposals (RFP). Prospective respondents are advised to read this information over carefully
prior to submitting a proposal.
Proposals must be submitted to the Office of the City Clerk by July 28, 2023 at 4:00 PM.
Electronic Submission:
Proposals may be submitted electronically in pdf form emailed to the Office of the City Clerk Attn:
Jason Lindgren at, with a copy to the Arts Commission at prior to the deadline stated above. Proposal shall be clearly
marked Bond Road Mural Project. Submittals in pdf format must be fully ADA compliant. Large
files may be sent using a cloud-based system such as DropBox. Artists shall be responsible for
ensuring that proposals submitted electronically are received by the City Clerk prior to the deadline.
Proposals that are not received prior to the deadline shall not be considered by the City, even if the
late submission is due to a technical or other error, including, without limitation, the City’s inability
to open or access the electronic file. If the proposing Artist does not receive a confirmation from
the City Clerk that the proposal has been received, Artist should assume the transmission failed
and either resubmit or arrange for another method of delivery. Artists are also encouraged to
contact the City Clerk to confirm receipt of their proposal prior to the deadline. Proposals shall not
be accepted by fax.
Written Submissions:
If electronic submission is not available, proposals may also be submitted in writing. One signed
original, and one USB Flash Drive copy of the proposal must be submitted to the Office of the City
Clerk prior to the deadline noted above. Proposal shall be submitted in a sealed envelope clearly
marked Bond Road Mural Project and addressed to:
8401 Laguna Palms Way
Elk Grove, CA 95758
Questions regarding this RFP are to be directed by e-mail to:
Such contact shall be for clarification purposes only. The City must receive all questions no later
than 4:00 PM July 17,, 2023. Material changes, if any, to the scope of services or proposal
procedures shall only be transmitted by written addendum and posted to the City web site.
Addendums and answers to submitted questions will be available via the City of Elk Grove web site
under “Notice” for the RFP announcement.
Proposals shall not be accepted by fax.
Late Proposals:
Proposals arriving after the specified date and time shall not be considered, nor will late proposals
be opened. Each Artist assumes responsibility for timely submission of its proposal.
Withdrawal or Modifications of Proposals:
Any proposal may be withdrawn or modified by a written request signed by the Artist and received
by the City Clerk prior to the final time and date for the receipt of proposals. Once the deadline is
past, Artists are obligated to fulfill the terms of their proposal.
Proposal Acceptance and Rejection:
The City reserves the right to accept any proposal, reject any and all proposals, and to call for new
proposals or dispense with the proposal process in accordance with the Elk Grove Municipal Code.
Proposal Evaluation and Award:
Evaluation shall be made based on the criteria noted in Attachment A: Evaluation and Selection
Criteria. A contract may be awarded to the responsible Artist who best meets the City’s needs by
demonstrating the competence, and qualifications necessary for the satisfactory performance of
the required services, shall not necessarily be based on the lowest priced proposal, but shall be
based on a determination of which services offered serve the best interest of the City, except as
otherwise provided by law, taking into consideration adherence to the included specifications. A
contract may be awarded to the next responsible Artist if the successful Artist refuses or fails to
execute the contract. All Artists that were not selected by the City shall be notified in writing.
Nothing herein shall obligate the City to award a contract to any responding Artist. Any contract
awarded will be non-exclusive, and the City reserves the right to seek services from other sources,
in the City’s sole discretion.
Register with the California Secretary of State:
Unless Artist is a sole proprietorship, Artist must be registered and in good standing with the
California Secretary of State within 14 days following notification of the City’s intent to award a
contract to Artist and prior to execution of a final contract. Failure to timely register with the
Secretary of State may result in the City awarding the contract to another Artist. Additional
information regarding the registration process may be found on the Secretary of State’s website at:
Disclosure of Submitted Materials:
After selection and execution of the contract(s), (or prior thereto if required by law) all information
and materials provided in each submittal received is subject to disclosure through a public records
request pursuant to the California Public Records Act, or otherwise as may be required by law. The
City, in its sole discretion, may release any submitted materials, regardless of whether such
materials are marked by respondents as confidential or otherwise as protected.
Waiver of Irregularities:
The City retains the right, in its sole discretion, to waive any irregularities in proposals that do not
comply with the strict requirements of this RFP, and the City reserves the right to award a contract
to an Artist submitting any such non-compliant proposal, all in the City’s sole discretion.
Local Vendor Preference:
A bid or proposal from a local vendor for commodities, equipment, and general services will be
tabulated as if it were five (5%) percent below the figure actually set forth in the bid or proposal, up
to a maximum preference of Fifty Thousand and no/100th ($50,000.00) Dollars per bid or proposal,
to account for the financial advantages accruing to the City by the award of a bid to a local vendor.
