Bid for the MJC Camera & Door Access Security Package

Agency: York County
State: South Carolina
Type of Government: State & Local
NAICS Category:
  • 238210 - Electrical Contractors and Other Wiring Installation Contractors
  • 561621 - Security Systems Services (except Locksmiths)
Posted Date: Feb 18, 2021
Due Date: Feb 24, 2021
Solicitation No: 2732
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2732 Bid View View Bid for the MJC Camera & Door Access Security Package 2/24/2021 11:00 AM

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Teria G. Sheffield
Procurement Director
SOLICITATION TYPE: Invitation for Bids
DATE: January 27, 2021
ID Number: 2732
Title: MJC Camera & Door Access Security Package
Due Date/Time: Wednesday, February 24, 2021 at 11:00 a.m.
Mail or Deliver To:
York County Procurement
PO Box 180
Government Center Building, Room 3501
6 S. Congress St., York, SC 29745
Opening Location:
Government Center Building
Room 3801
6 S. Congress St., York, SC 29745
Voluntary Pre-Solicitation Conference: N/A
Point of Contact: Bryant Cook, Procurement Manager
Additional Documents available from: N/A
Questions Deadline: No later than 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, February 17, 2021
Submittals required: One (1) signed original, and one (1) copy
Tentative Date of Council Approval: Monday, March 15, 2021
Note: As York County continues to monitor the activity of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) throughout
South Carolina, the County also continues to assess daily operations and take proactive measures to
protect the public. As such, in an effort to protect the public’s health, safety, and welfare, York County
requires all participants attending York County’s pre submittal conferences and public bid openings to
practice social distancing and the wearing of masks.
PO Box 180, 6 South Congress Street, York, SC 29745
Telephone: 803-684-8520 Fax: 803-684-8580 Web:
The submittal must be signed by an authorized representative of the Offeror accepting all terms and
conditions contained in this document and any addenda. Modifying the terms and conditions of this
solicitation may result in your response being rejected.
Minority Status
_____ Not Minority Owned
_____ African American Male
_____ Caucasian Female
_____ African American Female
_____ Aleut
_____ Eskimo
_____ East Indian
_____ Native American
_____ Asian
_____ Other (Please Explain)
1.1 Description
The purpose of this request is to solicit only qualified professionals who can provide all labor, materials, and
equipment to install and maintain a video surveillance system, card reader system, push release
devices, and network cabling to be installed at the Joseph R. Moss Justice Center or “MJC” located at
1675 York Highway, in York, SC 29745. The system will include indoor and outdoor digital color
cameras as well as remote viewing capabilities that will provide for viewing of live and recorded video
at various locations. The system will include capabilities to manage door access. The County will
provide internet access.
Work must include all labor, wiring, conduit, and associated hardware for a complete and usable
system. All wiring must be hidden as much as possible and installed in a manner to provide maximum
protection from weather conditions and vandalism.
All hardware and software specifications sheets are required, including annual maintenance/support
costs, estimated useful life of hardware, manufacturer make and model, and full technical
specification including camera resolution.
The camera system shall have remote video monitoring access to their specific cameras and Network
Video Recorder (NVR) recordings, plus remote NVR playbacks. This capability shall be available from
anywhere on the network at 30 frames per second (fps).
The successful vendor shall present a plan for the rapid dispatching of local technicians for on-site
repair of the equipment when remote service restoration is not possible.
The successful vendor shall have a Customer Service Help Desk in place to enable timely responses
to all customer issues, including training requests, assistance with pulling video clips, video archiving,
1.2 Video Surveillance System
The video surveillance system shall consist of fixed position, color, digital cameras installed at various
locations around the building and designated areas. The cameras shall have the ability to capture and
store images from cameras digitally to a digital video recorder as specified below. Some cameras will
be single fixed lens, some will be multiple fixed lens in a single housing. The video surveillance
system shall also:
a. Feature the ability to record all cameras simultaneously.
b. Permit simultaneous recording and live viewing of cameras via a county network connection.
c. Permit simultaneous recording of cameras while viewing previously recorded images.
d. Permit multiple cameras to be viewed simultaneously on a single monitor.
e. Specified system will have the capacity to add additional cameras if needed.
f. The capability to be securely managed remotely through a web browser.
g. All materials and equipment shall be standard, regularly manufactured equipment.
