Architectural, Design and Engineering Services for Point Reyes Fire Station Addendum #1

Agency: Marin County
State: California
Type of Government: State & Local
NAICS Category:
  • 541310 - Architectural Services
  • 541330 - Engineering Services
Posted Date: Aug 20, 2019
Due Date: Sep 16, 2019
Solicitation No: 41CAP2006; 41C2008; 41C2012; 41C2013; 41C2014
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Architectural, Design and Engineering Services for Point Reyes Fire Station
Category: Professional Services
Proposal Number: 41CAP2006; 41C2008; 41C2012; 41C2013; 41C2014
Location: 101 4th Street
Point Reyes Station, CA 94956
Issue Date: August 14, 2019
Project Description: This project will require architectural design and engineering services for both exterior and interior areas of the Point Reyes Firehouse and Substation.
Project Information: Request For Proposal [PDF]
- Point Reyes Station 51514 [PDF]
- PSC Template [PDF]
- Addendum #1 [PDF]
Mandatory Walkthrough: NOT MANDATORY - Wednesday, September 4, 2019 @ 10:00 AM
Submission Due By: 09/16/19
5:00 PM
Contact: Michael Shane
Delivery Address: Sealed proposals will be received by the
Department of Public Works
County of Marin Civic Center
3501 Civic Center Drive, Room 304
San Rafael, CA 94903

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PROJECT: Point Reyes Fire Station
ADDRESS: 101 4th Street, Point Reyes, CA 94956
Project #: 41CAP2006; 41C2008; 41C2012; 41C2013; 41C2014
Issued 8/15/2019
Proposals Due:
September 16, 2019
Prior to 5:00 PM
Michael Shane
Capital Planning & Project Manager
Marin County Department of Public Works
3501 Civic Center Drive, Room 304
San Rafael, CA 94903
(415) 473-2604
The County of Marin is seeking a qualified team to provide architectural and engineering services
required for facility improvements and maintenance to the Point Reyes Firehouse.
The Firehouse and Sheriff’s Substation built in 1982-1983 incorporates a sheriff’s substation,
community room, bathrooms, incident command room, dispatch, fire equipment bays,
communications equipment, storage, emergency generator, dormitory, shed and storage.
The second story living area of approximately 3200 square feet includes five dormitory bedrooms;
two dormitory bathrooms; one living room, one dining room, one kitchen, hallway and stairs. The
area has had ongoing maintenance and limited improvements since the original construction.
II. Scope of Work for Point Reyes Firehouse and Substation Project
General Scope of Consultant Services:
This project will require architectural design and engineering services for both exterior and interior
areas of the Point Reyes Firehouse and Substation.
The exterior project will include an upgrade to the existing shingle firehouse and substation which will
include paint and or stain with some shingle repairs and or a Hardie Board Replacement, the removal
of a temporary propane generator and connected temporary wiring, the removal and replacement of a
property line fence. The architect will work with the Firehouse Stakeholders to determine color and
material selections. The interior emergency generator might be relocated to an exterior vehicle parking
spot (with exterior weatherproof enclosure) in lieu of replacing in the existing attached building shed.
The size and type of generator will be determined by the AE firm after analyzing the existing load
requirements for the building. The AE firm will provide electrical drawings and specifications for this
improvement. An existing Propane Tank may be relocated. The AE firm will determine relocation
options for the exterior tank.
The interior project includes upgrades to the dormitory area of the fire structure, replacement of
corridor lighting and replacement of an existing propane emergency generator, transfer switch, and
coordination of the relocation of phone/radio/computer/low voltage equipment from the firetruck
equipment area to the existing generator room.
The Architectural firm will develop with Firehouse Stakeholders material and color selections
including tile (floors, showers, walls) paint, carpet, lighting, vanities, mirrors, shower doors, shower
valves, lavatory valves, sinks related to improvements of the dormitories and bathrooms. The living
room, dining room, and kitchen will receive new paint surfaces and area rugs. The central hallway
connecting the living areas will receive new tile or hard surfaces. The hallways will require new
lighting including LED light annunciator sirens linked to the fire notification systems. Future planning
may include improvements to the kitchen program cabinets, appliances, counter tops.
The interior project will also include the selection and installation of a new propane emergency
generator, relocation of a transfer switch to the generator room and all requisite wiring for the
installation of this replacement unit and connected panels and switches. Two storage closets located
in the firehouse truck equipment bays house miscellaneous radio, computer, telecom equipment. The
AE firm will work with the stakeholders to determine use and relocation areas for this equipment in
the generator room. The AE firm will evaluate and design the improvement of wiring to this
equipment throughout the fire house.
Construction funding is limited to the improvements described in the Scope of Work. Depending on
the design, estimated construction costs and future funding availability, construction funds may
become available for kitchen re-design and improvements including additional appliances, cabinets,
countertops and floors surfaces. For the purposes of this SOQ/proposal, design of kitchen
improvements should be included as optional addition to the proposal. A Complete understanding of
the design alternatives is required to make appropriate value-based decisions. Accordingly, the initial
design materials and concepts shall provide budgetary flexibility. There can be more than one material
and concept identified to achieve the needs of the end users. Elements of budget, time and
constructability must be considered in identifying a preferred concept.
Concept/Schematic Design Phase
Develop no more than two preliminary concepts (plans, elevations) that meet the requirements
of the end users.
