Animal Control Paving Project

Agency: Monroe County
State: Michigan
Type of Government: State & Local
NAICS Category:
  • 237310 - Highway, Street, and Bridge Construction
  • 561710 - Exterminating and Pest Control Services
Posted Date: May 15, 2020
Due Date: Jun 1, 2020
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Animal Control Paving Project Due: Monday, June 1, 2020 @ 4:00 P.M. EST

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PROPOSALS DUE: MONDAY, June 1, 2020 @ 4:00 P. M.
125 East Second Street Monroe, Michigan 48161-2197
Telephone: (734) 240-7250 Fax (734) 240-7266
May 15, 2020
Dear Asphalt Contractor:
The County of Monroe is accepting proposals for the paving of a new wearing course of
asphalt on the main parking lot and drive and the employee only drive at the Monroe
County Animal Control, 911 South Raisinville Road, Monroe, MI 48161. We are also
accepting pricing to add additional asphalt to the back parking and circulation area of the
property. We ask you to include both proposal options for the County to evaluate. A
sketch of the site is enclosed as part of this Request for Proposal. Please confirm all
dimensions in the field prior to submitting a proposal. The site is readily accessible for
you to gain access to the work area.
Contractors are to review the enclosed documents during the preparation of proposals and
include the noted requirements in the proposal pricing. Proposals shall be prepared and
submitted that explain in narrative text and detail the work proposed and the method to
complete the work. The detail shall also explain the quantity and type of materials and the
schedule to complete the work. The County has outlined in the project scope the general
specifications of the work, however, the contractor will have the responsibility to specify
exactly what is proposed and note any deviations to what the County has requested.
The work is to be coordinated with the County as to schedule, storing of equipment and
materials and access to the site. Advance notice to the County of the work will need to be
provided to allow for continued operations at the facility. The work may be completed
during the week or weekends. If during the normal workday, access to the facility must
be maintained.
The final date for submitting a proposal is Monday, June 1, 2020 at 4:00 P.M. to
Annamarie Osment, Monroe County Finance Department, 125 East Second Street, 2nd
floor, Monroe, Michigan 48161-2197. Your envelope must be sealed and clearly marked
“Animal Control Asphalt Paving Project Proposal” so that no error in opening may
occur. Alternatively, firms may submit proposals electronically by the same deadline via
e-mail as a separate Microsoft Word document attachment to Indicate in the subject matter line of the cover
transmission a sealed proposal is attached. Facsimile responses are not permitted.
1|P a g e
Animal Control Paving RFP
Page 2
The enclosed diagram is representative of the parking lot and drives for purposes of
indicating the areas to be included in the project. Additionally, the edges of the work area
have been staked to delineate the outer boundaries of the paved areas.
Please provide your pricing and requisite proposal information on the Proposal Form
The County of Monroe reserves the right to accept or to reject any and all proposals, to
waive any irregularities and to make an award that is determined by the County of
Monroe to be in the best interest of the County. We thank you in advance for your time
and effort responding to this request.
Michael Bosanac
Administrator/Chief Financial Officer
2|P a g e
Monroe County Animal Control Asphalt Paving Project
This project is for the installation of a 3” asphalt wearing course on top of the existing
asphalt surface. A general description of this work includes the preparation of the site,
preparation and minor repairs as needed to the existing surface that will become part of
the base, placement and compaction of new 3asphalt wearing course and new striping
of the lot and drives with marking paint.
General Project Specifications
1. Bond Coat- shall be MS 2a or SS-1H
2. Asphalt wearing course- shall be Michigan Series #36A-2” thick or (#404).
3. Line striping- shall be Sherwin Williams Promar Alkyd Traffic Marking paint or
equal- yellow color. Accessible parking space shall be layout and designated/marked
in accordance with Michigan standards.
1. Clean and remove all loose debris on the parking lot and drive surfaces.
2. Dress back the edges and remove any and all grass and or weeds at the edges.
3. Asphalt pavement shall be placed to the edge of the existing asphalt generally and
where indicated with stakes and/or marked with line marking paint. A grass strip
exists on the west side of the building between the foundation and existing asphalt
driveway. Under this proposal, include new paving material to pave right up to the
edge of the building. There should be no gap between the pavement and the building
block exterior wall. For the drive approaches entering the site from the service drive
off Raisinville Road, the approach shall include sweeping radius corners to provide
an asphalt surface for vehicle turning.
4. Repair all minor cracks and depressions in the existing surfaces (surface is in poor
5. Severely damaged asphalt must be more thoroughly repaired and patched prior to the
new course being installed. In the alternative, the damaged asphalt may be removed
and the area filled with crushed stone and compacted.
6. Install a tack or bond coat of MS-2a or SS-1H on existing pavement prior to
installation and placement of new wearing course.
7. Install the asphalt wearing course in compacted thickness of 3” as specified over bond
coat. Stagger seam joints minimum of 6” from any base course joints or install
wearing course perpendicular to base course. Spread and roll to uniform smooth
8. Protect paving from driving for a minimum of twenty four (24) hours after
9. Install final striping in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations. Lines shall
be 4” wide and according to the prevailing code. The existing layout is to be copied
onto the new surface or as may be directed differently by the County. Stripe the
3|P a g e
locations in yellow marking paint except the areas for the accessible parking spaces
that shall be blue.
Alternative for Complete Reconstruction of Existing Parking Lot and Drive Areas
As an alternative to the new surfacing, the County will consider a proposal to completely
reconstruct the surfaces following the below project scope:
1. Mill and excavate existing asphalt from parking lot and drive
2. Haul away material and properly dispose of the same
3. Refurbish, grade and compact stone base and haul in additional stone base as may
be needed for proper base and grading of not less than 4 inches thick
4. Place and compact new asphalt material in parking lot areas and driveways with
new 3” thick asphalt
5. Paint lines on parking lot and drives and noted elsewhere in this RFP
6. Haul away excess debris
7. Place topsoil around edges of new asphalt as may be needed
Smoothness Required
1. After final rolling of the wearing course the surface must be inspected and verified by
the contractor longitudinally using a 10’ straight edge at various locations. The
variation shall be 1/8” for this wearing course.
2. No ponding water shall occur. All water must drain to the catch basins or evaporate
within a 24 hour period of raining. The contractor shall confirm this requirement by
3. All repairs required as a result of the requirements noted above shall be done prior to
striping. High areas shall be heated with torches and re-rolled. Minor low areas shall
be filled with a sand-slurry mix and leveled.
1. Furnish written guarantee on paving contractor’s letterhead for paving installation to
County of Monroe to remedy defects or failures due to faulty materials or
workmanship with two (2) years of final payment. Guarantee shall be signed by an
officer with capacity to bind the company to the terms of the guarantee.
2. Paving guarantee shall include coverage against the pavement installation developing
irregular stress cracks, popping, aligatoring, adhesion cracks, seam opening, edge
failures, settlement and becoming soft under normal temperatures.
4|P a g e

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