Bid # 35-17-18 Hand Tool Annual Contract

Agency: City of Valdosta
State: Georgia
Type of Government: State & Local
Posted Date: Apr 23, 2018
Due Date: May 22, 2018
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City of Valdosta

Purchasing Division

Bid # 35-17-18

Hand Tool Annual Contract

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Due: May 22, 2018

11:00 AM EST

Submit to:

City of Valdosta Purchasing

Mr. Greg Brown

216 E. Central Ave., 3 rd Floor

P.O. Box 1125

Valdosta, GA 31601

P 229-259-3525

Attachment Preview

P. O. BOX 1125
BID # 35-17-18
Annual Hand Tool Contract
OPENING DATE: May 22, 2018
11:00 A.M. EST
(229) 259-3525 • Fax (229) 259-5460
1. Any prices bid by dealer/vendor on any items offered to the City of Valdosta shall be the
price effective at the date of delivery.
2. No delivery date of “ASAP” (As Soon As Possible) shall be considered acceptable on
items that have a maximum delivery date listed in the specifications.
3. The City of Valdosta reserves the right to accept alternate bids on any or all items where
maximum delivery date, as listed in the specifications is not met by dealer/vendor.
4. Signature below of authorized agent for dealer/vendor shall constitute recognition and
acceptance of all conditions of the sale as listed above.
5. All shipping is to be FOB Valdosta, GA 31601 and included in total price unless
otherwise stated in the bid document.
Authorized Agent
It is the intent of these specifications to furnish the City of Valdosta with the following
requisitioned equipment, according to the attached. It is clearly understood that the following are
minimum specifications and are made in order to show the exact quality through specifications of
the equipment proposed.
The City of Valdosta reserves the right to accept any or all bids or to choose the bid considered to
be in their best interest and to waive any technicalities.
The final decision of purchase will be made upon the award of the City of Valdosta Mayor and
Council if the item or items total are greater than $25,000.
Be sure to put the Bid Number on the outside of your
return envelope.
1. Proposals must be made upon the form of the proposal attached hereto. They must be enclosed in
a sealed plain envelope, with the bid number written on the outside and endorsed with the title of
the proposal, and must be filed with the Purchasing Agent of the City of Valdosta, located at 216
E. Central Ave., 3rd Floor. In the event you choose to mail your proposal, it should be mailed to
Greg Brown, P.A., P.O. Box 1125, Valdosta, Ga. 31603.
2. No bidder will be allowed to withdraw his proposal for any reason whatsoever after the
bids have been opened.
3. The specifications following represent the minimum general size, weight, capacity and
performance characteristics desired in the equipment to be purchased. These requirements
are not intended to prevent obtaining fair prices or to eliminate competition, but to insure,
if possible, that all bids submitted shall not be subject to correction or alteration after the
bid has been filed, opened, and publicly read. In view of an unusual wide disparity in
details of design and manufacture, complete descriptive literature and manufacturer’s
specifications must be submitted on each type of equipment offered. The City of Valdosta
reserves the right to evaluate any or all bids, particularly where there is a range in
specifications. Special consideration will be given to the ready availability of repair parts
and service.
4. Federal or State taxes are not applicable to Georgia Municipalities under the United States
Code Title 26 and Georgia Exemption Certificate Number 3-465-686-300-1.
5. It is expressly understood by the bidder that written notice of the award or purchase order
by the City of Valdosta will constitute an agreement and consummate the transaction and
will serve together with the proposal, the advertisement, these instructions and the detailed
specifications, as the entire form of contract between the parties.
6. The bidder agrees that the City of Valdosta reserves the right to reject any or all proposals,
or to accept the part of the bid considered to be in the best interest of the City.
7. Specifications referred to minimum, therefore unless otherwise indicated by the bidder, the
City will assume proposals meet or exceed all specifications.
8. The names of a certain brand, make or definite specifications are to demote quality standard
of the article desired, but do not restrict bidders to be specific brand, make or manufacturer
named; it is to set forth and convey to prospective bidders the general style, type, character
and quality of the article desired.
9. The award of the contract will be made to the lowest responsible bidder taking into consideration
quality performance and the time specified in the proposals for the performance of the contract. The
City of Valdosta reserves the right to reject all bids as appears in its own best interest and to waive
technicalities. In cases of a tie, the bid will be awarded to the vendor which is in the best interest of
the City.
It is the intent of these specifications to furnish the City of Valdosta with Hand Tools and Work
Items. Pricing shall be offered to any entity or authority the City partially or entirely funds
as well. These are minimum specifications and all deviations should be marked. Please return the
marked deviations along with your proposal to this office.
GENERAL: The City desires to contract with a single vendor to supply the following hand tools
and work items listed below as well as other items not listed but necessary. The prices offered
shall remain fixed for the entire period. The City will do it’s best to order only from the
successful bidder unless an emergency situation arises. Vendor’s agrees to fill orders promptly
and delivery is to be figured into price of each item. Deliveries will be at times made to the
warehouse located on Myrtle St. Customer pick up is also requested as many times the situation
calls for a City employee to physically go to the store for a needed item. Store must be located
within what the City deems an acceptable distance and carry an adequate supply of bid items for
timely pick-ups. The numbers provided are estimates of annual usage and are not guaranteed.
They are provided for bid purposes and to give vendors an idea as to the amount of business
expected. Vendor must supply all items as listed with no substitutions. Contract may be canceled
with 15 days written notice. Vendor must agree to accept credit card payment and/or purchase
order/check. Vendor shall be able to provide a computerized usage report listing description of
item, part number, quantity purchased, and total cost on notification. Report shall list all items
purchased and summaries for each item. This report must be provided on request and cover at
least a full year, 12 month period with items grouped together.
CONTRACT AND RENEWAL: This contract will begin on July 1, 2018 and terminate on
June 30, 2019. The City reserves the right to extend the contract for (2) two, (1) one year
additional periods if both parties are in agreement and the prices remain firm.
1) Round Shovel- #2 size, 9 industrial gauge, 2 rivet, 48" ash handle encased in
fiberglass, comparable to Razor Back # 45013U.
2) Flat Shovel- #2 size, 9 2 A industrial gauge, 2 rivet, 48" ash handle comparable to Razor
Back # 44124U.
3) Lawn Rake- 24" steel bolt through with 24 tines, heavy steel coil spring brace,
comparable to Union 64430U.
4) Bow Rake- 15 teeth, 16" x 3 1/4" on piece forged head, shank nailed to handle,
comparable to Razor Back # 63141U.
5) Grain Scoop- Aluminum scoop #14, 15 1/4" x 19 3/4" blade, 48" handle comparable to
Razor Back# 53127U.
6) Ditch Bank Blade-15" sharpened steel blade with 40" straight handle, comparable to
Council # 640C.

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