Bid for 8,000 (+ or -) tons of Driving Surface Aggregate

Agency: York County
State: South Carolina
Type of Government: State & Local
NAICS Category:
  • 212321 - Construction Sand and Gravel Mining
  • 237310 - Highway, Street, and Bridge Construction
Posted Date: May 23, 2019
Due Date: Jun 13, 2019
Solicitation No: 2632
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2632 Bid View Bid for 8,000 (+ or -) tons of Driving Surface Aggregate 6/13/2019 11:45 AM

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PO Box 180, 6 South Congress Street
York, South Carolina 29745-0180
(803) 684-8520
Date: May 23, 2019
BID ID# 2632/6-13-19
Sealed Bids for purchasing 8,000 (+ or -) tons of Driving Surface Aggregate are subject to all
conditions, and provisions, etc., set forth herein and attached. Bids will be received in the
Procurement Office, Room 3501, Government Center Building, 6 South Congress Street, York, SC
29745 until 11:45 A.M.E.D.S.T on Thursday June 13, 2019. Bids will be publicly opened in Room
3401, Government Center Building, 6 South Congress Street, York, SC 29745 by the Purchasing
Teria G. Sheffield
Purchasing Director
Bids must be submitted on this form. Bids made otherwise will be subject to rejection. The above Bid
# must be shown on front of the envelope in which this bid is submitted. York County assumes no
responsibility for unmarked envelopes being considered for award. Authorized company
representative is required to sign on the reverse side of this page in the space provided. Bids must
be signed to be considered responsive. It is requested that completed bids be either typewritten or
handwritten in black ink only. Facsimiles or electronic responses are not acceptable. If County
offices are closed due to inclement weather, the bids shall be opened at the same scheduled hour on
the 3rd working day (excluding County observed holidays) after the scheduled bid opening date. In
the event that an act of nature occurs preventing a firm to attend a mandatory meeting or submitting a
bid on time, the County reserves the right to accept or excuse the firms tardiness. LATE BIDS WILL
a. Submit one (1) signed original and one (1) copy of your bid.
b. Bids, amendments thereto or withdrawal requests received after the time advertised for bid opening will be void
regardless of when they were mailed.
c. Quote prices on units specified with packing included.
d. Attach complete specifications for any permitted substitutions offered or when amplification is desirable or
e. If specifications or description papers are submitted with bids, enter bidder's name thereon.
f. If the article bid upon has a trade name or brand, show same in the bid.
g. When required, furnish samples, free of expense, prior to the opening of bids.
h. Show delivery time required after order is received (see BID below).
i. Address and mark bids as indicated in the notice.
a. The County reserves the right to reject any and all bids, and to waive all technicalities.
b. Unit prices will govern over extended prices, unless otherwise stated in notice.
c. Time in connection with discount offered, will be computed from date of delivery of commodities to carrier, when
inspection and acceptance is at point of origin; or date of delivery at destination; or if laboratory inspection is
made part of the bid, from date of laboratory report.
d. In case of default of contractor, the County reserves the right to purchase any or all items in default in open
market, charging contractor with any excessive costs. Should such change be assessed, no subsequent bids nor
the defaulting contractor will be considered until the assessed charge has been satisfied.
e. All materials and products offered must be guaranteed to meet the requirements of the specifications indicated,
given or referred to.
f. Prices bid must be based upon payment in thirty days. Discounts for payment in less than thirty days will not be
considered in making award.
g. The right is reserved in case tie bids are received to make award as considered to be most advantageous to the
h. The right is reserved to reject any bid in which the delivery time indicated is considered sufficient to delay the
operation for which the commodity is intended.
i. Unless otherwise indicated by the Purchasing Director, prices must be firm.
j. The successful bidder shall indemnify and save harmless the County of York and all County officials, agents and
employees, from all suits or claims of any character brought by reason of infringing on any patent trade mark or
k. Bidders must guarantee price for a period of not less than 90 days.
Definitions of categories as related to your firm
Please check one
Not Minority Owned
African American Male
Caucasian Female
African American Female
East Indian
Hispanic American
Native American
Other (Please Explain)
1.1 York County is interested in receiving sealed bids from qualified firms who can offer driving
surface aggregate for use by the York County Road Maintenance Department.
1.2 It is the intent of these specifications to establish quality standards for driving surface aggregate
used by the York County Road Maintenance Department, to include a method of measurements and
a basis of payment. Only the best commercial practices are to be offered and only materials of first
quality, correct type and size, are to be bid.
1.3 York County’s intent is to contract with one qualified firm/company who can provide quality driving
surface aggregate. It is anticipated that an agreement will be offered to the bidder who is determined
to best meet the needs of the County.
2.1 All Bidders should use the following information and specifications as minimum requirements that
should be met when preparing a response.
2.2 The successful Bidders shall share the responsibility of providing the proposed services as finally
agreed upon and accepted by the County. In the event the vendor fails to perform any proposed
services within the specified schedule, the County reserves the right to cancel the Purchase Order
and purchase materials from another provider.
2.3 The successful bidders shall be awarded a contract term of one year beginning July 1, 2019 to
June 30, 2020.
3.1 Each Bidder shall meet all of the specifications and Bid terms and conditions. By virtue of the Bid
submission, the Bidder acknowledges agreement with and acceptance of all provisions of the
