Asphalt Concrete Dig-Out and Repair Project PW 19-74

Agency: City of Oxnard
State: California
Type of Government: State & Local
NAICS Category:
  • 236220 - Commercial and Institutional Building Construction
  • 237310 - Highway, Street, and Bridge Construction
  • 238110 - Poured Concrete Foundation and Structure Contractors
  • 238990 - All Other Specialty Trade Contractors
Posted Date: Jun 11, 2019
Due Date: Jul 2, 2019
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title deadline
Asphalt Concrete Dig-Out and Repair Project PW 19-74 July 2, 2019

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Public Works Department
305 West Third Street, East Wing, Third Floor
Oxnard, California 93030
Tel 805.385.8280
June 7, 2019
Acknowledge receipt of this addendum by enclosing one signed copy with your bid documents.
Failure to do so may subject bidder to disqualification. This addendum forms a part of the bid
documents as follows and modifies the original Contract Documents as noted below. This
Addendum consists of two (2) pages and the attached Revised Special Provisions pages.
1. Section 1000 – Project Requirements. Section 1000 has been revised. Bidders are
instructed to remove page SP 1 provided with the Contract Documents and replace with
the attached Revised SP 1.
2. Section 5000 – Construction Progress Schedule. Section 5000 has been revised.
Bidders are instructed to remove page SP 42 provided with the Contract Documents
and replace with the attached Revised SP 42.
3. Section 17000 – HDPE Pipe and Fittings. Section 17000 has been revised. Bidders are
instructed to remove pages SP 158, SP 160 and SP 161 provided with the Contract
Documents and replace with the attached Revised SP 158, Revised SP 160 and Revised
SP 161.
The City has received Requests for Information (RFI) regarding this project. The
questions and responses are below:
1. What are the boring settlement monitoring requirements?
Response: Boring settlement requirements will be per Caltrans’ and Ventura County’s
requirements, respectively.
2. Detail B on Sheet 26 calls for both a Brooks 67 box with steel cover and a CI frame and
cover cast in a concrete collar. Please provide spec for frame and cover if required.
Hueneme Road Recycled Water Pipeline Phase II
Specification No. PW 17-42
June 7, 2019
Response: Detail B should be a Brooks 67 box with bolt down steel lid. The note “CI
MANHOLE FRAME & COV. SET FLUSH W/ CONC. PAD.” will be removed.
3. Per Special Provisions, Section 8000, Subsection 1.2, please advise if the contractor will
be permitted to install dewatering wells outside the trench or if sump pumping will only
be accepted.
Response: The Contractor will be permitted to install dewatering well outside the trench
pending the Contractor obtains permission and permits for such. No additional payment
will be made for dewatering wells.
4. Per Special Provisions, Section 6000, Subsection3.18.2, please confirm potholing for
traffic signal and other electrical utilities will be required prior to preparation of piping
shop drawings per S.P. Section 16000.
Response: Yes, potholing for traffic signal and other electric utilities is required prior to
preparation of Shop drawings.
5. Per Special Provision, Section 17000, Subsection 1.2.1, please confirm hydrostatic
testing will be required every 2,000 LF.
Response: Confirmed, but this requirement may be reduced by the City’s Engineer.
6. Per Special Provision, Section 17000, Subsection 2.2.1, please confirm HDPE pipe shall
be manufactured and shipped in 53’-55’ lengths.
Response: Confirmed
Addendum No. 5 Received: Date:
Contractor’s Name
Authorized Signature
Name and Title
State Zip Code
Telephone Number, Including Area Code
The City and Contractor shall utilize EADOC LLC's EADOC system, or equal, for electronic
submittal of all data and documents throughout the duration of the Contract. EADOC is a web-
based electronic media site that is hosted by EADOC LLC. utilizing their EADOC web solution.
EADOC will be made available, at no cost, to all Contractor project personnel, subcontractor
personnel, suppliers and consultants. The joint use of this system is to facilitate; electronic
exchange of information, automation of key processes, and overall management of the
Contract. EADOC shall be the primary means of project information submission and
management. When required by the Project Manager, paper documents will also be provided. In
the event of discrepancy between the electronic version and paper documents, the paper
documents will govern. EADOC is a registered trademarks of EADOC LLC.
The City’s representative will control the Contractor's access to EADOC by allowing access and
assigning user profiles to accepted Contractor personnel. User profiles will define levels of
access into the system; determine assigned function-based authorizations (determines what
can be seen) and user privileges (determines what they can do). Sub-contractors and suppliers
will be given access to EADOC through the Contractor. Entry of information exchanged and
transferred between the Contractor and its sub-contractors and suppliers on EADOC shall be
the responsibility of the Contractor.
1000-1.2.1 Joint Ownership of Data
Data entered in a collaborative mode (entered with the intent to share as determined by
permissions and workflows within the EADOC system) by the Project Manager and the
Contractor will be jointly owned.
1000-1.2.2 Data access after project completion
All project participants can request a copy of their project information from EADOC upon
completion of the project. Participants are responsible for the $500 cost for the archive. To
request an archive complete a support request in the EADOC application. The support request
should include the address for shipping the archive too.
Review comments made (or lack thereof) by the City on Contractor submitted documentation