h. All systems and components shall be thoroughly tested and proven in actual field use.
i. High Definition Cameras. Bidder must provide the image resolution of each camera proposed.
1.3 Digital video recorder (NVR)
a. The Network Video Recorder (NVR) shall be placed at the MJC or other designated location,
and shall have at least 15 days of storage capacity, preferably 30 days (based on 1080p
resolution and motion only recording).
b. NVR exact location within the building shall be determined by the vendor, and approved by
York County IT staff.
c. York County will provide power at the NVR location.
d. Format will be a standard which can be viewed on a standard PC with the Microsoft Windows
operating system.
1.4 Cameras
a. The fixed cameras shall all be IP-based.
b. Each fixed camera shall be capable of at least 1920x1080 resolution and have infrared for
c. Cameras shall be H.264 or H.265.
d. Cameras shall be positioned at each location to provide optimum coverage.
e. Camera housings shall incorporate vandal resistant features.
f. Cameras shall be in weatherproof housings where applicable.
g. Cameras shall have day/night viewing capabilities.
h. Camera mounting shall be approved by York County IT staff prior to installation.
i. Cabling and connection to provide complete circuit from camera location to NVR head-end at
each camera installed. York County will provide any network switches needed.
1.5 Door Access
a. The card readers shall be a multiclass reader, capable of reading cards and fobs.
b. The electric strike shall be able to be used with panic hardware on an exterior door.
c. The strikes and card readers shall be a standard 12 or 24V system.
d. Any power supplies needed shall be installed in a central location with the control board for the
system and shall include a battery backup system.
e. The electric strike shall either be fail secure or field selectable to that option.
f. Nine (9) of the door access systems shall have wireless door release buttons
installed/programmed to open the appropriate door.
1.6 Installation
a. Terminate and mount cameras, card readers, electric strikes, door position switches, and
request-to-exit devices per the manufacturer’s instructions.
b. Supply and install appropriate lens(es) on all cameras.
c. Supply and install all appropriate card readers, door position switches, and request-to-exit
d. Supply and install all necessary hardware and cabling for the system. The system, either
alone or in conjunction with the door access system, shall provide staff the ability to wirelessly
unlock that door so that someone can enter the secured area.
e. Install cameras at optimal locations taking in consideration view, focusing, vandalism, and
f. Set up and adjust cameras as recommended by the manufacturer and to the satisfaction of
York County.
g. All wires and cables shall be located within walls and above ceilings whenever possible. In the
event that a cable or wire cannot be concealed in existing structural areas, wire and cable will
be routed in conduit. Conduit or similar protected chases will be utilized on all vertical runs to
surface-mounted devices.
h. All wires and cables shall be code compliant for the application, location and manner in which
the cable is used and installed.
i. All equipment, components, wire, cable and mounting hardware are to be provided and
installed as required to meet manufacturer’s specifications and documented installation
procedures. Whenever components are included from sources other than the manufacturer,
the vendor shall demonstrate and verify that the components are compatible, prior to system
acceptance and shall verify to County that such components will not void any part of the
system or equipment warranty.
j. Control panels and devices shall be rack-mounted as applicable by manufacturer’s
recommendation. Surface mount panels, if any, shall be mounted utilizing appropriate bracing
and anchoring. All terminal blocks, control panels, wire junction points, etc., will be fully
enclosed in manufacturer’s recommended enclosures. Exterior-mounted devices shall be
mounted in NEMA-rated enclosures as applicable.
k. All wire and cable shall be appropriately labeled and marked at termination points, clearly
identifying the line and its intended use. All mid-point terminal or junction points will be labeled
appropriately. Any penetrations in fire separation barriers, shall be appropriately re-sealed
upon completion of the wire runs.
l. Prior to termination, the vendor shall verify, by industry recognized standards and
manufacturer’s recommendations, the reliability of wire runs, testing for opens, shorts, ground-
loops, etc.
m. Prior to initial start-up of the system, vendor will ensure all components are appropriately
grounded and shielded according to manufacturer’s recommendations and industry standards.
n. The vendor shall be responsible for all initial programming of the systems including naming all
points in the system, establishing basic recording parameter and time schedules and any other
parameters in order to make the system operational. This work shall be done in conjunction
with/under the direction of York County IT staff.

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