specifications except as expressly qualified in the Bid. Non substantial deviations may be considered
provided that the Bidder submits a full description and explanation of and justification for the
proposed deviations and shall note as an exception on the EXCEPTIONS TO BID page included in
this solicitation. Whether any proposed deviation is non substantial will be determined by York County
in its sole discretion.
4.1 It is the intent and purpose of the County that this Request permits competition. It shall be the
Bidder’s responsibility to advise York County if any language, requirements, etc., or any combinations
thereof, inadvertently limits the requirements stated in this request to a single source.
4.2 It is also the intent of this Request to give equal consideration to all Bidders. While evaluating
each Bid, price, service, quarry location and quality of the driving surface aggregate will be factors in
making a purchasing decision.
4.3 To ensure the integrity of the competitive process, all Bidders shall avoid contacting any public
officials or department(s) other than the person(s) listed in this document either directly or indirectly.
4.4 York County reserves the right to reject any or all responses, waive any technicalities and select
the Bidder who is determined to best meet the needs of the County for this Request.
4.5 To assure clarity, all Bidders may contact the appropriate county officials as listed in the Inquiries
section of this solicitation, via email and ask pertinent questions regarding the
requirements/specifications of this Request. Any inquiry or request for interpretation received five (5)
or more days prior to the date fixed for opening of Bids will be given consideration. All such changes
or interpretations will be made in writing in the form of an addendum and, if issued, posted on the
County’s website and will be mailed or sent by available means to all
known prospective Bidders prior to the established bid opening date. Each Bidder shall acknowledge
receipt of such addenda in the space provided in the Bid document. In case any Bidder fails to
acknowledge receipt of such addenda or addendum, the Bid will nevertheless be construed as though
it had been received and acknowledged and the submission of the Bid will constitute
acknowledgement of the receipt of same. It is the responsibility of each Bidder to verify that he has
received all addenda issued before Bids are opened. Questions received less than five (5) days prior
to the date for opening of Bids may not be answered. Only questions answered by formal written
Addenda will be binding. Oral and other interpretations or clarifications will be without legal effect.
5.1 All driving surface aggregate complying with the specifications attached shall be picked up at the
vendor’s location and loaded into trucks furnished by York County.
5.2 Vendor shall provide a Sieve analysis from on-site sampling and shall submit all applicable
AASHTO tests for review by the County. Aggregate specifications shall be verified by a third-party
testing laboratory not affiliated with the successful vendor. Throughout the duration of this contract,
the County may at its discretion, periodically request up to four (4) additional sets of tests, at the cost
of the vendor, to ensure product consistency.
a. General Description
Driving surface aggregate will be composed of crushed stone, excluding marine limestone, filled and
bound with screenings. The aggregate will be free from vegetable matter, sand, lumps or balls of clay,
or other deleterious matter. Driving surface aggregate will consist of coarse and fine aggregate as
defined in this subsection.
b. Coarse Aggregate
Coarse aggregate will be material retained on the No. 4 sieve consisting of hard, durable aggregate
particles that are reasonably free from thin or elongated pieces, disintegrated particles, vegetable
matter, or other deleterious substances. The maximum abrasion loss for coarse aggregate is 30%
when subjected to the Los Angeles Abrasion Test (AASHTO T 96).
c. Fine Aggregate
Fine aggregate or binder material will be material passing the No. 4 sieve and is subject to the
requirements in this subsection. Fine aggregate for driving surface aggregate will consist of material
produced by crushing operations, free from mineral clay or silt soil, excluding marine limestone.
d. Composite Mixture
After the base course material is spread on the subgrade, mixed, and shaped, but prior to the
beginning of compaction operations, the composite mixture will conform to the requirements in the
following table:
The composite mixture shall meet the following requirements:
Driving Surface Aggregate
Sieve Designation
Percentage by Weight Passing
95 - 100
70 - 100
48 - 75
No. 4
30 - 60
No. 30
11 - 30
No. 200
0 - 12
Liquid Limit
25 Max.
Plasticity Index
6 Max.
6.1 GENERAL: The term "ton" shall mean the short ton consisting of 2,000 pounds avoirdupois. All
materials, which are measured and proportioned by weight, shall be weighed on accurate, approved
scales by competent qualified personnel at locations designated by the County. All platform scales
shall be of sufficient size to permit the entire vehicle, or combination of vehicles, to rest on the scale
platform while being weighed. The supplier shall furnish all scales at no cost to the County. The
supplier shall have scales tested by an approved firm, or state agency, as often as the County may
deem necessary to ensure their accuracy. The tare weight of vehicles hauling material being paid for
by weight shall be the empty weight of the vehicle with the driver aboard and the fuel tanks full. All
vehicles shall be weighed once each week to determine their tare weights and except as provided
below, this tare weight shall be used for the calendar week in computing net weights. During the
course of the calendar week, vehicles may be spot checked for tare weight. If the spot check shows
the tare weight of any vehicle is exceeded by 100 pounds during regular weekly weighing, then the
tare weight determined during spot checking shall be used to compute the net weights until the next
weekly tare weights are determined. If the tare weight of the vehicle is less than the tare weight found
at the weekly weighing, the tare weight determined at the weekly weighing shall be used in computing

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