shall not relieve the Contractor from compliance with requirements of the Contract Documents.
The Contractor is responsible for managing, tracking, and documenting the Work to comply with
the requirements of the Contract Documents. City’s acceptance via automated system
notifications or audit logs extends only to the face value of the submitted documentation and
does not constitute validation of the Contractor's submitted information.
Full compensation for conforming to the requirements of this Section shall be considered as
included in the prices paid for the various Contract Bid items of Work involved and no additional
compensation shall be allowed therefore.
Contractor shall reference Section 7000-Start-up Requirements, Subsection 1.2.3 for
coordination with the private easement requirements.
Contractor’s activities shall be confined to the hours between 7:00 am. and 3:30 pm. Monday
through Friday (except for approved Night Work). Approved Night Work activities shall be
confined to the hours between 8:30 pm and 4:30 am. Monday through Friday. In addition, no
work shall be performed by the Contractor between 5:00 AM on Saturday and 7:00 AM on
Monday, or on City designated holidays (except for approved Weekend Work). Refer to project
plans for additional approved hours on each specific location. Additionally, double shifts (day
and night) and work in multiple locations will be allowed with Project Manager approval.
Deviations from these restrictions will not be permitted without the prior consent of the Project
Manager, except in emergencies involving immediate hazard to persons or property. In the
event of either a requested or emergency deviation, inspection service fees will be charged
against the Contractor. Service fees will be calculated at overtime rates including benefits,
overhead, and travel time; and will be deducted from the amounts due the Contractor.
A Progress Schedule utilizing the Critical Path Method (CPM) format shall be used to control the
Work and to provide a definitive basis for determining project progress. The Progress Schedule
shall be prepared, maintained and updated by the Contractor and historical dates agreed
monthly with the Project Manager. The Contractor shall submit a preliminary Progress Schedule
and a Progress Schedule for acceptance by the Project Manager. These schedules shall be the
Contractor's working schedules and shall be used to plan, organize and execute the Work,
record and report actual performance and progress; and show how the Contractor Plans to
complete all remaining Work as of the end of each progress report period.
The Progress Schedule shall comprise all the detailed construction-related activities using the
Critical Path Method (CPM). The Progress Schedule shall provide sufficient detail and clarity to
reflect the intricacies and interdependencies of activities so the Contractor can plan, schedule,
monitor, control and report on the progress of his Work. In addition, it shall provide the Project
Manager, Engineer, and City a tool to monitor and follow the progress for all phases of the
1.2 PRELIMINARY PROGRESS SCHEDULE. The Contractor shall prepare a construction
schedule for this contract in conformance with the Provisions in Section 6-1, “Construction
Schedule and Commencement of Work,” of the Contract Documents.
The Contractor’s proposed schedule and staging plan shall be submitted to the Engineer for
approval within ten (10) Working Days after the City’s issuance of a notice of award of Contract.
Mechanical joint connections with retainer glands shall be assembled in accordance with the
manufacturer's recommendations for the specific fitting and retainer gland. Torquing of
break-off gland bolts shall be done in the presence of the City Inspector. Each fitting shall
be observed by the City prior to bagging and backfill. Any such fittings not observed by the
City shall be excavated and exposed for detailed re-inspection of the fitting and bolt torque.
1.1.1 This section specifies HDPE and fittings for recycled water use, and provides the
minimum qualifications and standards of quality for the manufacturing, supply, fusion
services, QA/QC procedures, and testing for HDPE pipe and appurtenances.
1.1.2 Where the term “Supplier” is used in this section, it shall refer to the entity under
contract with the Contractor that will be responsible for the following at a minimum:
1. Supply of HDPE Pipe
2. Provide Fusion Services
3. QA/QC of the Fusion
4. Warranty of the HDPE Pipe & Fittings
1.1.3 The Supplier shall perform quality control testing utilizing destructive testing (DT)
methodologies for the required quality control associated with the installation of
HDPE pipe. Frequency of DT to be determined by the City, considering success of
DT on fused pipe joints.
1.1.4 The City reserves the right to hire a third-party to conduct additional testing of pipe
fusions, in which case, the City’s testing firm shall unilaterally determine the
acceptability of pipe fusions. The Supplier will be responsible for coordination and
cooperation with the City’s testing firm.
1.1.5 Where the term “Manufacturer” is used in this section, it shall refer to the entity under
contract with the Contractor that will be responsible for the following at a minimum:
1. Manufacturing of the HDPE Fittings
2. QA/QC of the Manufacturing
1.2.1 Shop drawings shall be submitted in accordance with Section 01330, and the
1. Bill of Materials, including references to relevant industry standards (i.e., ASTM,
2. Outside diameter, wall thickness, internal design pressure for each class of pipe
to be furnished.
3. Locations of bulkheads for field hydrostatic testing of pipeline at approx. 2,000 ft.
4. Manufacturer’s certificates of compliance with prescribed industry standards
(i.e., AWWA C-906, C-207, C115, ANSI B16.1, B16.5. etc.) shall be provided
with pipe delivery or upon request.
1.2.2 Detail drawings of:

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