AJ Jolly Cart Path RFP

Agency: Campbell County
State: Kentucky
Type of Government: State & Local
Posted Date: May 21, 2019
Due Date: Jun 4, 2019
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AJ Jolly Cart Path RFP

Attachment Preview

Campbell County Fiscal Court
AJ Jolly Golf Course
Cart Path Repair
Request for Pricing
The Campbell County Fiscal Court/ AJ Jolly Golf Course hereby requests pricing for Cart Path Repair
to be completed in accordance with terms, conditions and specifications established herein.
Information received after the date and time set for opening requests for information will not be
considered and will be returned unopened to the Submitter. It is the sole responsibility of the Submitter
to assure that his/her information is received by the County Treasurer, at the address below, before
the date and time set for opening the Request for Pricing.
Information must be sealed in an envelope and prominently marked:
AJ Jolly Golf Course Cart Path Repair Request for Pricing
If mailed, the envelope must be addressed to:
Campbell County Fiscal Court
Attn: Marie Schenkel, Finance Director/Treasurer
3rd Floor Finance Department
1098 Monmouth Street
Newport, KY 41071
Submission must be received no later than Thursday, June 4th 1:30pm Eastern Standard Time at
which time bids will be opened publically in Room #137.
Campbell County Fiscal Court will not be responsible for any premature opening or failure to
open a bid not properly addressed or identified as stated above.
CCFC reserves the right to reject any or all submittals, and to waive technicalities and informalities
when such waiver is determined by Campbell County Fiscal Court to be in its best interest.
Signature on Bid Sheet by the Submitter constitutes acceptance by the Submitter of terms,
conditions and requirements set forth herein. Pricing for the contractors offering must be recorded
on the attached Bid Sheet.
Minor exceptions may not eliminate the submittal. Any exceptions to the specifications established
herein shall be listed in detail on a separate sheet and attached hereto. Campbell County Fiscal
Court shall determine whether any exception is minor.
Any qualified firm or individual interested in offering these services may obtain a copy of the
Request for Pricing information on the Campbell County Fiscal Court, Kentucky website or by
calling Marie Schenkel at 859-547-1820.
The Campbell County Fiscal Court is an Equal Opportunity Employer. WBE/MBE firms are
encouraged to respond to this Request for Pricing.
The scoring of bids/proposals is subject to Reciprocal preference for Kentucky resident bidders
and Preferences for a Qualified Bidder or the Department of Corrections, Division of Prison
Industries. *Vendors not claiming resident bidder or qualified bidder status need not submit the
corresponding affidavit.
1. General
Campbell County is seeking bids for several items relating to asphalt paving including the
application of an asphalt overlay on existing golf cart paths located at AJ Jolly Golf Course.
Bidders will have the ability to identify cost savings available for multiple project components.
2. Project Specifications
A. AJ Jolly Golf Course Alexandria Pike, Alexandria KY 41001
The AJ Jolly Golf Course Cart Path project consists of 4600 linear feet of existing paths, which
range from 4 feet to 6 feet in width. The project entails covering existing cart paths with an
overlay of two (2) inches of asphalt to provide a smooth surface for golf cart traffic. Quoted
work shall include: Mill keyways to allow for flush asphalt finish and proper water drainage and
removing the spoils from the property; some leveling will need to be applied prior to paving
(minimal); Clean manually with power blowers prior to application of tack coat; Apply a tack
coat adhesive SS1H; Pave entire section with 2” of surface 404 asphalt and compact until
smooth. Drainage and other preparation will be completed by owner. Restoration, as needed,
will be performed by owner. A curb will also need to be installed of blacktop material along one
stretch of newly paved path.
In order to ensure protection and minimize damage of the golf course and golf course systems, tandem
and multi axle trucks are not desired on the golf course itself. On site move in locations will be discussed
with contractor for asphalt delivery, then asphalt will need to be transported from there to cart path
locations via single axle trucks only unless bidder can demonstrate an alternate that is reasonable assured
to not cause damage to the course. Small path paver is required for the 5 foot wide paths on the course.
Contractor shall ensure a safe workplace and shall block off areas while working. The facility
shall remain open and work shall be coordinated through Tim Mason, Superintendent of AJ Jolly
Golf Courses, at 859-992-5486. Work may be performed on most days (with the exception of a
day with a scheduled golf outing) with appropriate notice (24 hours) given to golf course
Schedule: Work may begin upon notice to proceed (anticipated JULY 2019) and shall be
concluded by September 15, 2019. An onsite visit is recommended prior to completing a bid and
can be scheduled with Tim Mason @ (859) 992-5486. Bidders may visit and inspect site at any
time the course is open for business.
Bidders are required to provide a unit cost per ton for the project. The unit cost shall encompass
all elements listed in this specification. A total cost bid for the project will also be accepted
which should include all charges and discounts if awarded the entire project. Additional units are
required to be approved by owner and provided at the quoted unit price; fewer units will result in
a credit to owner. Daily receipt of tons used shall be provided to owner.
1. Eligibility
To be eligible for award, the contractor shall be licensed to do business in the State of Kentucky.
