Bids for Standby Generator Repair & Preventive Maintenance

Agency: York County
State: South Carolina
Type of Government: State & Local
NAICS Category:
  • 811219 - Other Electronic and Precision Equipment Repair and Maintenance
  • 811310 - Commercial and Industrial Machinery and Equipment (except Automotive and Electronic) Repair and Maintenance
Posted Date: Jun 11, 2021
Due Date: Jul 15, 2021
Solicitation No: 2762
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2762 Bid View Bids for Standby Generator Repair & Preventive Maintenance 7/15/2021 11:00 AM

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Teria G. Sheffield
Procurement Director
SOLICITATION TYPE: Invitation for Bids
DATE: June 10, 2021
ID Number: 2762
Title: Standby Generator Repair & Preventive Maintenance
Due Date/Time: Thursday, July 15, 2021 at 11:00 a.m.
Mail or Deliver To:
York County Procurement
Government Center Building, Room 3501
PO Box 180
6 S. Congress St., York, SC 29745
Opening Location:
Government Center Building
Room 3801
6 S. Congress St., York, SC 29745
Pre-Solicitation Conference: N/A
Point of Contact: Bryant Cook, Procurement Manager
Additional Documents available from: N/A
Questions Deadline: No later than 5:00 p.m. Thursday, July 8, 2021
Submittals required: One (1) signed original, and one (1) signed copy
Tentative Date of Council Approval: Monday, August 16, 2021
Note: As York County continues to monitor the activity of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) throughout
South Carolina, the County also continues to assess daily operations and take proactive measures to
protect the public. As such, in an effort to protect the public’s health, safety, and welfare, York County
requires all participants attending York County’s pre submittal conferences and public bid openings to
practice social distancing and the wearing of masks.
PO Box 180, 6 South Congress Street, York, SC 29745
Telephone: 803-684-8520 Fax: 803-684-8580 Web:
The submittal must be signed by an authorized representative of the Offeror accepting all terms and
conditions contained in this document and any addenda. Modifying the terms and conditions of this
solicitation may result in your response being rejected.
Minority Status
_____ Not Minority Owned
_____ African American Male
_____ Caucasian Female
_____ African American Female
_____ Aleut
_____ Eskimo
_____ East Indian
_____ Native American
_____ Asian
_____ Other (Please Explain)
1.1 Description
The purpose of this request is to solicit sealed bids from qualified proposing firms hereafter
referred to as “Bidders” able to perform the services of Standby Generator Repair and
Preventive Maintenance for York County Government buildings. York County Government
currently has 15 standby generators for multiple buildings and facilities throughout the county
that require service and preventive maintenance.
York County is seeking contractors to bid on an annual agreement for Generator Equipment
Preventative Maintenance and Repair Services for various buildings located in York County.
Generator PM and repair services being requested under this agreement include Quarterly
maintenance to include the following: 1 Major PM service, 3 minor PM service. Additional 1
Fuel Test per year per generator. Generator repair services as needed.
Award will be made to the lowest overall total bid based on the Major, Minor and Fuel Test.
The term of this agreement will be for thirty six (36) months with two (2) additional twelve (12)
month options for renewal.
1.2 Requirements
Bidder service employees must be trained and qualified to perform the services described
herein. Bidder must have all licenses and certifications to perform work on all listed in this
The work to be performed by the Bidder under this agreement shall consist of furnishing all
material, labor, tools and equipment necessary to provide full preventative maintenance
repair service on the equipment described in this solicitation.
Any work not specifically mentioned, but which is needed to make the maintenance complete
within the terms of this agreement shall be performed without additional cost.
The Bidder warrants that capability of maintaining this equipment covered by this agreement
to its original design capabilities based on the equipment condition as surveyed and all the
technical information available at the time of award of this agreement.
Bidder will furnish a report/ticket for any and all visits to the Facilities Maintenance Supervisor
within 48 business hours of site visits. This includes all scheduled maintenance visits as well
as emergency, abatement or any other visits. The followings items must be included on all
Technician(s) name
Check in time, check out time per job
A record of the problem reported, a description of work performed, materials used;
materials on order
Date of return if needed to complete repair
Name of York County employee that requested service
Name of any York County employee assisting in repair
1.3 Scope of Work
Required Maintenance Service: Bidder under this contract will maintain generators as
hereinafter described on the terms and conditions subsequently set forth. Bidder will
use trained staff directly employed and supervised by the Bidder. Staff members will be
qualified to keep the equipment properly adjusted, and will use all reasonable care to
maintain in proper and safe operating condition.
Major Preventative Maintenance Visit (1 per Year) and Minor Preventative
Maintenance (3 per year) to include, but not limited to:
Awarded contractor is to schedule a time to complete preventative
maintenance services with the appropriate building manager before service
a. Cooling System
•Inspect radiator/heat exchanger for leaks, exterior cleanliness and/or
• Check and record coolant level.
• Check and record coolant freeze protection.
• Inspect hoses and connections for signs of leaks and/or deterioration.
• Inspect fan drive pulley and fan for signs of wear or cracks.
• Inspect fan drive belts for signs of cracking or deterioration.
• Confirm jacket water heater is working and record coolant temperature
(engine not running).
• Inspect water pump for any indication of leaks.
b. Fuel System
• Inspect fuel water separator (if equipped), drain any water from
water/sediment bowl (if equipped).
• Check and record fuel tank level (if equipped with gauge).
• Visually inspect fuel tank and fuel piping for any indication of leaks.
• Inspect fuel lines and connections for leaks.
• Inspect governor linkage (if equipped) for free movement and signs of
• Record fuel pressure (if equipped) while engine is running.
c. Air Intake and Exhaust System
• Check air filter restriction gauge (if equipped with gauge) for amount of
filter restriction.
• Inspect filter element visually.
• Inspect air intake system for any loose components or signs of
• Inspect turbocharger(s) (if equipped) for loose intake or exhaust
d. Lube Oil System
• Verify oil level is between “add” and “full” marks on dipstick.
• Inspect crankcase breather and related tubing for signs of leaks or
excessive pressure.
• Crankcase fumes disposal tube/piping should be extended beyond
radiator to prevent oil mist contamination of radiator core.
• Note and record oil pressure on gauge with engine running.
• Check for any signs of oil leaks.
* If engine is not currently equipped with a sample valve, Bidder will install
one at no cost during first scheduled service
e. Starting System
• Check and record specific gravity reading of each cell (if maintainable).
• Check for proper level of electrolyte in each cell.
• Check battery charger for proper operation and record amperage reading.
• Check and record the last date that batteries were replaced. Recommend
that batteries be replaced every three years, regardless of condition.
f. Control Panel
• Verify gauges are operating and record readings.
• Check for presence of any warning lights/alarms.
• Perform lamp/bulb test.
g. Safety Controls-
check for proper operation of safety devices below:
• Overcrank
• Overspeed
• High Coolant Temperature
• Low Oil Pressure
• Not-in-Auto
• Emergency Stop
h. Natural Gas or Propane Generator Sets
• Inspect engine gas lines, regulator and carburetor for signs of
• Inspect carburetor and linkage (if equipped) for proper operation.
• Inspect ignition system (magneto/distributor/spark plugs/wires).

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