Benjamin Harrison Bridge

Agency: State Government of Virginia
State: Virginia
Type of Government: State & Local
Posted Date: Apr 7, 2020
Due Date: May 27, 2020
Solicitation No: IFB C39-20-1
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IFB C39-20-1
  • Benjamin Harrison Bridge
  • Status: Open
  • Time Left:49 days
  • Closing: 5/27/20 10:00 AM
  • Issued: 4/7/20 3:00 PM
  • Last Amended:
  • Buyer:Maria Dennis
  • 804-786-1263

  • Issued By:Virginia Department of Transportation
  • Type:Invitation for Bids (IFB)
  • Category:Highway Construction
  • Work Location: Prince George
  • Web Address:
  • Pre-Bid Conference:
  • Open Responses:5/27/20
  • Description:Replace Wire Ropes & Clutch on the Benjamin Harrison Bridge From: 0.3 Mi. North of Jordan Parkway To: 0.05 Mi. South of Harrison Point Drive Prequalification Required; Electronic Bids Only (Bid Express) Restricted - Critical Infrastructure Information NOTICE OF CII ADVERTISEMENT

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CII 4.7.20 Ad 5.27.20 Letting.pdf (277.12 KB) B39 Notice of Advertisement 04/07/20 Solicitation

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APRIL 07, 2020
Bid Letting
Any contractor or supplier interested in bidding or obtaining any projects that have
Critical Infrastructure Information/Sensitive Security Information (CII/SSI) in the plans
is subjected to a completing a Multi-Purpose Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).
In order to start this process, please send an email to the State Contract Engineer, Harold
Caples, P.E. at with the completed Multi-Purpose
Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) along with a photocopy of the requestor’s
government issued identification (i.e. driver’s license, passport, etc.) Please place in the
subject field of the email “To Obtain CII Access.”
Once the NDA has been received and reviewed, the requestor should be granted
electronic access to the proposal and/or plans within 2 business days.
Access to CII/SSI Information may be viewed through either ProjectWise Web Client or
ProjectWise Explorer.
Critical Infrastructure Information/Sensitive Security Information (CII/SSI)
Multi-Purpose Non-Disclosure Agreement
Retain a copy of both the front and back sides of this form for future reference
VDOT requires CII/SSI be protected and not disclosed to unauthorized persons.
PART A: To Be Completed By Individual VDOT or Company Employee
I agree with the following as a condition of being granted access to CII/SSI:
CII/SSI, which is valuable and sensitive, is protected by law and by strict
exclusion from further VDOT related work; and legal liability. My
VDOT policies. The intent of these laws and policies is to assure that
obligations with respect to the confidentiality and security of all CII/SSI
CII/SSI will remain confidential - that is, it will be used only as necessary to
disclosed to me shall survive the termination of any agreement or
accomplish VDOT’s mission. Disclosure of CII/SSI in any manner that
relationship with VDOT. My execution of this agreement shall not nullify or
permits interception by unauthorized persons could compromise safety and
affect in any manner any other agreement, non-disclosure or otherwise,
security and is prohibited. CII/SSI may be released only to persons with a
which I have executed or may execute with VDOT or the Commonwealth of
I might have access to this information in various formats including but not
limited to documents and drawings, physical structures, and computer
based systems. I have no right or ownership interest in any VDOT CII/SSI.
VDOT may at any time revoke my authorization allowing access to CII/SSI.
Willful violation of this agreement may subject me to discipline which might
include, but is not limited to, removal from current VDOT projects;
I am obligated to protect this information from unauthorized disclosure in
accordance with the terms of this agreement. I will only use CII/SSI that I
obtain to perform my legitimate VDOT related duties. I will conduct myself
in a strict conformance to applicable laws and VDOT policies governing
CII/SSI. I will safeguard the confidentiality of all CII/SSI at all times. I will
be responsible for my misuse or my wrongful disclosure of CII/SSI.
Each provision of this agreement is severable. If any administrative or judicial tribunal should find any provision of
this agreement to be unenforceable, all other provisions shall remain in full force and effect.
I make this agreement in good faith, without mental reservation or purpose of evasion.
Printed Name
VDOT District/Division OR Company Name
Phone Number
Company Address
Signature of Authorized Agent
(Not required for VDOT employees)
PART B: To Be Completed By Company Agent Only:
In addition to the provisions above, I certify:
All employees of this company involved with this VDOT project, regardless
of location, who will have access to CII/SSI, myself included, will complete
Part A of the Critical Infrastructure Information/Sensitive Security
Information Multi-Purpose Non-Disclosure Agreement. The Agreement
will be signed by me and accepted by VDOT prior to being granted access
to CII/SSI. We will only access CII/SSI for which we have a need-to-know.
We will safeguard the confidentiality of all CII/SSI at all times. We will
conduct ourselves in strict conformance to applicable laws and VDOT
policies governing CII/SSI. Obligations with respect to the confidentiality
and security of all CII/SSI disclosed to us shall survive the termination of
any agreement or relationship with VDOT.
Authorized Company Agent:
Signature of Authorized Agent
Printed Name
Company Name
Phone Number
Company Address
VDOT Contract Name and Number
Critical Infrastructure Information/Sensitive Security Information (CII/SSI)
Multi-Purpose Non-Disclosure Agreement
Back Page
Retain a copy of both the front and back sides of this form for future reference.
Handling CII/SSI
You are responsible for safeguarding Critical Infrastructure Information/Sensitive Security Information
(CII/SSI) in your custody or under your control.
The extent of protection afforded CII/SSI shall be sufficient to reasonably foreclose the possibility of its
loss or compromise.
The terms of this clause (Handling CII/SSI), including this paragraph, must be included in any
dissemination of any document, in whole or in part, that contains CII/SSI.
Protection - CII/SSI shall be protected at all times, either by appropriate storage or having it under the
personal observation and control of a person authorized to receive it. Each person who works with
protected CII/SSI is personally responsible for taking proper precautions to ensure that unauthorized
persons do not gain access to it.
Use and Storage - During working hours, reasonable steps shall be taken to minimize the risks of access to
CII/SSI by unauthorized personnel. After working hours, CII/SSI shall be secured in a secure container,
such as a locked desk, file cabinet or facility where contract security is provided.
Reproduction - Documents or material containing CII/SSI may be reproduced to the minimum extent
necessary consistent with the need to carry out official duties provided that the reproduced material is
marked and protected in the same manner as the original material.
Disposal - Material containing CII/SSI shall be disposed of by any method that prevents unauthorized
retrieval (e.g. shredding, burning, returning to original source, etc.).
Transmission - CII/SSI shall be transmitted only by VDOT courier, US first class, express, certified or
registered mail, or through secure electronic means.
Advertising Report
· A link on the VDOT website will take you to the live streaming video of the bid letting. Please go to the
VDOT Webpage click on Business Center page and click on the
Watch Live video link.
· At 10:00 a.m., downloading of the bids from the BidX server will begin. While that is taking place you will
see a message that states that you are at the bid letting. Downloading the bids usually takes about 15 to 20
minutes to complete. Once the bids are downloaded, bid reading will begin. Therefore the actual reading of
the bids will begin after 10:15 AM.
· It is your responsibility to check in NOTICES on the VDOT advertisement page for Revisions.
· Notice that the approximate value of advertised work is included on the paper and website advertisement.
This is the cash forecast estimate and NOT the Engineer’s Estimate. It contains Engineering, State Force
Work & Contingencies, as well as the construction costs. This should be used only to judge the relative size
of the job.
· Electronic Proposals and Plans are available during the advertisement cycle. This can help you decide
whether you are interested in bidding on a job.You can look at the plans and proposal on ProjectWise via the
CABB system.The Website is In the E-Plans column, click on PROP or
E-Plans to take you the ProjectWise system login screen. If you do not have access to ProjectWise, please go
to this webpage to obtain information and
the application.
· Use CABB (Contractor’s Advertisement Bulletin Board) to ask questions about a job. Just click on the “?” on
the advertisement page. It is the only way to ask questions during advertisement. You must have a logon to
ask questions. If no questions have been asked, the question mark is BLUE. It will be RED if questions have
been asked. Here is the link on how to create an account:
· <>
· If you have questions about the website, please contact Mary Roane at (804) 786-2124.
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