Addendum #1 CC for Roadway & Bridge Construction

Agency: Portage County
State: Wisconsin
Type of Government: State & Local
NAICS Category:
  • 237310 - Highway, Street, and Bridge Construction
Posted Date: Apr 5, 2023
Due Date: Apr 13, 2023
Solicitation No: 2023-12 Add #1
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Addendum #1 CC for Roadway & Bridge Construction
  • Department: Purchasing
  • RFP Number: 2023-12 Add #1
  • Start Date: 04/05/2023
  • Close Date: 04/13/2023 2:00 PM
2023-12 Addendum 1 Final

Attachment Preview

RFB #2023-12
Construction Contractor For Roadway
And Bridge Construction
The following changes are hereby added to and made part of Bid #2023-12
Questions, Answers, Clarifications and Revisions:
Revision/Additional Specification
A. A Bid must be accompanied by Bid security made payable to OWNER in an
amount of 5% of Bidder’s Grand Total in Base Bid and in the form of a
certified check or bank cashier’s check, or a Bid Bond issued by a surety
meeting the requirements of OWNER.
B. The Bid security of the Successful Bidder will be retained until such Bidder
has executed the Contract Documents, furnished the required contract
security and met the other conditions of the Notice of Award, whereupon the
Bid security will be returned. If the Successful Bidder fails to execute and
deliver the Contract Documents and furnish the required contract security
within 10 days after the Portage County Board Meeting on May 18, 2023,
OWNER may annul the Notice of Award and the Bid security of that Bidder
will be forfeited. The Bid securityof other Bidders whom OWNER believes
to have a reasonable chance of receiving the award may be retained by
OWNER until the earlier of seven days after the Effective Date of the
Agreement or 61 days after the Bid opening, whereupon Bid security
furnished by such Bidders will be returned.
Q1. Are you looking for a 5% or 10% bid bond? Also you aren’t looking to get a payment and
performance bond at the time of bid are you?
A. We are looking for a 5% bid bond based on your Grand Total of the Base Bid. We are looking to get
the payment and performance bond for 100% of project at contract signature which would happen
after Portage County Board Meeting on May 16, 2023. As indicated in the additional specification
above we would expect Contract Signature, Performance Bond, and Payment Bond be completed
within 10 days of the approval at the County Board Meeting.
Q2. We are looking at the above project. Can you please tell me what percent is needed for the Bid Bond?
And do you have required forms, or can we use the Standard AIA bid forms?
A. See Revision and Response to Q1. A Standard AIA form will work.
Q3. I have reviewed your project out for bid and I wanted to ask about the specification for the water
main directional drill. The main water main on this project is open cut 16” DR18 PVC pipe that provides
an internal diameter of 15.35” and a pressure rating of 235 psi. The directional drill, however, has 16”
DR11 HDPE that provides only 14.05” ID and 160-200 psi rating depending on safety factor. Due to the
thicker wall, HDPE pipe is typically upsized to prevent a reduction in capacity. DR9 HDPE would
provide a similar pressure class so that the HDD installation does not have a lower pressure class than the
open cut pipe.
I propose that the directional drill be completed with Fusible PVC pipe that would provide the exact same
AWWA C900 dimensions and pressure ratings. Fusible PVC pipe is a proven (over 19,000,000 LF
installed), fully retrained, leak free pipe system that is ideal for the rigors of trenchless construction
without the risk for chlorine induced oxidation. Stevens Point was one of the early users of Fusible PVC
pipe with 1,400 LF of 16” Fusible PVC pipe installed in 2004.
I have attached our general product brochure and a comparison of 16” DR18 Fusible PVC pipe and
equivalent HDPE pipe for your review.
16” DR18 DIPS FPVC pipe provides 15.35” ID and 235 psi pressure rating with 2.0 safety factor
20” DR9 IPS HDPE provides similar 15.29” ID and 200-255 psi rating with 2.0-1.6 safety factor
When would be a good time for us to discuss your project and this request?
A. The bid needs to be based on the specifications provided in the bid documents. Portage County does
not meet separately with bidders during the bidding process and all questions submitted by the
deadline will be answered by an addendum so that all bidders are provided the same information.
*******End of Addendum 1*******

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