Audit Services

Agency: Town of Watertown
State: Connecticut
Type of Government: State & Local
NAICS Category:
  • 541211 - Offices of Certified Public Accountants
  • 541219 - Other Accounting Services
Posted Date: Mar 3, 2023
Due Date: Mar 15, 2023
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Thursday, March 15, 2023 at 11:00 a.m. Audit Services

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Financial Audit Services
Sealed bids are invited and will be received by the Purchasing Agent of the Town of Watertown until
11:00 a.m., Thursday, March 16, 2023. at the office of the Purchasing Agent, Town Hall 61 Echo
Lake Road, Watertown, Connecticut, at which time and place they will be publicly opened and read
aloud for furnishing financial audit services to the Town of Watertown.
The Information for Bidders, Form of Bid, Specifications and other contract documents may be
obtained or examined at the office of the Purchasing Agent, Town Hall, 61 Echo Lake Road,
Watertown, Connecticut 06795 or by accessing the Town of Watertown’s website at Proposals must be submitted on the forms provided and in a sealed envelope
plainly marked "Bid - Financial Audit Services".
Bids to receive consideration must be in the hands of the Purchasing Agent or his authorized
representative, no later than the day and hour mentioned above.
The Purchasing Agent reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids; to waive any
informalities; or to accept any bid deemed in the best interests of the Town of Watertown.
The Town of Watertown reserves the right to take into account the residency of bidders within the
Town of Watertown and/or the location of the bidder's business within the Town of Watertown in
awarding this bid.
All bids will be considered valid for a period of ninety (90) days.
Donna L. Ford
Purchasing Agent
Town of Watertown
Financial Audit Services
BID OPENING: 11:00 a.m., Thursday, March 16, 2023
All bids must be in a sealed envelope and received prior to 11:00 a.m., Thursday, March 16, 2023,
at the office of the Purchasing Agent, 61 Echo Lake Road, Watertown, Connecticut 06795.
These specifications are intended to provide financial audit services to the Town of Watertown for
three (3) one-year engagements for the fiscal years ending June 30, 2023; June 30, 2024; and June
30, 2025. The Watertown Town Charter requires an independent auditor be appointed annually by
the Town Council for each one-year term.
It is the intention of the present Town Council that the same audit firm be engaged for each of the
aforementioned years, providing satisfactory performance is maintained. It should be understood this
intention of the present Town Council is not binding on future Town Councils.
Proposals must be made upon forms contained herein. The blank spaces in the Proposal must be
filled in correctly where indicated. The Bidder must state the prices for which he proposes to do
each item of the work contemplated. In case of discrepancy where both words and the numerals are
requested, the words shall govern. Ditto marks are not considered writing or printing and shall not
be used. The Bidder shall sign his Proposal correctly. If the Proposal is made by an individual, his
name, post office address and telephone number must be shown. If made by a firm, partnership, or
corporation, the Proposal must be signed by an official of the firm, partnership, or corporation
authorized to sign contracts, and must show the post office address and telephone number of the
firm, partnership, or corporation. Failure to do so may disqualify the bid.
Each bid must be submitted in a sealed envelope bearing on the outside the name of the Bidder, post
office address, and name of the project for which the bid is submitted. If forwarded by mail, the
sealed envelope containing the bid must be enclosed in another envelope addressed to: The
Purchasing Agent, Town Hall, 61 Echo Lake Road, Watertown, CT 06795.
All information shall be entered in ink or by typewriter. Mistakes may be crossed out and corrections
inserted before submission of your bid. Corrections shall be initialed in ink by the person signing the
Corrections and/or modifications received after the closing time specified will not be accepted.
All proposals and literature shall be submitted IN DUPLICATE on the proposal form, which is a
part of these specifications.
Descriptive literature containing complete specifications must accompany each bid. If a bidder
wishes to furnish additional information, more sheets may be added.
The Town of Watertown is not liable for any cost incurred for the preparation of proposals or
submission of samples by the firms submitting proposals for the work requested in this bid document
or request for proposals.
Each bidder is considered to have examined the work to fully acquaint himself with the exact
existing conditions relating to the work and has fully informed himself as to the work involved and
the difficulties and restrictions attending the performance of this bid. Failure to do so will not relieve
a bidder of his obligation to furnish all services associated with the financial audit of the Town of
Watertown as described herein for the consideration set forth in this bid. The submission of a bid
will be considered as conclusive evidence that the bidder has made such examination.
Previous performance, quality of service and merchandise will be considered.
At the time of the opening of bids each bidder will be presumed to have inspected the work and to
have read and to be thoroughly familiar with all of the Contract Documents (including all addenda).
The failure or omission of any bidder to receive or examine any form, instruction or document shall
in no way relieve any bidder from any obligation in respect to his bid.
If any person contemplating submitting a proposal is in doubt as to the true meaning of any part of
these specifications, he may submit a written request for an interpretation to the Purchasing Agent.
No interpretations as to the meaning of the plans, specifications or other Contract Documents will be
made to any bidder orally.
Every request for such interpretation should be in writing addressed (duplicate copy) to the Town of
Watertown, Purchasing Agent, 61 Echo Lake Road, Watertown, Connecticut 06795, and to be given
consideration, must be received at least five (5) days prior to the date fixed for the opening of Bids.
