BID# 20-0621-062 Network Equipment Maintenance

Agency: Buffalo Public Schools
State: New York
Type of Government: State & Local
NAICS Category:
  • 541519 - Other Computer Related Services
  • 811212 - Computer and Office Machine Repair and Maintenance
  • 811219 - Other Electronic and Precision Equipment Repair and Maintenance
  • 811310 - Commercial and Industrial Machinery and Equipment (except Automotive and Electronic) Repair and Maintenance
Posted Date: Jan 12, 2020
Due Date: Feb 19, 2020
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  • BID# 20-0621-062 Network Equipment Maintenance

    TO OPEN: 02/19/2020 1:00 PM LOCAL TIME

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    Richard Fanton
    Director of Purchase
    1:00 P.M. LOCAL TIME
    Wednesday, February 19, 2020
    Buffalo Public Schools
    Bureau of Purchase
    65 Niagara Square
    816 City Hall
    Buffalo, NY 14202
    John Palamara
    (716) 816-4677
    Advertise dates:
    Buffalo News 1/12/20
    NYS Contract Reporter 1/10/20
    BPS Website 1/10/20
    Buffalo, New York
    BID #20-0621-062
    Network Equipment Maintenance
    Important note:
    Please include your company’s EEO policy
    statement & Minority/Women’s Business
    utilization affirmation statement.
    Bidder’s name: ____________________________________________
    Address: __________________________________________________
    Phone # __________________________________________________
    Fax # ____________________________________________________
    Signature: ________________________________________________
    Print Name: _______________________________________________
    Title: ________________________________________________
    Email contact: _____________________________________________
    Buffalo Public Schools
    Bureau of Purchase
    65 Niagara Square
    816 City Hall
    Buffalo, New York 14202
    BID #20-0621-062
    Greetings Partners,
    In an effort to determine the efficacies of our distribution of procurement opportunities,
    the Buffalo Public Schools would request that you indicate the method or source in
    which you have obtained knowledge of this and any other procurement opportunities
    from us.
    Below, please indicate the method/source from which you obtained this Bid.
    Thank you.
    _____ Buffalo News classifieds
    _____ Buffalo Rocket
    _____ Buffalo Criterion
    _____ Buffalo Public Schools Purchasing Department web page
    _____ Buffalo Public Schools Twitter Account
    _____ Buffalo Public Schools Facebook page
    _____ Email notification from Purchasing Department staff
    _____ Third Party Municipal Bid Aggregator (BidNet,, etc.)
    Please indicate source:____________________________________________
    _____ Other please indicate source:_____________________________________
    NAME OF COMPANY _____________________________________________
    Dear valued partner,
    If you choose not to bid, please complete the questionnaire below and return it via email
    or fax (716-851-3605) to the Purchase staff listed on the cover of this bid. The purpose of
    gathering this information is to permit the District an opportunity to analyze no-bid
    rationale and is greatly appreciated.
    If you decline to provide the information requested below, your company may be
    considered unresponsive and not interested in receiving future invitations to bid
    and shall be removed from consideration for future opportunities.
    Thank you,
    Richard Fanton
    Director of Purchase
    * * * * * No Bid Questionnaire: * * * * *
    A no bid is submitted in reply to the Buffalo Board of Education Bid #20-0621-062 Network
    Equipment Maintenance.
    Date Due: Wednesday, February 19,2020, for the following reasons:
    ______ Item/service not supplied by our company.
    ______ Bid specifications (give reason(s), e.g., too restrictive, not clear, etc.): _____________________
    ______ Profit margin on municipal bids too low.
    ______ Past experience with BPS (give specifics, e.g., payment delay, bid process, administrative
    problems, etc.)
    ______ Insufficient time allowed to prepare and respond to bid request.
    ______ Bid requirement too large _____ or too small _____ for our company.
    ______ Priority of other business opportunities limit time/other resources available to deliver or perform
    according to bid specifications.
    ______ Other reason(s), please specify: ___________________________________________________
    Please remove our company from your Bidder List files _________.
    Please keep our company on the Bidder List for this requirement _________.
    Please add/ensure our company is included on Bidder List for the following products/services:
    Company Name and Address:
    Phone: (_____) _______________________
    (Typed/Printed Name & Title)
    If you are “NO-BIDDING” this opportunity, please
    return this document (pages 3 & 4) only. There is
    no need to include the rest of the bid.
    Article 1
    Sealed bids for BID #20-0621-062Network Equipment Maintenance as set forth in the
    following specifications will be opened at the Buffalo Public Schools, Bureau of Purchase,
    65 Niagara Square, Suite 816, Buffalo, New York 14202 AT: 1:00 PM ON: Wednesday,
    February 19, 2020.
    Bids submitted should consist of one (1) original hard copy with longhand
    signatures in all appropriate fields, stamped on the cover page “ORIGINAL” and
    one (1) electronic copy of signed original on a USB storage device (Thumb/Flash
    drive) shall be submitted in your sealed proposal package. Bids MUST be signed.
    Unsigned bids may be rejected.
    Submittal of bid by fax or e-mail is not acceptable.
    Article 2
    Complete proposals shall be made upon this form. The signature shall be in long hand
    and the completed form shall be without erasure, alterations, or any conditions inserted by
    the bidders or limitation by letter.
    Article 3
    Bid to be returned to the Buffalo Public Schools, Bureau of Purchase, 65 Niagara Square
    Suite 816, Buffalo, New York 14202 in a sealed envelope with title and number of bid,
    name of bidder, and date of opening on the outside.
    Article 4
    Bids submitted are not subject to any Federal, State, County, or City excise taxes or sales
    Article 5
    All bids must be deposited in the designated “Bid Box” located in Room 816 City Hall prior
    to the scheduled opening of this bid. Bids shall be time stamped upon receipt by
    Purchasing officials. The time stamp Bids received after the due date and time may not be
    considered and shall be held until a determination is made that at least one timely bid
    qualifies for consideration of an award based on bid specifications. If no timely submitted
    bids are deemed qualified per the bid specifications, or if no bids were received timely, the
    District has the right to, but is not obligated to consider late proposals. Once a
    determination has been made by Purchasing officials on the status of untimely bids,
    bidders shall be notified of the status of their untimely bid. That process could take up to,
    but not limited to, 1-6 weeks depending on complexity and other factors. Untimely bids
    may not be returned unless an official request is received by the Director of Purchase via
    Article 6
    Bids cannot be withdrawn for a minimum of sixty (60) days.
    No cash discount will be offered or quoted.
    Article 7
    Once bids for commodities & services are opened, recorded and awarded, the bid
    tabulation results shall be posted within the Purchase Department’s web page via the
    following link;
    Article 8
    Restricted Communication Period (Cone of Silence) as per New York State finance law,
    article 9, section 139-j, during the period of time from the earliest posting or distribution of
    this bid until the Board approval a vendor shall contact only the representative named in
    Article 9 (below) regarding this RFP. Any contacts during this period between a vendor
    and any member, officer or employee of the District is a violation of this provision. The
    District will not respond to any inquiries or questions by any vendor during this period

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