Annual Maintenance of Interior Plants at Mesquite Municipal Buildings

Agency: City of Mesquite
State: Texas
Type of Government: State & Local
NAICS Category:
  • 561730 - Landscaping Services
Posted Date: Dec 26, 2019
Due Date: Jan 23, 2020
Solicitation No: I004-2020
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opening date bid number description
January 23rd I004-2020
Bid Specifications

Annual Maintenance of Interior Plants at Mesquite Municipal Buildings

Attachment Preview

The City of Mesquite, Texas, invites, faxed, mailed or hand delivered bids from all qualified vendors desiring to bid on the
Annual Maintenance of Interior Plants at Mesquite Municipal Buildings, complying with the following specifications as
listed herein.
Address bids to Ryan Williams, Manager of Purchasing, City of Mesquite, P.O. Box 850137, Mesquite, Texas 75185-0137.
Mark envelope in lower left corner “ITB No. I004-2020; Annual Maintenance of Interior Plants at Mesquite Municipal
Buildings,” so the bids will not be opened until the appointed hour. Bids may also be submitted by courier or hand
delivered to Ryan Williams, Manager of Purchasing, City of Mesquite, 1515 N. Galloway Avenue, Mesquite, Texas 75149.
Bids may also be faxed to 972-216-6397. Bids submitted must be received before bid closing on Thursday, January 23,
2020 at 2:00 p.m.
1. If you have questions regarding the preparation of your bid, you may contact:
2. If you do not intend to bid on this project, please complete the bottom portion of the bid sheet, mark bid sheet
“NO BID” and return form to the Purchasing Department. Your assistance in this matter is greatly appreciated.
3. Protection of Resident Workers: The City of Mesquite actively supports the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA),
which includes provisions addressing employment eligibility, employment verification, and nondiscrimination.
Under the INA, employers may hire only persons who may legally work in the United States (i.e., citizens and
nationals of the U.S.) and aliens authorized to work in the U.S. The employer must verify the identity and
employment eligibility of anyone to be hired, which includes completing the Employment Eligibility Verification
Form (I-9). The Contractor shall establish appropriate procedures and controls so no services or products under
the Contract Documents will be performed or manufactured by any worker who is not legally eligible to perform
such services or employment.
4. Laws and Ordinances: The Contractor shall at all times observe and comply with all Federal, State and local laws,
ordinances and regulations which in any manner affect the Contract or the work, and shall indemnify and save
harmless the City against any claim arising from the violation of any such laws, ordinances and regulations whether
by the Contractor or his employees.
5. Bidders desiring a copy of the bid tabulation sheet may request same by enclosing a self-addressed stamped
envelope with bid. BID RESULTS WILL NOT BE GIVEN BY TELEPHONE OR EMAIL. If you have any questions, please
contact the City of Mesquite Purchasing Department at 972-216-6201. Or, check our Web site at 24-48 hours after bid opening for a bid tabulation.
6. Bids must be received in duplicate, on this form, prior to the closing date and time to be considered. Bids must
be submitted in sufficient time to be received and time-stamped at the above location on or before the published
date and time shown on the ITB. The City of Mesquite will not be responsible for mail delivered from the post
office. Bids received after the published time and date cannot be considered and will be returned unopened.
7. Bidder shall attach official documentation from the State of Texas or other qualified certification agency of M/WBE
status of your company with bid/proposal. This data is for informational purposes only and will not affect the bid
8. A completed W-9 form will be required within five (5) business days by the apparent low bidder once notification
has been received.
9. In submitting an offer, respondent certifies that they have not participated in nor have they been party to any
collusion, price fixing or any other illegal or unethical agreements with any company, firm or person concerning
the pricing offered.
10. The attached Non-Exclusion Affidavit for General Contractors form shall be signed, notarized and submitted with
11. All bids must be signed by an authorized representative of the company.
12. The prices quoted in this bid proposal shall be F.O.B. Mesquite, TX and cover costs for packaging, delivery, and
handling, REGARDLESS OF THE SIZE OF ORDER, to the City of Mesquite, 1515 N. Galloway Avenue, Mesquite, Texas
13. Any ambiguity in the bid as a result of omission, error, lack of clarity or non-compliance by the Bidder with
specifications, instructions and all conditions shall be construed in favor of the City.
14. The City of Mesquite reserves the right to reject any and all bids, waive formalities and to make award of bid as