Any and all such interpretations and any supplementary instructions will be in the form of written
Addenda to the Specifications which, if issued, will be mailed by Registered Mail with Return
Receipt Requested to all prospective bidders at the respective addresses furnished for such purposes,
not later than three (3) days prior to the date fixed for the opening of bids. Failure of any bidder to
receive any such Addendum or interpretations shall not relieve any bidder from any obligations
under his bid as submitted. All Addenda so issued shall become part of the Contract Documents.
Oral explanations will not be binding on the Town.
The specifications listed are to be interpreted as meaning the minimum acceptable by the Town of
Watertown. Bidders are requested to submit quotations on the basis of these specifications.
Alternative bids providing a broader scope and/or services than requested in these specifications may
receive consideration providing such equipment and/or service is clearly explained. Any exceptions
to the specifications requested herein must be clearly noted in writing and are to be included as a part
of your bid proposal. If none are included it will be assumed that there are none.
Definition of the word "complete" means that the service proposed shall include all services
ordinarily associated for the scope of services specified.
An item equal to that named or described in the specifications may be furnished by the Bidder. The
naming of any commercial name, trademark, or other identification shall not be construed to exclude
any item of any manufacturer not mentioned by name, nor limit competition, but shall establish a
standard of equality only. An item shall be considered equal to the item so named or described if:
It is at least equal in quality, durability, appearance, strength and design.
It will perform at least equally the function imposed by the design for the work being
contracted for or the material being purchased.
It conforms substantially, even with deviations, to the detailed requirements for the item
in the specifications.
The Bidder shall hold the Town of Watertown, its officers, agents, servants, and employees,
harmless from liability of any nature or kind because of use of any copyrighted or uncopyrighted
compositions, secret process, patented or unpatented inventions, articles or appliances furnished or
used under this bid, and agrees to defend, at his own expense, any and all actions brought against the
Town of Watertown or himself because of the unauthorized use of such articles.
Bidders may withdraw their proposals at any time prior to the bid date. No agent/broker shall
withdraw or cancel their proposal for a period of ninety (90) days after the bid closing date of 11:00
a.m., Thursday, March 16, 2023. The successful agent/broker shall not withdraw, cancel or modify
their proposal.
Each bidder contemplating the use of any subcontractor shall submit a list of subcontractors
as listed on the Bid Form.
The apparent low bidder shall file with the Town of Watertown, within five (5) days after the
date of bid opening, a complete list of the names and addresses of competent, responsible and
qualified subcontractors who are actually to perform major portions of the work. This in no
way restricts or limits the requirement that all subcontractors must be approved by the Town.
Subcontractors listed on the Bid Form or those previously approved may not be changed
without the approval of the Town of Watertown.
Local subcontractors, material suppliers, and labor in the Town of Watertown should be considered
and sought insofar as is practical in the performance of this project.
In determining the qualifications of a bidder, the Town may consider his record in the performance
of any contracts for similar work into which he may have previously entered; and the Town expressly
reserves the right to reject the bid of such bidder if such record discloses that such bidder, in the
opinion of the Town, has not properly performed such contracts or has habitually, and without just
cause, neglected the payment of bills or has otherwise disregarded his obligations to subcontractors,
suppliers, state or local codes, men or employees of subcontractors.
The Town may make such investigation as he deems necessary to determine the ability of the bidder
to perform the work and the bidder shall furnish to the Town all such information and data for this
purpose as the Town may request. The Town reserves the right to reject any bid if the evidence
submitted by, or the investigation of such bidder fails to satisfy the Town that such bidder is properly
qualified, or that such bidder misrepresented material facts in the bid documents.
More than one proposal from an individual, firm, partnership, corporation, or an association under
the same or different names will not be considered. Reasonable grounds for believing that any
Bidder is interested in more than one proposal for the work contemplated will cause the rejection of
all proposals in which such Bidder is interested. Any or all proposals in which such Bidder is
interested will be rejected if there is reason for believing that collusion exists among the Bidders and
all participants in such collusion will not be considered in future proposals for the same work.
Proposals in which the prices are obviously unbalanced may be rejected. No Contract will be
awarded except to competent Bidders capable of performing the class of work contemplated.
Inasmuch as this work concerns fulfilling required State and Federal accounting mandates, the
provisions of this bid relating to the time of performance and completion of the work are of the
essence of this bid. Accordingly, the successful bidder shall commence work upon receipt of the
signed Purchase Order unless the Town shall authorize or direct a further delay, and shall proceed
with the work diligently so as to permit completion of the draft audit report no later than December
15, 2023, December 15, 2024 and December 15, 2025, with the final audit report delivered to
the Town no later than December 22, 2023, December 22, 2024 and December 22, 2025; time
being of the essence with respect to these dates. Failure to meet the established deadlines may
result in the Town reducing the proposed annual audit fee by ten percent (10%) at the Town’s
sole discretion, with no recourse to the Bidder.

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