Addendum No. 1 RFP 2019-033 Solid Waste Routing Software and Professional Services

Agency: City of Waco
State: Texas
Type of Government: State & Local
NAICS Category:
  • 541511 - Custom Computer Programming Services
  • 541519 - Other Computer Related Services
  • 541611 - Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services
  • 562111 - Solid Waste Collection
Posted Date: Jul 30, 2019
Due Date: Aug 13, 2019
Solicitation No: RFP 2019-033
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RFP 2019-033 Solid Waste Routing Software and Professional Services

The City of Waco will receive sealed bids for RFP 2019-033 Solid Waste Routing Software and Professional Services Project" in the Office of Purchasing Services at the Operations Center, 1415 N. 4th Street, Waco, Texas 76707 until 2:00 p.m. (CST), Tuesday August 13, 2019. Specifications and proposal forms are available at You may also contact Tim Cubos, preferably by email at, or 254-750-6616 during business hours 8-12 and 1-5 Monday through Friday to obtain this Request for Proposal package or for more information. The City expressly reserves the right to accept or reject any proposal, and to cancel or modify any request for bids.

RFP 2019-033 Solid Waste Routing Software and Professional Services

Addendum No. 1 RFP 2019-033 Pre-Bid Meeting questions

Attachment Preview

Purchasing Services
Post Office Box 2570
Waco, Texas 76702-2570
Phone: 254-750-6616
Fax: 254-750-8063
Purchasing Agent:
Solid Waste Routing Software and Professional Services
Mr. Tim Cubos
Closing Time: 2:00 P.M. CST, Tuesday, August 13, 2019
Opening Time: 2:01 P.M. CST, Tuesday, August 13, 2019
RFP Opening Location: Operations Center, Purchasing Services Office, 1415 N. 4th St.,
Waco, TX 76707
Addendum No: 1
The above-mentioned RFP invitation has been changed in the following manner. Sign and
return addendum to the Purchasing Office by the closing time and date with your RFB
response. Returning this page signed by your authorized agent will serve to acknowledge
this change. All other requirements of the invitation remain unchanged. If you have any
questions, please call or stop by the Purchasing Office at the above address.
1. The following page has answers to questions raised during the pre-submittal
meeting, and clarifications to the specification/requirements. Please review.
Signature of Person
Authorized to Sign Bid:_________________________________________________________
Signor's Name and Title
(print or type):________________________________________________________________
E-mail Address:_______________________________________________________________
RFP 2019-033 Pre-Bid Meeting questions
1. What is the budget for this project?
Budget for this project is of $250,000.00
2. Is there a pricing sheet available?
No pricing sheet available but will work on developing one and make it available as soon as possible.
3. Is a Balance Routing System required (On demand)? Would the COW be interested as an option but
not a priority?
Yes, the City interested as a low priority option as long as it is included as part of the package at no
additional cost.
4. Elaborate on “Change Daily” mentioned in the RFB?
Availability of drivers and equipment can change throughout the day based on break downs and
5. Would a presentation of their product be required after the due date?
6. Does the trucks have any sensors or indicators of load?
Currently our trucks have cameras installed mainly as a traffic safety precaution, they are not
currently used to assess performance. No other sensors are installed, beyond manufacture safety
and operational sensors.
7. Does Vehicle prep time and down time vary on a daily basis?
Prep time, no it does not vary. Down time is subject to the cause, could be a couple of hours up to a
couple of days.
8. Is there any historical data tonnage carried per truck?
This data is not currently available for each truck
9. Would an analysis of the performance of each truck be required?
The City is interested on this analysis if it is part of the current package at no additional cost
10. Need clarification of T and Cs Termination for Convenience
Lack of vendor performance or not being able to deliver what they were contracted for or any other
unforeseen issues that would cause the project to end.
11. What are the major pain points for the system to resolve?
Manpower and equipment
12. Provide a description of what any day would look like from beginning to end of each day?
Number of customers and stops is known, work load is distributed according to how many drivers
and trucks are available.
13. What is the pain point from current Routing/Computer System?
Automation or lack of and duplication of work
14. Would the system be required to integrate with any City of Waco system?
Integration will not be required but is possible
15. Would the City of Waco be interested to view examples where similar interfaces in the past were
Yes, the City would like to review examples of similar interface work performed by the vendor and
the success rate of each.
16. As far as Integration aspects to avoid or prevent duplication of work, can you provide some
Want to avoid entering same information into multiple systems.
17. Define Current work load, is it a time line is required for this project?
We would like to know, if selected, when implementation would start.
18. How payments are determined?
Payment terms will be negotiated during contract negotiations…
19. What does the COW prefers as Price structures, a License structure or subscription structure? Or
would the vendor have the ability of recommend one for the City based on the project
Vendor can recommend
20. What time line given for the extension of the 1 yr. contract, how soon would the vendor be notified
of completion or extension of the contract?
By the beginning of the 4th quarter, the vendor will be notified by the city of their intentions to
extend or not the current contract.
21. Would the city consider added functionality to the software as it becomes available that could add
to the current cost?
The City will review the suggestions from the vendor and determine if it is of value to their current
22. In regards how the cost is laid out, would the city prefer that the vendor makes the
recommendation of what needs to be put into place or does the vendor makes a card option so that
City can pick and choose?
Vendor can recommend.

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