11/18/21 - Bid #10-21-22-04 ¡°On-Call Engineering Consultant ? Bridges¡±

Agency: City of Danbury
State: Connecticut
Type of Government: State & Local
NAICS Category:
  • 541330 - Engineering Services
Posted Date: Oct 21, 2021
Due Date: Nov 18, 2021
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11/18/21 - Bid #10-21-22-04 “On-Call Engineering Consultant – Bridges”

Request for Qualifications
On-Call Engineering Consultant - Bridges
Project No. 21-11
Bid No. 10-21-22-04

The City of Danbury is inviting the submission of qualifications from consulting engineering firms to provide on-call services relative to inspections of and improvements to city bridges.

For a copy of the complete Scope of Work click here

Interested firms are to submit five copies of their interest statement and qualifications to Charles J. Volpe, Purchasing Agent, 155 Deer Hill Avenue, Danbury, CT 06810 by 2:00 p.m. on November 18, 2021.

Envelopes are to be marked:
Bid No. 10-21-22-04 “On-Call Engineering Consultant – Bridges”

Charles J. Volpe, Jr.
Purchasing Agent

Dated: October 21, 2021

Attachment Preview

Scope of Work
On-Call Consulting Engineer Bridges
Project No. 21-11
Bid No. 10-21-22-04
The City of Danbury intends to hire a consulting engineering firm or firms to provide on-call
services on an as needed basis for work related to inspections of and/or improvements to and or
replacements of City owned bridges. The on-call consultant(s) may be required to provide services on
short notice and within a tight time schedule. The contract(s) will be a three year contract with the
possibility of a two year mutually agreeable time extension. No guarantee is made as to the quantity of
work to be awarded related to this on-call services contract(s). The successful consulting firm(s) will be
required to provide copies of its professional liability and general liability insurance certificates naming
the City as an additional insured, which certificates are to be in forms acceptable to the City’s Risk
Manager. The types and limits of required insurance coverage are indicated in the sample City/Consultant
contract attached hereto. The sample City/Consultant contract attached is being provided for general
information purposes only. Modifications to the sample contract may be made for this specific project.
The qualification statements are to include the names of those qualified engineers who will be
assigned to City projects (Project Manager, etc.). The qualification statements are to include the
consulting engineering firm’s current hourly rate schedule. The consulting firm is to be licensed to work
in the State of Connecticut. The consulting firm is to be familiar with State DOT design and bridge repair
standards and procedures, as well as State of Connecticut and Federal funding assistance programs. The
consulting firm is to be capable of producing projects using AutoCAD. Four copies of the firm’s
qualification statement are to be submitted.
The following is a list of the types of work for which the engineer’s services may be required.
The list is not intended to be all inclusive but is meant to provide samples of the types of services that
may be involved. Some bridge improvement work will be done by City personnel. Other improvements
will be publicly bid. Full construction plans and contracts will be required for those contracts that will be
publicly bid.
Inspections of City bridges/culverts on an emergency basis, if serious defects are found
by City. Engineering report is to include recommendations relative to emergency repairs
that can be made, weight limit postings, closure of bridge, etc.
Inspection of City bridges/culverts on a non-emergency basis as part of a general bridge
inspection program, as funding allows.
Design of bridge/culverts emergency and permanent repairs to be performed by City
Highway Department personnel.
Design of bridge/culverts repairs or complete bridge replacements, including roadway
design, guiderail and bridge rail design, as warranted, to be put out to public bid. Includes
preparation of plans, specifications and contract documents.
Hydraulic and Hydrology Analyses may be required.
On occasion, the consultant may be asked to provide or subcontract the following:
o wetland delineation/wetland assessment
o borings and geotechnical engineering reports
o testing and analysis of contaminated soil
Provision of assistance to City during funding application process (drafting State Local
Bridge Program or other funding source application with submittals, etc.) and
approval/permitting process (Army Corps of Engineers, State of Connecticut DEEP, City
of Danbury Environmental Impact Commission, etc.)
Attendance at public information meetings or before approving agencies and/or
commissions may be required.
Construction inspection and contract administration services.
Questions regarding this request for qualifications can be directed to Chick Volpe, Purchasing
Agent, at c.volpe@danbury-ct.gov.
THIS CONTRACT is made and entered into this ___ day of _________ in the year Two Thousand
_______ by and between the City of Danbury, Connecticut, a municipal corporation, having its principal office at
155 Deer Hill Avenue, Danbury, Connecticut 06810 hereinafter designated as the “CITY” and _____________, a
__________________ corporation, having its principal office at ____________________, hereinafter designated
as the “CONSULTANT”.
WITNESSETH: That the CONSULTANT has agreed and by these presents does agree with the said
CITY for the considerations herein mentioned and contained, to perform the proposed work in the manner and
under the requirements further specified in this contract.