The amount of the bid shall not exceed the license limit. The contractor’s bid shall describe
general relevant corporate experiences in constructing projects similar to the one described in
this ITB.
2. Materials
The contractor shall provide all materials, equipment and labor needed to meet the terms of this
bid. Bidders are responsible to inspect site and prepare estimates based on their verified
3. Pre-Bid Meeting
An optional pre-bid meeting will be held on May 31st at 10 am “local time” and will begin at the
AJ Jolly Golf Course Clubhouse, Alexandria, KY 41001. In addition, bidders may visit and
inspect site at any time the course is open for business. Request for tours and questions may be
directed to Tim Mason, Superintendent of AJ Jolly Golf Courses, at 859-992-5486.
4. Worksite Care
Contractor must be able to work within varying terrains, conditions and sites including sensitive
areas that may include golf courses, parks and public right of way. Contractor must provide
services with care necessary to protect property and assets including golf tees, greens, fairways,
irrigation systems, parks equipment, buildings and other real and personal property. Bidder shall
be responsible for any damage to personal or real property, including golf course greens, tees,
fairways and irrigation systems, except for minor site damage naturally resulting from the scope
of work and identified in writing prior to commencing the work.
5. Worksite Conditions
The Bidder, or his/her representative, shall make personal investigation of the site and structures
prior to performing work and shall determine to his/her own satisfaction the conditions to be
encountered, the nature of the ground, the difficulties involved in making connections to existing
structures and pipes, and any and all other factors affecting the work proposed under the
Contract. The Bidder to whom the Contract is awarded shall not be entitled to any additional
compensation by reason of conditions being different from those anticipated or by reason of
his/her failure to fully acquaint himself/herself with the conditions at the site affecting the work
once work has commenced.
6. Insurance
The contractor will be required to provide proof of insurance including general liability,
automobile liability and workers compensation for the duration of the contract. General liability
insurance shall be maintained in the amount no less than $500,000 per accident for bodily injury
and $500,000 per incident for property damage with a minimum of one $1,000,000 in excess
liability coverage. Automobile Liability insurance shall be maintained in the amount of $500,000
per occurrence for bodily injury and $500,000 per occurrence for property damage. Workers
compensation shall be consistent with statutory requirements.
6. Permits and Local Codes
The Contractor shall obtain, at his/her expense, all other required local licenses and permits and
shall comply with any federal, state or local statutes or regulations pertaining to the contracted
The scoring of bids/bids is subject to Reciprocal preference for Kentucky resident bidders and
Preferences for a Qualified Bidder or the Department of Corrections, Division of Prison
Industries. *Vendors not claiming resident bidder or qualified bidder status need not
submit the corresponding affidavit.
Reciprocal preference for Kentucky resident bidders
KRS 45A.490 Definitions for KRS 45A.490 to 45A.494.
As used in KRS 45A.490 to 45A.494:
(1) "Contract" means any agreement of a public agency, including grants and orders, for the
purchase or disposal of supplies, services, construction, or any other item; and
(2) "Public agency" has the same meaning as in KRS 61.805.
KRS 45A.492 Legislative declarations.
The General Assembly declares:
(1) A public purpose of the Commonwealth is served by providing preference to Kentucky
residents in contracts by public agencies; and
(2) Providing preference to Kentucky residents equalizes the competition with other states that
provide preference to their residents.
KRS 45A.494 Reciprocal preference to be given by public agencies to resident bidders --
List of states -- Administrative regulations.
(1) Prior to a contract being awarded to the lowest responsible and responsive bidder on a
contract by a public agency, a resident bidder of the Commonwealth shall be given a preference
against a nonresident bidder registered in any state that gives or requires a preference to bidders
from that state. The preference shall be equal to the preference given or required by the state of
the nonresident bidder.
(2) A resident bidder is an individual, partnership, association, corporation, or other business
entity that, on the date the contract is first advertised or announced as available for bidding:
(a) Is authorized to transact business in the Commonwealth; and
(b) Has for one (1) year prior to and through the date of the advertisement, filed Kentucky
corporate income taxes, made payments to the Kentucky unemployment insurance fund
established in KRS 341.490, and maintained a Kentucky workers' compensation policy in effect.
(3) A nonresident bidder is an individual, partnership, association, corporation, or other business
entity that does not meet the requirements of subsection (2) of this section.
(4) If a procurement determination results in a tie between a resident bidder and a nonresident
bidder, preference shall be given to the resident bidder.
(5) This section shall apply to all contracts funded or controlled in whole or in part by a public
(6) The Finance and Administration Cabinet shall maintain a list of states that give to or require a
preference for their own resident bidders, including details of the preference given to such
bidders, to be used by public agencies in determining resident bidder preferences. The cabinet

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