Further develop a preferred concept and render plans for final presentation.
Prepare preliminary cost estimates for the initial concepts, then refine the cost estimate for the
preferred concept. Costs to be broken down into the 5 project account streams:
a. 41C2006 Exterior Paint Siding;
b. 41C2008 Electric and Communication Wiring;
c. 41C2012 Emergency Generator and related items;
d. 41C2013 Fence and Propane Tank;
e. 41C2014 Interior Improvements to Living Quarters
Design Development/Construction Documents Phase
Upon selection of preferred materials and concept, develop plans for review.
Upon authorization from the County prepare Plans and Specifications in accordance with
County standards and sufficient for public bidding.
Prepare a final construction cost estimate.
Bid Period, Permitting, and Construction Support Phase
Respond to RFI’s / review submittals, etc.
Respond to CDA plan check comments.
Assist the County in Construction Management (CM) tasks, including appropriate project
scheduling, construction activity review and assessment, observe progress and ensure
compliance with County Code, California Building Code requirements.
Inspect site and prepare final Punch List.
Prepare as-built drawings.
Design submittals at 30%, 60%, 95%, and 100%
Cost estimate at 30%, 60%, 95%, and 100%
Bid documents 100%
o 2 full-size and 2 half-size drawing sets, stamped and wet signed
o 2 hard copies of specifications
o Electronic copies in original editable format (AutoCAD, Word, Excel) and PDF
Page 3 of 12
Design team shall include all licensed design professionals needed (architectural, MEP, etc.) in order
to produce fully biddable construction documents under State public contract requirements. Previous
design plans will be made available in pdf format.
The design team will be responsible for all documents needed for approval of construction documents
by other approval authorities, including, but not limited to Marin County Fire Marshall, Marin County
Building and Safety (Building Permit), Bay Area Air Quality Management District
Along with other applicable codes, the project shall comply with current California Title 24
III. Qualifications
The design team should demonstrate a broad level of renovation and modernization experience, as it
relates to public sector clients. Include qualifications for other consultant services required as part of
the project, such as MEP or other design professionals deemed necessary for the project. Candidates
should demonstrate exceptional problem solving, interpersonal, and communication skills.
IV. Schedule
RFP Issued
Site Walk (optional)
Last Day for Questions
Proposals Due by 5:00 pm
Proposal Ranking and Optional Interviews
Anticipated Design Start
Thursday, August 15, 2019
Wednesday, September 4, 2019
Monday, September 09, 2019
Monday, September 16, 2019
Wednesday, September 18, 2019
Friday, September 20, 2019
Tuesday October 1, 2019
V. Proposed Fee
Proposals shall provide a not-to-exceed fee, including fee breakdown by task or milestone, including
reimbursable expenses for the design effort. Both the design fee estimates and the hourly rates shall
be provided in a sealed envelope for opening and review after a review and scoring of the firm’s
qualifications. The following selection procedures shall apply:
(1) Marin County shall negotiate a contract with the best qualified firm for architectural design
services at a compensation level which Marin County determines fair and reasonable.
(2) Should Marin County be unable to negotiate a satisfactory contract with the firm considered
to be the most qualified, at a price that Marin County determines to be fair and reasonable,
negotiations with that firm shall be formally terminated. Marin County shall then undertake
negotiations with the second most qualified firm. Failing accord with the second most
Page 4 of 12
qualified firm, Marin County shall terminate negotiations. Marin County shall then undertake
negotiations with the third most qualified firm. Marin County also reserves its right to reject
all proposals or to cut short the process of successively negotiating with the next most
qualified firm when negotiation with the next most qualified firm is unsuccessful.
VI. Proposal Validity
All consultant proposals constitute an offer to contract, which will remain open for a period of at least
ninety (90) days from the date of receipt by the County.
VII. Submittals
This section covers the general and background information each firm is to provide when submitting
their statement of qualifications (SOQ) and proposal. Firms that do not include this information will
be deemed non-responsive which may result in disqualification of the SOQ/proposal process. All
information contained in the SOQ/proposal should be concise and responsive to the content of this
request and will be required to follow the presentation format and page count noted below.
All proposals shall be typewritten on standard 8 ½ x 11” paper (larger paper is permissible for charts,
spreadsheets, etc.) and placed within a binder with tabs delineating each section. Recommended font
size is 12pt. for ease of reading. Hard copies should utilize both sides of the paper where practical.
Less pages is better and please do not include complete firms project portfolio.
The proposal must be organized and indexed and in the following format and must contain, at a
minimum, all listed items in the sequence indicated in sections noted below. Within each section of
the proposal, address the requirements in the order in which they appear in this RFP.
Letter of Submittal (one page)
Each proposal received must include a letter of submittal including the following:
Identify the submitting organization;
Identify the name, title, telephone numbers, and e-mail address of the person or persons
authorized by the organization to contractually obligate the organization and to be contacted
for clarification of the proposal response;
Be signed by the person authorized to contractually obligate the organization; and,
Acknowledge receipt of any and all addenda to this RFP.
Corporate Information (four pages)
The following is intended to provide the evaluation committee with information that will
assist in formulating an opinion about the stability and strength of the firm and their sub-
consultants if any.
The company name, business address, including headquarters and all local offices and
telephone numbers.
A description of the organization, including names of principals, number of employees
in the US and locally, client base, areas of specialization and expertise.
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