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59--Defense Advanced GPS Receiver (DAGR) Commericial Accessories
Program Summary
Title: 59--Defense Advanced GPS Receiver (DAGR) Commericial Accessories
GovCB Opps ID : ADP12973801150000964
Document Type: Presolicitation (Modified)
FSC Code: 59 - Electrical and Electronic Equipment Components
Set Aside: N/A
Solicitation No.: W15P7T11RH239
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Posted Date:
Feb 10, 2011
Last Update: Feb 10, 2011
Due Date: Feb 25, 2011

Solicitation Number:
Notice Type:
Added: Feb 10, 2011 2:34 pm Modified: Feb 10, 2011 3:28 pmTrack Changes

10 February 2011

SUBJECT: Solicitation No. W15P7T-11-R-H239; Pre-Solicitation Notice

This is a Pre-Solicitation notice for an upcoming Request for Proposal (RFP) and is for Full and Open Competition.

The US Army intends to acquire accessory items to support the military GPS receiver known as the AN/PSN-13A Defense Advanced GPS Receiver (DAGR) as used in both hand-held mode of operation and installed to a variety of host vehicle platforms. Seventeen (17) different accessories will be procured in varying quantities under this effort. These items are currently produced in support of ongoing Total Package Fielding and other distributions of DAGR systems. As requirements change, accessories items may be deleted or added. The timing of Call Orders and the quantities ordered on each Call Order will be based upon US Army mission requirements to support US fielding and installation of the DAGR military GPS receiver.

The US Army intends to solicit and award multiple (5) year Firm Fixed Price (FFP), Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPAs) to meet the requirement. Each BPA awarded will include only those accessory items for which the awardee's proposal was deemed technically acceptable. Therefore, awardees may not have all 17 items solicited included in their BPAs. Offerors are not required to propose on all 17 items.

Award of BPAs will be made on the basis of technically acceptable/lowest price basis. To be considered for award of an item, offerors must receive a rating of 'acceptable' for the item in the technical factor. Offerors will be required to provide ten (10) actual production samples of each accessory item proposed for government qualification testing. The government will randomly select one test exhibit for each item proposed from the sample proposal test lot as provided. The test exhibit will be tested in accordance with the item specification. An item is deemed to be technically acceptable for inclusion in this BPA, if the test sample as selected by the Governement, from the offeror provided proposal test lot, passes all Government Qualification Testing as delineated within the PM GPS DAGR Accessory Test and Qualification Plan.

Offerors are cautioned that awards may not necessarily be made to the lowest price(s) offered. The government reserves the right to issue multiple BPA awards and to split awards for Call Orders under this solicitation. BPA Call Orders will be awarded based on the basis of price as well as factors deemed appropriate by the government.

A description of Defense Advanced GPS Receiver (DAGR) accessories is displayed below. Please respond by contacting the CECOM Acquisition Center POC listed below.

This U.S. Army intends to procure the following items:

Description Estimated FY 11Quantity

CLIN 0001
Antenna, RA-1
Remote & Helmet
(Quantity 26,775)

CLIN 0002
Antenna, RA-2 Remote
(Quantity 191)

CLIN 0003
Battery Pack, Primary 4-Cell
(Quantity 3,439)

CLIN 0004
Battery Pack, Cold Weather
(Quantity 846)

CLIN 0005
Installation Mount (Host Platform)
(Quantity 21,289)

CLIN 0006
Installation Mount (Host Platform) w/
Lockable Face
(Quantity 5,459)

CLIN 0007
Personnel Case (Molle Variant)
(Quantity 24,783)

CLIN 0008
Cable, DAGR to RA-1 (10 Meters)
(Quantity 1,256)

CLIN 0009
Cable, DAGR to RA-1 (5 Meters)
(Quantity 26,339)

CLIN 0010
Cable, DAGR to RA-2 (10 Meters)
(Quantity 109)

CLIN 0011
Cable DAGR to Cold Weather Battery Pack
(Quantity 846)

CLIN 0012
Cable DAGR/DC Power (Fused, 5 Meters)
(Quantity 3,903)

CLIN 0013
Cable, DAGR to External Power (5 Meters)
w/ swivel connector
(Quantity 21,835)

CLIN 0014
(Quantity 2,238)

CLIN 0015
Cable, DAGR/PC
(Quantity 3,112)

CLIN 0016
Cable, DAGR RS-422/ USB (Com 2)
(Quantity 2,320)

CLIN 0017
Cable, Crypto Keyfill (13 Inches)
(Quantity 4,722)

Proposal Submission

Proposals shall be submitted via the via the Army Single Face to Industry (ASFI) Interactive Business Opportunities Page (IBOP) within 30 days after the RFP is issued.

The offeror's proposal shall consist of three volumes.

Volume I -Technical
Volume II - Price
Volume III - Solicitation, Offer and Award Documents and Certifications/Representations.

Files shall not contain classified data. If classified information is a consideration in an offeror's proposal, contact the Contracting Officer for specific instructions The use of hyperlinks in proposals is prohibited. The URL for the IBOP is:

Directions for navigating this Internet site are contained in a User Guide located at the Help Support link on the Navigator button or contact the IBOP help desk for assistance at 443-861-5013.

NOTICE: Offerors will need to be registered users in the IBOP in order to submit proposals. Please do not wait until the last minute to submit your proposals! To avoid late proposals, we recommend the transmission of proposal files 24 hours prior to the required proposal due date and time.

Offerors are encouraged to practice submitting proposals in the DEMO section of the IBOP in order to gauge the length of transmission via the Internet

Other Information/Requirements:

The offeror must be registered in the Central Contractor Registration (CCR) database prior to award. The offeror may register in CCR at

This announcement has been posted to the IBOP under Solicitation No. W15P7T-11-R-H239.

It is anticipated that the official Request For Proposal will be posted to the IBOP approximately 15 days after the first day this notice has been posted. This time frame is an estimate and subject to change.

Questions and or concerns regarding this notice shall be directed to Nicolas A. Martin, Contract Specialist at 443-861-4614 or email at The Contracting Officer for this acquisition is Marjorie Roberts and may be contacted at 443-861-4612 or email at

Questions submitted regarding this notice will be posted publicly under this notice, along with answers, as an amendment to this Pre-Solicitation notice. Vendor names will not be included in these responses.
Additional Info:

US Army Contracting Command, Aberdeen Proving Ground (C4ISR) 6001 Combat Drive Building 6001 Aberdeen MD 21005-1846

Place of Performance:
US Army Contracting Command, Aberdeen Proving Ground (C4ISR) 6001 Combat Drive Aberdeen MD
Additional Info:
Contracting Office Address:
CECOM Contracting Center (CECOM-CC), ATTN: AMSEL-AC, Building 1208, Fort Monmouth, NJ 07703-5008
Place of Performance:
CECOM Contracting Center (CECOM-CC) ATTN: AMSEL-AC, Building 1208 Fort Monmouth NJ
Point of Contact(s):
Nicolas Martin, 443-861-4614

CECOM Contracting Center (CECOM-CC)

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