Consultant shall provide, or cause to be provided, the services set forth in the Request for Qualifications
On-Call Consultants City Project No. _________, Bid No. _____________, and the response to the request
dated _____________, and submitted by the Consultant, and the services set forth in contract addendums as
may be submitted and provided from time to time by the Consultant in its capacity as an “On-Call Consultant”.
The Request for Qualifications and the Response to the Request and any subsequent contract addendums
submitted pertaining to specific services to be performed by the Consultant are attached hereto and made a part
hereof as Exhibit A, and any future submissions shall be referred to sequentially as Exhibit A-1, A-2 and so forth.
Work to be performed hereunder shall commence upon the written authorization to proceed by the
General Supervisor. CONSULTANT shall perform the required services, per the approved Scope of Services,
estimated budget and schedule.
CONSULTANT is not responsible for delays caused by factors beyond the CONSULTANT’S reasonable
control, including but not limited to delays because of strikes, lockouts, work slowdowns or stoppages, accidents,
acts of God, failure of any governmental or other regulatory authority to act in a timely manner, failure of the
CITY to furnish timely information or approve or disapprove of the CONSULTANT’S services or work product
promptly, or delays caused by faulty performance by the CITY, or by contractors of any level. When such delays
beyond the CONSULTANT’S reasonable control occur, the CITY agrees the CONSULTANT is not responsible
for damages, nor shall the CONSULTANT be deemed to be in default of this agreement.
The total compensation for services related to the work will be in accordance with the rates set forth in
the fee schedule, which may be amended on an annual basis subject to CITY review and approval (if no
agreement on amended rates can be reached, the CITY reserves the right to cease the assignment of future
work to the CONSULTANT) and as subject to adjustment, as provided in Section 16 below. Said fee schedule is
attached hereto as Exhibit B and made a part hereof. The CITY will pay all invoices due to CONSULTANT within
forty five (45) days from the date of receipt of said invoice. All invoices are to include employee names, pay
rates and hours worked during the pay period. Direct costs billed to the City shall be accompanied by receipts
and back up data. City will not pay direct costs related to air travel, hotel stays or meals, unless previously
approved by the General Supervisor in extraordinary circumstances.
As described in Section 26 of this contract, subcontractors/subconsultants may be retained by the
CONSULTANT, with approval by the CITY, for work (test borings, site surveys, laboratory analyses, etc.) that
cannot be handled by the CONSULTANT’s office. The CONSULTANT can invoice the CITY for no more than the
actual cost of each subcontractor/subconsultant plus up to a 15% markup.
The CITY may withhold from the CONSULTANT so much of any approved payments due it as may be in
the judgment of the CITY necessary (a) to assure the payment of just claims then due and unpaid of any person
supplying labor or materials for the work; or (b) to protect the CITY from loss due to defective work now
remedied. The CITY shall have the right, as Agent for the CONSULTANT to apply any such amounts so withheld
in such manner as the CITY may deem proper to satisfy such claims, or to secure such protection. Such
application of such money shall be deemed payments for the accounts of the CONSULTANT.
Whenever the words defined in this section occur in this and in the specifications, they shall have the
meaning given below:
The word “CITY” shall mean the City of Danbury, Connecticut.
The word “CONSULTANT” shall mean the party above designated.
GENERAL SUPERVISOR: The words “General Supervisor” shall mean City Engineer of the City of
Danbury, Connecticut, acting either directly or through his personally authorized agent.
It is agreed by the parties to this Contract that the General Supervisor for the CITY shall in all cases
determine the amount and character of the work to be done and to be paid for under this contract, the quality and
acceptability of the materials to be used therein, and shall decide all questions that may arise relative to the
intent and fulfillment of this contract. His estimate and decisions shall be final and conclusive and shall be a
condition precedent to the right of the CONSULTANT to receive any payments under this contract.
Whenever the CONSULTANT is not present at the work when it may be desired to give instructions,
orders may be given by the General Supervisor or his agent, to the superintendent or foreman who may have
charge of the work at the time, and he shall receive and obey such orders forthwith.
Exhibits A and any subsequent contract addendums submitted pertaining to specific services to be
performed by Consultant are intended to be explanatory of the work to be done, but should any discrepancies,
errors or omissions appear they shall be subject to correction and interpretation by the General Supervisor,
thereby defining and fulfilling the intent of this contract. If any part of the work is omitted in the specifications,
whether intentionally or otherwise, or is usually and customarily required to complete fully such work as is
specified herein, the CONSULTANT will not be entitled to extra compensation.
The General Supervisor may make alterations in the scope of the work or any part thereof, either before
or after the commencement of services. If such alterations increase or diminish the quantity of work to be done,
