Agency: Chesapeake Public School
State: Virginia
Type of Government: State & Local
Posted Date: Mar 10, 2020
Due Date: Mar 26, 2020
Solicitation No: BID 31-1920
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Purchasing Department
312 Cedar Road
Chesapeake, Virginia 23322
(757) 547-0265 (757) 547-0279 (Fax)
DATE: March 10, 2020 BID NUMBER: 31-1920 ADDENDUM NUMBER: 002
BID TOPIC: Fleet Vehicles
In reference to Bid #31-1920, the following additional information is provided. Please
make note of the clarifications and information, and prepare your response to include
this change.
Please note that the bid opening date has changed. Bids must be received and
registered no later than Thursday, March 26, 2020, at 2:00 p.m.
Question #1: Page 39, Spec #63 calls for an Engine Exhaust Brake. This is
included in Diesel Engines, but your specs call for gas. Which would you
prefer? (Likewise on vehicles 6 & 7).
o Answer – Question #1: Gas only
Question #2: Page 47, Spec #27 – The van comes standard with 3 LED's on
cross members in cargo area, includes defeat switch and door handle-
activated switches. Is this sufficient?
o Answer – Question #2: Yes
Question #3: Page 47, Spec #28 – What kind of flasher are you looking for?
A lightbar on the roof? Strobes in the corners? Strobes in the Grille?
o Answer – Question #3: No lightbar or flasher
Question #4: Page 47, Spec #39 – You ask for a Liftgate, which is not
available in these vans. Are hinged swing-out doors acceptable?
o Answer – Question #4: Swing-out doors are acceptable
The Chesapeake Public School System is an equal educational opportunity school system. The School Board of the City of Chesapeake also
adheres to the principles of equal opportunity in employment and, therefore, prohibits discrimination in terms and conditions of employment on
the basis of race, sex, national origin, color, religion, age, or disability.
Bid 31-1920 ~ Fleet Vehicles – Addendum #002
Page 2
March 10, 2020
Question #5: Page 41, Spec #41 – It’s typically not recommended / allowed
by the manufacturer to put all-weather mats on a vinyl floor. Is the rubber
floor acceptable in lieu of the additional mats?
o Answer – Question #5: Rubber floor is acceptable
Question #6: Page 48, Spec #56 – Skid Plates are not available on these
o Answer – Question #6: Please disregard this requirement
Question #7: Page 48, Spec #57 – A 120-Volt Power Outlet comes standard
in the Express, but a 110 is not available from the factory. Please, clarify.
o Answer – Question #7: 120-volt is acceptable
Question #8: Page 48, Spec #59 – Vinyl Visors come with the vinyl interior
– is this acceptable?
o Answer – Question #8: Yes
Question #9: Page 48 – All of the Dimensions reflect a different vehicle.
o Answer – Question #9: Please change the dimensions to the following:
Overall Length
Overall Width
Cab to End of Frame
Cab to Axle
Frame Width Rear
177 Inches
248.8 Inches
79.1 Inches
186.5 Inches
118 Inches
34.8 Inches
Question #10: Page 50, Spec #2 for the Cargo Van has all engine choices
listed. Which one would you prefer?
o Answer – Question #10: V6 Gas
Question #11: Page 50, Spec #15 – Your Specs list both Cloth and Vinyl
Interior – which would you prefer?
o Answer – Question #11: Vinyl
Bid 31-1920 ~ Fleet Vehicles – Addendum #002
Page 3
March 10, 2020
Question #12: Vehicle 8 – A lot of the same discrepancies listed above for
Vehicle 7 also apply to this one.
o Answer – Question #12: Please use the base model
Question #13: Page 59, Spec #51 – A Back-Up Alarm is being requested.
To clarify, are you looking for Rear Park Assist which beeps in your car as
you approach something in reverse, or a back-up alarm which beeps
outside as the vehicle is put into reverse?
o Answer – Question #13: Rear Park Assist which beeps in your car as you
approach something in reverse
Question #14: Beginning on Page 19, the Terms call out for the dealer to
handle Preventative Maintenance throughout the warranty period. While
GM, for example, covers your first oil change, tire rotation, and inspection
in the first year, there’s no included coverage after that time. Is this saying
that we are on the hook to handle all “included” items from the factory, or
is this specifically saying that we will need to pay for all of these things?
For example, the specs callout for us to include replacement of belts,
fuses, brake service, belts and hoses to engine, transmission and power
accessories, towing services, roadside, etc, which are wear-and-tear items
and not necessarily covered by the dealership nor manufacturer. How
should we handle this section?
o Answer – Question #14: During the warranty period, Chesapeake Public
Schools expects the successful vendor to handle and be responsible for
the maintenance related items as stated in the bid.
Question #15: Item KK in the T&C is the Cooperative Procurement, but is
that limiting it to just those other school districts? A lot of times, the
manufacturers will give larger discounts for a larger participation
opportunity if this would be expanded to all Virginia public bodies.
o Answer – Question #15: The cooperative verbiage and agreement is only
to be extended to those entities listed.
Bid 31-1920 ~ Fleet Vehicles – Addendum #002
Page 4
March 10, 2020
Question #16: On your spec sheets, you ask to check “Yes / No” for the
specification, but then have a separate column asking for “Unit Price /
BASE.” I assume you’re looking for the lump sum price with all options
included, so it seems repetitive to have both columns. Are we OK to just
put check marks in the “Unit Price” column to match the first columns,
would you prefer we itemize the costs, or do we need to write “Base” in all
of the boxes?
o Answer – Question #16: To eliminate confusion, vendors should check
either the “Yes” or “No” column and write “Base” in the “Unit Price”
column. Please refer to Page 18, Letter C for an explanation of what the
District considers “standard”.
Question #17: On Vehicle 1, the 5th specification listed calls for
“Emergency Braking Preparation; Assist.” Automatic Emergency Braking
is only available in a package called “Driver Confidence Package II,” which
forces on several other options increasing the base vehicle price about
$1,500. Other than this one option, the vehicle looks to be just a base unit,
so I wanted to confirm that you wanted that option added into the base
rather than making it a stand-alone option.
o Answer – Question #17: Please disregard the Emergency Braking
Preparation Assist requirement
Question #18: A lot of your specs call for “ONLY” a certain color – Fresh
Powder on the Nissan, Summit White on the Chevy, etc. These names are
brand specific, but the other manufacturers have white exteriors, as well,
but with different names. Does this mean, however, that you will only
accept those particular color names, or you’re just looking for a white
exterior, even with a different name?
o Answer – Question #18: Chesapeake Public Schools will only order white
vehicles. Vendors may select the color in their line that most closely
matches a pure white color.
Bid 31-1920 ~ Fleet Vehicles – Addendum #002
Page 5
March 10, 2020
Question #19: Item 4 - Nissan NV200 SV: Upfit with Metal Divider Wall,
Metal Rear Area Storage Bins / Shelves, and Ladder Rack. Divider - any
particular brand or style? Or Standard? Do you want any particular Van
Packages for this upfit or standard? Ladder Rack - any particular brand or
style? Or Standard?
o Answer – Question #19: Standard for all
Question #20: Item 5 - Chevy Express 3500 177” WB. Upfit with a Reading
CSV75 DW Body. You want an Adrian Steel Lock Smith Package 2255.
This Package is for an Express Van not a Reading Body. What upfit do you
want on the Chevy Express? Reading Style Enclosed Van Body OR Adrian
Steel Locksmith Package?
o Answer – Question #20: Adrian Steel Locksmith Package
Please adjust your records accordingly and indicate receipt of this addendum on the
Letter of Transmittal page when you submit your bid.

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