Agency: Guilford County Schools
State: North Carolina
Type of Government: State & Local
NAICS Category:
  • 541620 - Environmental Consulting Services
Posted Date: Aug 9, 2020
Due Date: Aug 13, 2020
Solicitation No: 6218
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GC Schools

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Direct all inquiries to:
Shayla C. Parker / 336.370.3238
Request for Proposals
Addendum 1
Purchasing Department
501 W. Washington Street
Greensboro, NC 27401
Request for Proposals: 6218
Bid due date: August 13, 2020
Commodity: Assessments
Please be advised that this document serves as Addendum number one for RFP 6218
for Assessments. The close date and time remains unchanged and all RFP’s must be
emailed to Shayla Parker at before 2:00pm EST on Thursday,
August 13, 2020. Please see the questions and the respective answers below.
Q1. Can the district share how many sites will be utilizing the assessment tool? How
many teachers at each site will be implementing these programs? And also, how many
students district-wide will be using the assessment tool?
A1. All 126 school sites will be using this assessment tool. We have around 8,000 total
teachers and 75,000 total students.
Q2. What is the district's preferred method of training: Training of trainers; all-teacher
training; remote training; face-to-face training; or a hybrid option (blend of in-person and
remote training)?
A2. For the time being it will be a virtual training, where two to three staff members at
each school are trained.
Q3. What is the anticipated start date of the contract resulting from this procurement, and
what is the length of the contract?
A3. Late August; Would want the assessment for the entire 2020-2021 school year.
Q4. Will purchases be made at the district or school level?
A4. The purchase will be done at the district level.
Q5. Please confirm if Sections 18-20 apply to this RFP.
A5. That section applies only to vendors utilizing the states e-procurement.
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Q6. Would Guilford County Schools be willing to negotiate on proposed exceptions before
potentially rejecting a vendor's bid?
A6. Yes, we would potentially be willing to negotiate.
Q7. With office closures due to COVID-19, would Guilford County Schools accept
electronic signatures?
A7. Yes, we will accept electronic signatures.
Q8. How many students are anticipated to use this solution?
A8. GCS has 75,000 students.
Q9. Does Guilford County Schools expect to issue multiple awards?
A9. No, we desire to issue to one awarded vendor.
Q10. How many years would this contract be for?
A10. It would be a single year award, with the ability to continue the contract in
subsequent years.
Q11. Will an assessment that only covers K-8 be considered?
A11. No, we desire a K-12 assessment tool.
Q12. Will our bid be considered non-compliant if we supply the necessary terms and
conditions? Will our terms and conditions have force and effect if we are awarded a
A12. You may submit your terms and conditions with the bid. The final terms and
conditions may be reviewed by legal and mutually agreed upon by both parties prior to
final award.
Q13. Are vendors required to submit this signature prior to submitting a proposal, or with
the proposal as a part of the response materials?
A13. No, signatures are required prior to submitting a proposal and electronic signatures
will be accepted.
Q14. Please confirm that District is interested in licensed solutions and how vendor should
incorporate its standard software license in the response to District, given that the RFP
does not include any licensing provisions.
A14. The district is interested in licensed solutions and there is not specified format for
inclusion in the RFP.
Q15. Please confirm that this bonding requirement is not applicable to any bid or contract
resulting from this RFP.
A15. There is no bond required for this RFP.
Q16. Can you please provide the total number of students you plan to assess on this
A16. 75,000
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Q17. To help us determine pricing, can you please provide the number of administrators
and teachers who will need to be trained on the solution?
A17. We would like to hear your recommendation knowing that we typically use a train the
trainer format.
Q18. Can you please provide the number of school buildings within GCS who will be using
the solution?
A18. 126 different schools
Q19. Specifically, will the District consider a provider that offers the K-12 Diagnostic Tool
for English Language Arts only and not for Mathematics?
A19. No, we will need an assessment that provide diagnosis of both.
Q20. We have a math assessment tool for grades 3-10, can we still submit a proposal if
we don't have a tool for English Language Arts. Are you looking for pricing on the
assessment tools?
A20. Our preference is one tool, but we will review all submissions.
Q21. Instructions are to submit responses via email. However, I did not see any formatted
response document within the RFP. Should we submit proposals on our own documents
as applicable?
A21. Yes, you may submit your proposal via email to address in
your own documented format.
Q22. Is Guilford County Schools requesting a single vendor to provide a complete K-12
Assessment solution?
A22. Yes.
Q23. Will Guilford County Schools award this contract to multiple vendors?
A23. GCS desires to award this contract to one vendor.
Q24. Can you please provide the student counts per each K-12 grade level?
A24. This information is not readily available in the time allotted for this addendum.
Q25. Can you please provide the Mathematics teacher counts per each K-12 grade level?
A25. This information is not readily available in the time allotted for this addendum.
Q26. Can you please provide the English Language Arts teacher counts per K-12 grade
A26. This information is not readily available in the time allotted for this addendum.
Q27. What is the tax rate for Guilford County Schools?
A27. Greensboro sales tax rate is 6.75%.
Q28. Does Guilford County Schools require pricing to be submitted with the Bid
A28. Yes, please provide a price solution along with your bid submission.
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Q29. Is there a format or pricing schedule that vendors are to follow in providing the
A29. There is no specific format, please use your desired format.
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