Bids or proposals submitted in response to this RFP will be evaluated on the basis of a local
preference of five (5%) percent of the bid or proposal price.
"Local vendor" means a person or legal entity which has a place of business (other than a post
office box) within the City and has a valid, current business license issued by the City. To qualify
as a local vendor for the purposes of Section 3.42.230 of this Code, the vendor shall submit with
its bid or proposal a completed City-provided affidavit that documents the following: 1) the business
has a facility with a City of Elk Grove address, 2) the business has, during at least one (1) year
immediately preceding the submission of the bid or proposal, attributed sales tax to the City of Elk
Grove, and 3) the business has had a City of Elk Grove business license for at least one (1) year
prior to the submission of the bid or proposal. The affidavit can be obtained by accessing the
Request for Proposal and Bids section of the City web site,
Validity of Pricing:
Artists are required to provide a fee structure including the hourly rate of the principals to be
assigned to the matter, and proposed cost (line item descriptions and pricing), and expense
reimbursements levels, and total costs. No cost increases shall be passed onto the City after the
proposal has been submitted. No attempt shall be made to tie any item or items contained in this
RFP with any other business with the City; each proposal must stand on its own.
No Guarantee of Usage:
Any quantities listed in this RFP are estimated or projected and are provided for tabulation and
information purposes only. No guarantee of quantities is given or implied by the City. Artist must
furnish the City’s needs as they arise.
When required, the City may request full demonstrations prior to award. When such
demonstrations are requested, the Artist shall respond promptly and arrange a demonstration at a
convenient location. Failure to provide a demonstration as specified by the City may result in
rejection of a proposal.
Use of Other Governmental Contracts:
The City reserves the right to reject any part or all of any proposals received and utilize other
available governmental contracts.
Proposals will only be considered from Artists normally engaged in providing the services specified
herein. By responding to this RFP, the Artist consents to the City’s right to inspect the Artist’s
facilities, personnel, and organization at any time, or to take any other action necessary to
determine Artist’s ability to perform. The City reserves the right to reject proposals where evidence
or evaluation is determined to indicate inability to perform. The City reserves the right to interview
any or all responding Artists and/or to award a contract without conducting interviews.
Acceptance and Conditions
The services rendered in response to the RFP must comply fully with the terms of the RFP. The
City will make payment only after the services rendered are reviewed and accepted as complete
by the City.
Other Governmental Entities:
If the Artist is awarded a contract as a result of this RFP, the Artist shall, if the Artist has sufficient
capacity, provide to other governmental agencies, so requesting, the services awarded in
accordance with the terms and conditions of the RFP.
Payment Terms:
Payment shall be made as set forth in the contract attached hereto as Attachment B. In submitting
proposals under these specifications, Artists should take into account all discounts, both trade and
time, allowed in accordance with the payment terms.
It is the intention of the City to acquire services as specified herein from an Artist that will give
prompt and convenient service.
Term of Contract:
The term of the contract will be for a specific period of time, commencing upon execution. The City
anticipates the contract to be for a term of four (4) months. The City reserves the right to set the
term for a period deemed to be in the best interest of the City, and terminate the contract as set
forth therein.
If, in the course of the performance of the contract, Artist or the City proposes changes to the
services provided, and informal consultation with the other party indicates that a change in the
terms and conditions of the contract may be warranted, Artist or the City may request a change in
the contract. The parties to the contract will meet to discuss and negotiate the required documents.
Upon completion of those negotiations, the negotiated documents will be submitted to the City for
approval. Upon approval by the City, an amendment to the Contract will be approved by all parties
for the change to be implemented. An amendment shall not render ineffective or invalidate any
unaffected portions of the Contract. Nothing in this section obligates the City to agree to any
change order or other amendment, and the City may withhold such agreement in its sole discretion.
Service and support:
All Artists shall explain how all on-going service and support shall be handled by the Artist and the
City of Elk Grove.
The Artist shall maintain complete and accurate records with respect to labor costs, material
expenses, and other such information required by City that relates to the performance of services
under the contract. The Artist shall maintain adequate records of services provided in sufficient
detail to permit an evaluation of the services. All such records shall be maintained in accordance
with generally accepted accounting principles and shall be clearly identified and readily accessible
and in a form acceptable to the City, which the City may specify and change from time to time. The
Artist shall provide free access to the representatives of City or its designees, at reasonable times,
to such books and records, shall give City the right to examine and audit said books and records,
shall permit City to make transcripts there from as necessary, and shall allow inspection of all work,
data, documents, proceedings, and activities related to the contract. Such records, together with
supporting documents, shall be maintained for City’s inspection for a period of at least three (3)
years after receipt of final payment.
(See next page for Guidelines for Proposal)

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