Agency: City of Clearwater
State: Florida
Type of Government: State & Local
Posted Date: Jun 9, 2020
Due Date: Jul 8, 2020
Solicitation No: ITB 38-20
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  • Department: Finance and Budget
  • Category: Purchasing Division Bid/RFP/RFQ packages
  • RFP Number: ITB 38-20
  • Start Date: 06/09/2020
  • Close Date: 07/08/2020 10:00 AM

Health and safety are of the upmost importance to the City during this time. During the time COVID-19 is active, in order to reduce travel and personal interactions, we are requesting that all solicitation documents be submitted electronically.

Instructions on how to submit your solicitation documents electronically:

Once complete, hit “Submit”

NOTE: Once solicitation documents have been submitted, in order to retract the documents, an email from your company must be sent to the address listed under that solicitation on the City’s website. Retractions can only be made on open solicitations.

ISSUED BY: Valerie Craig

TITLE: Sr. Procurement Analyst


BRIEF DESCRIPTION: The City of Clearwater is soliciting sealed bids to supply Reverse Osmosis (RO) Membrane Antiscalant for the Public Utilities RO Plant #1 and RO Plant #2.

SOLICITATION DOCUMENTS: ITB 38-20_ANTISCALANT , Exhibit A-Bid Pricing , Exhibit B-Water Quality Data