adjustment for such increase or decrease shall be made at the unit prices stipulated for such work under this
contract, except that if unit prices are not stipulated for such work, compensation for increased work shall be
made under the item for Extra Work (Section 16 hereof), and for decreased work, the CONSULTANT shall allow
the CITY a reasonable credit as determined by the General Supervisor. If such alterations diminish the quantity
of work to be done, they shall not warrant any claim for damages or for anticipated profits on the work that is
dispensed with.
The CONSULTANT shall perform the work and furnish the services necessary or proper for performing
and completing the work required by this contract within the allowed time. The CONSULTANT shall complete
the entire work to the satisfaction of the General Supervisor and in accordance with Exhibits A and any
subsequent contract addendums submitted pertaining to specific services to be performed by Consultant, and
the directions of the General Supervisor, as given during the progress of the work at the prices agreed upon and
fixed therefore.
The CONSULTANT will perform all work in a prudent manner. The CITY acknowledges, however, that
the CONSULTANT’S services require decisions, which are not based exclusively upon science, but rather upon
2 of 14
judgmental considerations. The CITY, in accepting the CONSULTANT’S Proposal, acknowledges the inherent
risk to the CITY and its property associated with the work described in the Proposal, in general. The
CONSULTANT will observe that degree of care and skill as is generally exercised by members of such
professions in the same locale acting under similar circumstances and conditions.
Sufficient and competent workers shall be employed by the CONSULTANT to complete the work within
the time specified in Exhibits A and any subsequent contract addendums submitted pertaining to specific
services to be performed by Consultant. If, in the opinion of the General Supervisor, the CONSULTANT shall
employ personnel who are incompetent or unfaithful in the performance of the work, they shall be removed from
the job at the request of the General Supervisor.
Section 11. INSURANCE.
The CONSULTANT shall not commence work under this contract until it has obtained all insurance
required under this article and such insurance has been approved by the CITY, nor shall the CONSULTANT
allow any subcontractor to commence work on its subcontract until all similar insurance required of the
subcontractor has been so obtained and approved. At the commencement of this contract the CONSULTANT
shall provide to the CITY proof from its insurance carrier that it is able to meet the CITY’s insurance
requirements as specified below. Certificates of insurance shall be filed with the CITY ten (10) days prior to the
services described in the exhibits attached hereto as required by Section 1. of this agreement and incorporated
herein, are commenced and shall be subject to the approval of the CITY for adequacy of protection before the
execution of this contract.
All policies relating to this shall be so written that the CITY shall be notified of cancellation or change at
least thirty (30) days prior to the effective date of such cancellation or change.
Certificates from the insurance carrier shall be filed in triplicate with the CITY and shall state the limits of
liability and the expiration date for each policy and type of coverage. The CITY OF DANBURY shall be named
as an additional insured. Renewal certificates covering the renewal of all policies expiring during the life of this
contract shall be filed with the CITY not less than ten (10) days before the expiration of such policies.
Comprehensive General Liability Insurance
The CONSULTANT shall take out and maintain during the entire time that the services described in the
exhibits attached hereby as required by Section 1. of this agreement and incorporated herein, are provided, such
Comprehensive General Liability Insurance as will protect the CONSULTANT, the CITY, and any subcontractor
performing work covered by this contract, from any claims for damages for personal injury, including accidental
or wrongful death, as well as claims for property damages, which may arise from operations under this contract
whether such operations be by itself or by any subcontractor or by anyone directly or indirectly employed by
either of them and the amounts of insurance shall be in the following minimum limits:
Bodily Injury Liability and Property Damage Liability
$ 1,000,000 (combined) each occurrence
The CONSULTANT agrees that in the event that one or more claims are paid under the policies
containing an aggregate coverage limit it shall immediately notify the CITY thereof and at the same time shall
seek either to reinstate the limits of said policy or policies, or alternatively to seek to obtain a new policy providing
for full coverage in accordance with the limits established within. Said replacement coverage shall be obtained
within twenty-four (24) hours and the CITY shall be notified thereof.
Comprehensive Auto Liability Insurance
The CONSULTANT shall take out and maintain during the entire time that the services described in the
exhibits attached hereto as required by Section 1. of this agreement and incorporated herein, are provided, such
Comprehensive Auto Liability Insurance which shall cover the operation of all motor vehicles owned by the
CONSULTANT or used by the CONSULTANT in the prosecution of the work under this contract and the
amounts of such insurance shall be in the following minimum limits:
Bodily Injury Liability and Property Damage Liability
$ 1,000,000 (combined) each occurrence
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