may be deemed to the best advantage of the City. No bid may be withdrawn within forty-five (45) days after date
of opening.
15. This Contract may be terminated at any time with thirty (30) days written notice by either the City of Mesquite or
successful bidder.
16. Prices shall be filled in and extended on the bid sheet. In case of discrepancy between the unit price and the
extension, the unit price will be taken.
17. Bidder shall complete all information requested and blanks provided shall be filled in beside or under each item.
Failure to completely describe the merchandise being bid may result in rejection of your bid.
18. The City is exempt from all sales and excise taxes.
19. The City of Mesquite reserves the right to evaluate variations from these specifications. If exceptions are made,
bidder shall state wherein the merchandise fails to meet these specifications. Failure to completely describe the
merchandise being bid may result in rejection of your bid.
20. Quantities are estimated and based on projected usage. It is specifically understood and agreed that these
quantities are estimated and any increased quantities will be paid at the regular quoted price. The contractor shall
not have any claim against the City of Mesquite for any quantities ordered that are less than the estimated bid
21. Award of contract shall be made on an "all or nothing” basis at the discretion of the City of Mesquite.
22. Orders shall be placed on an “as-needed” basis at the discretion of the City of Mesquite. Bidders shall advise if
there is a minimum dollar amount per order.
22. It is the vendor’s responsibility to check for any addendums that might have been issued before the bid closing
date and time.
23. Cooperative Purchasing: As permitted under the Texas Local Government Code, Chapter 791025, other
government entities may wish to also participate under the same terms and conditions contained in this contract
(piggyback). Each entity wishing to piggyback must have prior authorization from the City of Mesquite and vendor.
If such participation is authorized, all purchase orders will be issued directly from and shipped directly to the entity
requiring supplies/services. The City of Mesquite shall not be held responsible for any orders placed, deliveries
made or payment for supplies/services ordered by these entities. Each entity reserves the right to determine
their participation in this contract.
Successful bidder agrees to extend prices to all entities that have entered into or will enter into joint purchasing
interlocal cooperation agreements with the City of Mesquite _______Yes _______No.
24. Price quoted shall prevail for the entire term of the contract; one (1) year starting after bid is awarded to the
successful bidder. A renewal option is included as a part of this bid for an additional four (4) one-year periods,
renewable on anniversary of the original date, provided bidder can maintain bid prices and both parties are in
mutual agreement.
25. The insurance requirements are included in the bid document. Bidders agree to provide and to maintain the
required types of insurance for the term of the contract. An original certificate of insurance will be required within
10 business days by the apparent low bidder once notification has been received.
26. The Contract form is included for Bidders information so that Bidders may be familiar with their contents and
requirements. Bidder shall not fill in or execute these forms at time of bid submittal. Upon award of the bid, the
awarded vendor will be required to execute the contract.
1. Price escalation: The City of Mesquite favors fixed pricing. However, due to market conditions, which may result in
an increase in the costs of materials awarded by this contract during the contract term, the City may consider, at its
option, a request by the successful bidder for a price escalation equivalent to the percentage increase of materials.
Price escalation will be made under the following conditions: 1) no request for a price escalation will be considered
for the first year of the contract period; 2) Contractor will be required to provide written confirmation from his
supplier indicating the exact percentage of increase as well as the effective date of the escalation; 3) The City
reserves the right to accept or reject the price increase; and 4) If the price increase is rejected, the Contractor shall
provide the materials at the contracted price or may cancel the contract for the remaining term.
2. Bidders shall fill out the following required documents and submit with bid. If the following forms are not included, the
bid may be considered non-responsive.
Bid Check List:
Bid Sheet
Conflict of Interest Form
Non-Exclusion Affidavit for General Contractors
Prohibition On Contracts With Companies Boycotting Israel - House Bill 793 Form
Acknowledgement of concurrence of Interiorscape Plant List by Municipal Building Location
Special Conditions, Terms, Delivery and Signature Page (must be filled out completely)

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