Attachment Preview

June 9, 2020
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that sealed bids will be received by the City of Clearwater (City) until 10:00
A.M., Local Time, July 8, 2020 to provide Antiscalant.
Brief Description: The City of Clearwater is soliciting sealed bids to supply Reverse Osmosis (RO)
Membrane Antiscalant for the Public Utilities RO Plant #1 and RO Plant #2.
Bids must be in accordance with the provisions, specifications and instructions set forth herein and will be
received by the Procurement Division until the above noted time, when they will be publicly acknowledged
and accepted.
Bid packets, any attachments and addenda are available for download at:
Please read the entire solicitation package and submit the bid in accordance with the instructions. This
document (less this invitation and the instructions) and any required response documents, attachments,
and submissions will constitute the bid.
General, Process or Technical Questions concerning this solicitation should be
directed, IN WRITING, to the following Sr. Procurement Analyst:
Valerie Craig
Sr. Procurement Analyst
This Invitation to Bid is issued by:
Lori Vogel, CPPB
Procurement Manager
v. 11.2018
Procurement Division
100 S Myrtle Ave 33756-5520
PO Box 4748 33758-4748
Clearwater FL
i.1 VENDOR QUESTIONS: All questions regarding the contents of this solicitation, and solicitation
process (including requests for ADA accommodations), shall be directed solely to the contact listed
on page 1. Questions should be submitted in writing via letter, fax or email. Questions received
less than ten (10) calendar days prior to the due date and time may be answered at the discretion
of the City.
i.2 ADDENDA/CLARIFICATIONS: Any changes to the specifications will be in the form of an
addendum. Addenda are posted on the City website no less than seven (7) days prior to the due
date. Vendors are cautioned to check the Purchasing Website for addenda and clarifications
prior to submitting their bid. The City cannot be held responsible if a vendor fails to receive any
addenda issued. The City shall not be responsible for any oral changes to these specifications
made by any employees or officer of the City. Failure to acknowledge receipt of an addendum may
result in disqualification of a bid.
Mandatory Attendance:
If so designated above, attendance is mandatory as a condition of submitting a bid. The
conference/site visit provides interested parties an opportunity to discuss the City's needs, inspect
the site and ask questions. During any site visit you must fully acquaint yourself with the conditions
as they exist and the character of the operations to be conducted under the resulting contract.
Date: July 8, 2020
Time: 10:00 A.M. (Local Time)
The City will open all bids properly and timely submitted and will record the names and other
information specified by law and rule. All bids become the property of the City and will not be
returned except in the case of a late submission. Respondent names, as read at the bid opening,
will be posted on the City website. Once a notice of intent to award is posted or 30 days from day
of opening elapses, whichever occurs earlier, bids are available for inspection by contacting the
Procurement Division.
90 days from Opening
Bid shall remain firm and unaltered after opening for the number of days shown above. The City
may accept the bid, subject to successful contract negotiations, at any time during this time.
If so designated above, a bid security in the amount specified must be submitted with the bid. The
security may be submitted in any one of the following forms: an executed surety bond issued by a
firm licensed and registered to transact such business with the State of Florida; cash; certified
check, or cashier's check payable to the City of Clearwater (personal or company checks are not
acceptable); certificate of deposit or any other form of deposit issued by a financial institution and
acceptable to the City. Such bid security shall be forfeited to the City of Clearwater should the
bidder selected fail to execute a contract when requested.
If required herein, the Contractor, simultaneously with the execution of the Contract, will be required
to furnish a performance security. The security may be submitted in one-year increments and in
any one of the following forms: an executed surety bond issued by a firm licensed and registered
to transact such business with the State of Florida; cash; certified check, cashier's check or money
order payable to the City of Clearwater (personal and company checks are not acceptable);
certificate of deposit or any other form of deposit issued by a financial institution and acceptable to
the City. If the Contractor fails or refuses to fully comply with the terms and conditions of the
contract, the City shall have the right to use all or such part of said security as may be necessary
ITB #38-20
to reimburse the City for loss sustained by reason of such breach. The balance of said security, if
any, will be returned to Contractor upon the expiration or termination of the contract.
i.7 BID SUBMITTAL: It is recommended that responses are submitted electronically through our bids
website at
Firms may mail or hand-deliver responses to the address below. Use label at the end of this
solicitation package. E-mail or fax submissions will not be accepted.
City of Clearwater
Attn: Procurement Division
100 S Myrtle Ave, 3rd Fl, Clearwater FL 33756-5520
PO Box 4748, Clearwater FL 33758-4748
No responsibility will attach to the City of Clearwater, its employees or agents for premature
opening of a bid that is not properly addressed and identified.
i.8 LATE BIDS. The bidder assumes responsibility for having the bid delivered on time at the place
specified. All bids received after the date and time specified shall not be considered and will be
returned unopened to the bidder. The bidder assumes the risk of any delay in the mail or in handling
of the mail by employees of the City of Clearwater, or any private courier, regardless whether sent
by mail or by means of personal delivery. You must allow adequate time to accommodate all
registration and security screenings at the delivery site. A valid photo I.D. may be required. It shall
not be sufficient to show that you mailed or commenced delivery before the due date and time. All
times are Clearwater, Florida local times. The bidder agrees to accept the time stamp in the City
Procurement Office as the official time.
i.9 COMMENCEMENT OF WORK. If bidder begins any billable work prior to the City’s final approval
and execution of the contract, bidder does so at its own risk.
i.10 RESPONSIBILITY TO READ AND UNDERSTAND. Failure to read, examine and understand the
solicitation will not excuse any failure to comply with the requirements of the solicitation or any
resulting contract, nor shall such failure be a basis for claiming additional compensation. If a vendor
suspects an error, omission or discrepancy in this solicitation, the vendor must immediately and in
any case not later than seven (7) business days in advance of the due date notify the contact on
page one (1). The City is not responsible for and will not pay any costs associated with the
preparation and submission of the bid. Bidders are cautioned to verify their bids before submission,
as amendments to or withdrawal of bids submitted after time specified for opening of bids may not
be considered. The City will not be responsible for any bidder errors or omissions.
i.11 FORM AND CONTENT OF BIDS. Unless otherwise instructed or allowed, bids shall be submitted
on the forms provided. An original and the designated number of copies of each bid are required.
Bids, including modifications, must be submitted in ink, typed, or printed form and signed by an
authorized representative. Please line through and initial rather than erase changes. If the bid is
not properly signed or if any changes are not initialed, it may be considered non-responsive. In the
event of a disparity between the unit price and the extended price, the unit price shall prevail unless
obviously in error, as determined by the City. The City may require that an electronic copy of the
bid be submitted. The bid must provide all information requested and must address all points. The
City does not encourage exceptions. The City is not required to grant exceptions and depending
on the exception, the City may reject the bid.
i.12 SPECIFICATIONS. Technical specifications define the minimum acceptable standard. When the
specification calls for “Brand Name or Equal,” the brand name product is acceptable. Alternates
will be considered upon demonstrating the other product meets stated specifications and is
equivalent to the brand product in terms of quality, performance and desired characteristics.
Minor differences that do not affect the suitability of the supply or service for the City’s needs may
be accepted. Burden of proof that the product meets the minimum standards or is equal to the
ITB #38-20
brand name, product, is on the bidder. The City reserves the right to reject bids that the City deems
i.13 MODIFICATION / WITHDRAWAL OF BID. Written requests to modify or withdraw the bid received
by the City prior to the scheduled opening time will be accepted and will be corrected after opening.
No oral requests will be allowed. Requests must be addressed and labeled in the same manner
as the bid and marked as a MODIFICATION or WITHDRAWAL of the bid. Requests for withdrawal
after the bid opening will only be granted upon proof of undue hardship and may result in the
forfeiture of any bid security. Any withdrawal after the bid opening shall be allowed solely at the
City’s discretion.
i.14 DEBARMENT DISCLOSURE. If the vendor submitting this bid has been debarred, suspended, or
otherwise lawfully precluded from participating in any public procurement activity, including being
disapproved as a subcontractor with any federal, state, or local government, or if any such
preclusion from participation from any public procurement activity is currently pending, the bidder
shall include a letter with its bid identifying the name and address of the governmental unit, the
effective date of this suspension or debarment, the duration of the suspension or debarment, and
the relevant circumstances relating the suspension or debarment.
i.15 RESERVATIONS. The City reserves the right to reject any or all bids or any part thereof; to rebid
the solicitation; to reject non-responsive or non-responsible bids; to reject unbalanced bids; to reject
bids where the terms, prices, and/or awards are conditioned upon another event; to reject individual
bids for failure to meet any requirement; to award by item, part or portion of an item, group of items,
or total; to make multiple awards; to waive minor irregularities, defects, omissions, technicalities or
form errors in any bid. The City may seek clarification of the bid from bidder at any time, and failure
to respond is cause for rejection. Submission of a bid confers on bidder no right to an award or to
a subsequent contract. The City is charged by its Charter to make an award that is in the best
interest of the City. All decisions on compliance, evaluation, terms and conditions shall be made
solely at the City’s discretion and made to favor the City. No binding contract will exist between
the bidder and the City until the City executes a written contract or purchase order.
i.16 OFFICIAL SOLICITATION DOCUMENT. Changes to the solicitation document made by a bidder
may not be acknowledged or accepted by the City. Award or execution of a contract does not
constitute acceptance of a changed term, condition or specification unless specifically
acknowledged and agreed to by the City. The copy maintained and published by the City shall be
the official solicitation document.
i.17 COPYING OF BIDS. Bidder hereby grants the City permission to copy all parts of its bid, including
without limitation any documents and/or materials copyrighted by the bidder. The City’s right to
copy shall be for internal use in evaluating the proposal.
i.18 CONTRACTOR ETHICS. It is the policy of the City to promote courtesy, fairness, impartiality,
integrity, service, professionalism, economy, and government by law in the Procurement process.
The responsibility for implementing this policy rests with each individual who participates in the
Procurement process, including Respondents and Contractors.
To achieve the purpose of this Article, it is essential that Respondents and Contractors doing
business with the City also observe the ethical standards prescribed herein. It shall be a breach of
ethical standards to:
a. Exert any effort to influence any City employee or agent to breach the standards of ethical
b. Intentionally invoice any amount greater than provided in Contract or to invoice for Materials or
Services not provided.
c. Intentionally offer or provide sub-standard Materials or Services or to intentionally not comply
with any term, condition, specification or other requirement of a City Contract.
i.19 GIFTS. The City will accept no gifts, gratuities or advertising products from bidders or prospective
bidders and affiliates. The City may request product samples from vendors for product evaluation.
ITB #38-20
i.20 PROTESTS AND APPEALS. If a Respondent believes there is a mistake, impropriety, or defect
in the solicitation, believes the City improperly rejected its proposal, and/or believes the selected
proposal is not in the City’s best interests, the Respondent may submit a written protest. All protests
and appeals are governed by the City of Clearwater Purchasing Policy and Procedures. If any
discrepancy exists between this Section and the Purchasing Policy, the language of the Purchasing
Policy controls.
Protests based upon alleged mistake, impropriety, or defect in a solicitation that is apparent before
the bid opening must be filed with the Procurement Officer no later than five (5) business days
before Bid Opening. Protests that only become apparent after the Bid Opening must be filed within
ten (10) business days of the alleged violation of the applicable purchasing ordinance. The
complete protest procedure can be obtained by contacting the Procurement Division.
City of Clearwater Procurement Division
100 S Myrtle Ave, 3rd Fl
Clearwater FL 33756-5520
PO Box 4748
Clearwater FL 33758-4748
ITB #38-20

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